Make £10 a day challenge October 2015 - everybody most welcome



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    can i join you all please

    id like to pledge £10 a day please. thank you
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  • Evening all and a warm welcome to the new peoples and returners :hello:

    Thank you Aesop for running the thread and for being so helpful and inspirational - even when things aren't going so well for yourself :A

    Please put me down for the £10 a day again this month

    'See' you all in October and good luck everyone with the challenge
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  • ListerbelleListerbelle Forumite
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    Thanks so much for everything you do Aesop xx

    I'm back in for $100 for the month.
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  • somerandomsomerandom Forumite
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    Thanks again Aesop - £10 again please!
    Shifting my energy for 2020 :heart::heart::heart:
  • MakeachangeMakeachange Forumite
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    I'd like to join in, i'll go for £10 a day. :)
  • Put me down for £310. Thanks, Aesop :D
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  • £10 for me please Aesop for the full £310 :) Got just over half of my £220 last month with £122.12 - but it was my first time and I'm well pleased with it - Thanks to you all for encouragement and support.

    I just registered for the 100 extra free insertions with e-bay which will give me a chance to list all sorts of random clutter :cool: Sometimes I think being a hoarder has it's advantages !
  • Just a quick question about the principle ; I scrounged some wood for the logburner. Around £70 worth I estimate from previous purcheses. Can I count any part of that ? or would I have to sell it for cash and credit the money to my monthly total ?
  • £10 again please Aesop. Thanks for all your hard work

    Sharon x
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  • I'm in for £150 please :)

    Hopefully I will finally hit my target this month... Received £17.35 payment for freelancing this morning, so off to a pretty good start ;)
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