Make £10 a day challenge October 2015 - everybody most welcome

:hello: Hello and welcome everybody

This is the 98th month of this challenge, which was first started by Batgirl, in September 2007.

Thanks to Batgirl for starting it, Emmaglet, Nat21luv, Monkeynut, Sweetpeas, Purpleroses, JesaRose, MizMir for keeping the thread going.

I know this first post is long, but please read as it give tips on how this challenge works. Some of the content has changed

If you're new to the challenge don't be scared - here's how it works:

The aim of this challenge is to make £10 extra a day everyday for the month. A lot of people think this is impossible but it can and has been done, over and over. If you feel £10 is too much why not start at £5 or if you're brave join those who aim for £20 a day! Anything extra you make is great so set whatever target you think you can manage.

It also doesn't have to be £10 each and every day - some days you make more and some days you make less, but aim for £300 extra at the end of the month.

The idea is that everyone posts how they are making extra money and these shared ideas help all of us to learn new ways to help cut debt or earn/save money.

What cannot be added:
Wages from your main job

What can be added:
Income from a second job
Daily clicks
Mystery shopping
And much, much more.

This board moves pretty quickly, so be sure to subscribe and read it regularly. Below are some ideas to get you started and a great place to read when you're in need of inspiration.

Trying to find other ways to make money? Check out the Boost Your Income board. It is full of ideas, including survey companies and product testing.

Want to help someone else out? Sign up through their referral on the referral board, and leave yours, so someone else can do the same for you.

Keep reading for lots more ideas on how to make more money each month.

This month's challenge is to try and make £310 (or any amount of course!)

Good luck everybody. Remember to post any questions or comments that you have, and let's go on encouraging each other throughout this month.

We can and we will do it. Who's in?


  • Aesop
    Aesop Posts: 23,773
    Name Dropper Photogenic First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    edited 8 October 2015 at 9:28AM
    1. Aesop £10

    2. Rosie £10

    3. Bdearden1 £5

    4. carbootcrazy £10

    5. charliedaydream £10

    6. Top Dollar £30 for the month

    7. Nicki_Sue £10

    8. Sugarplum364 £100 $30 for the month

    9. sugar23 £10

    10. lynnejk £10

    11. Listerbelle $100 for the month

    12. somerandom £10

    13. Makeachange £10

    14. Samiszel £10

    15. Procrastinater £10

    16. shariann £10

    17. Aspiringbutanxious £5

    18. GJNA £5

    19. CatherineMM £20

    20. Essexbabe £5

    21. Xandersmum £10

    22. nothingtomydream £5

    23. sweetpeas £10

    24. welshgirl78 £10

    25. mumstheword*** £5

    26. 498louise£5

    27. CountingPennies £20

    28. esbm £10

    29. Olliegami £5
  • Aesop
    Aesop Posts: 23,773
    Name Dropper Photogenic First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    edited 8 October 2015 at 11:59AM
    A must for all newbies if you are not already doing any of these:

    1. Apply to PineconeResearch here. They pay a guaranteed £3 per survey. You are never screened out, they don't send out lots, but when you get one, you know you will be paid within a few days.

    2. Sign up for FREEPOSTCODELOTTERY - now to help others and yourself, you can go through the referrer's board here. You can take the previous referrer's link and sign through it, then come back and post your own or choose someone in there to refer through. Or here is the link to sign up direct.

    3. Apply to Shop and Scan - this is not the same as Nielsen Home Shopping Scanner. Shop and Scan is a hand held scanner, that you scan the barcodes of your shopping, you are paid 1100 points weekly for scanning, nothing if you are on holiday. You can cash out for various vouchers at 10000 points. Not much work for a good reward. They also send emails with questionnaires that are worth extra points.

    4. Sign upto Ashleigh's Daily Draw to win £50 - it's free

    remember to check everyday as she doesn't tell you if you have won.

    5. Sign up to Lucky Phone here or use a referral from here and don't forget to post your own.

    It's free to join, you don't have to add your own phone number they give you a random one to play with. Another chance to win free money.

    6. If you have a smartphone ie android or iPhone and in some limited cases Windows phone, you can earn money through using your phone. Look for details on the posts.

    7. Quidco and topcashback toolbar notifiers - a must have for those who forget to check for cashback when browsing online before buying.

    8. The Selfie Lottery - referral file here - upload your selfie, check daily. You get a bonus for checking in daily and you can win your bonus, as well as daily amount. You also win if your referral wins. Payment made by paypal/bacs after claiming.

    9. Free Cat Lottery - upload a photo of your cat/kitten, check daily to see if your cat is a winner. Payment by paypal/bacs after claiming.
  • Aesop
    Aesop Posts: 23,773
    Name Dropper Photogenic First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I will just link to a previous post as there are too many links to put back in.
  • Rosie
    Rosie Posts: 1,758
    Combo Breaker First Post First Anniversary
    My usual £10 a day please Aesop. Thank you for all your hard work and support.
    Rosie x
    Jan £10 a day £326.75/£310
  • Can I please vouch for £5 a day, first time attempting hoping to smash it!
  • Thanks for running the thread again, Aesop, and for all the time and trouble you go to on behalf of us all:A

    I'll try for the usual £10 please:)
  • £10 a day please, always good to throw myself into this challenge in run up to christmas
    £10 a day 2015 Oct £131.38/£310
    Challenge - Save £6,000 in 2015 - £4034.44/£6000
    House deposit saving - £4034.44/£20,000
  • Hi everyone

    Can you put me down just for £30.00 this month as I am away from the 17th - not much but as most of mine is ebay sales and I am meeting myself coming backwards trying to get organised its better than nothing
    Nov 0/£100

    £10 a day:-
    Oct 15 £97.82/£30 Sept 15 £174/£150

    Car overpayment so far £244.00
  • Nicki_Sue
    Nicki_Sue Posts: 1,261
    Photogenic Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary
    £10 a day please please Aesop x
    MSE-ing since 2007
  • I'm in for £100 (yes let's push the boat out!) and $30. I'm all adrift so need to do a proper list of what comes in when.
    Make £520 a year in 2020 so far (£0 cash £0 AGC)

    (2019,£481.69) (2018, no idea!) ( 2017 £673.20) (2016 £800.97) (2015 £791.42/$312)

    Penny challenge: 21/366 (66.70/671.61)
    NSD 7/150
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