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HELP!! Kitchen Help - cooking without a kitchen (merged)



  • hollydays
    hollydays Posts: 19,812 Forumite
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    gwinnie wrote: »
    I have a special double container for steaming rice in microwave but it's always gone badly wrong, and now I just use it to store fresh herbs in the fridge ... any tips?

    Very random really,I just put my rice into a ceramic bowl,cover it with water plus another inch and a half over the top,put the lid on.cook for about twelve minutes
  • Skint_Catt
    Skint_Catt Posts: 11,548 Forumite
    You can pick up a table top oven on eBay for £10 or so - little oven and two rings!

    Catt xx
  • Psykicpup
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    good luck with the kitchen btw
    nothing to add to the above posts except that things like camping cookers are very handy to have anyway in case of power/gas cuts - wouldnt be without one stored away somewhere
    ps heard the weather will improve again during the week - so you might still be ok for a barbee lol
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  • rachbc
    rachbc Posts: 4,461 Forumite
    Hi,I haven't posted for ages so hope you don't mind me coming back with a question. My hubby is about to start fitting our new kitchen so we will be without a cooker for a week if not more. I'm setting up a temporary camp with microwave and single ring camping camping stove in the dining room and could do with suggestions to help us avoid blowing the budget on takeaways. Also be sinkless so anything that produces as little washing up as poss appreciated.

    Specific q is can I cook rice in microwave - then I can cook a curry in on the gas ring and the rice in the mw?

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  • greenbee
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    I was in this situation for some time a couple of years ago, although I just had the MW and no ring. I suggest plenty of salads with boiled eggs/cheese/tuna/smoked mackeral/ham and bread/pasta/couscous/boiled potatoes.

    If it's cold, one pan meals such as risotto, or make up a batch of soup which you can then reheat in the MW.

    It's actually much easier than you think... I realised how little I use my oven.

    It will be worth it when you get the new kitchen!
  • skiTTish
    skiTTish Posts: 1,385 Forumite
    Maybe some ideas here ?
    As campers ( both tent and van ) minimal effort ,few pots and (in the case of tent camping ) minimal cooker top space are always an issue
  • Chris25
    Chris25 Posts: 12,918 Forumite
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    rachbc wrote: »

    Specific q is can I cook rice in microwave - then I can cook a curry in on the gas ring and the rice in the mw?


    this might help
  • freezspirit
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    When we did soome home improvements, some of our meals were one pot dishes in the slow cooker. Prepared the food switeched the cooker on before we started working by the time we finished food was completely cooked. Then we all ate from the slow cooker - washing up was basically slow cooker blow and 2 forks.

    I personally don't like microwave rice as the texture is different. invest in a rice cooker then you can cook the rice whilst making the curry. Same with fish cooked in a microwave can't stand it.
  • Tinkabell25
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    Hi, I'm currently in this situation and have been for just over three weeks as a result of a mess up by the kitchen design company. I would advise that if you want to avoid washing up, buy disposables and pack away the nice stuff for now. I've lived on things like cous cous, salads and microwave rice! Be prepared for it to be beyond irritating, its driving me insane not having a sink more than anything. Washing up in the bathroom just feels so wrong!! Hence the paper plate idea!And the odd takeaway has become a must in these rubbish times!! Good luck and i hope all goes to plan for you!!
    Tink x
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  • LameWolf
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    Been there, done that - many years ago, which is probably why I'm putting off getting the kitchen in our bungalow refitted!

    Washing up in the bathroom basin isn't fun!

    Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for you to have salady things.

    You can always do things like mushroom risotto in one saucepan, for a hot meal, or cook soma pasta and make a cheese sauce in the micro (that's what we're having tonight).

    Best of luck!
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