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HELP!! Kitchen Help - cooking without a kitchen (merged)



  • Cruiksl
    Cruiksl Posts: 351 Forumite

    We survived for 5 weeks without a kitchen (wouldn't recommend MFI to anyone :mad: ) !

    We managed with a microwave, kettle, toaster, george foreman grill and a beer fridge. We lived a lot on scrambled eggs, beans on toast, grilled meat with veggies done in the microwave and managed ok. We got quite adept at cooking in a small place as well - it was a total luxury to have the kitchen in the end - it was eventually completed after 6 months.


    So little money - so much time :mad:
  • withabix
    withabix Posts: 9,508 Forumite
    Cruiksl wrote:

    and a beer fridge.

    What else would anyone need? :D

    PS: Currently doing my kitchen (from B&Q and ALL arrived in one delivery!!!)...would you like dust with that?
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  • alyth
    alyth Posts: 2,671 Forumite
    thanks Lynn, for those inspiring words that your kitchen was finally finished after 6 months..... just the reassurance I need on a Saturday night as I'm trying to clear the existing kitchen !!!! I don't have a george foreman either unfortunately, and I was going to try and cook loads tomorrow as I'll still have a fridge and freezer, but I'm guessing that slow cookers are as cheap as most appliances nowadays so I think I'll pop to tescos or somewhere in the morning and buy one, as I don't have any family nearby. I just don't think I can face living on M&S meals for 1 for 2 weeks, as our way of relaxing after work is to cook together! It's just worry really as I only ever use my microwave for heating up milk for hot chocolate and I'll have to dig out the instructions on how to use it!
  • gwinnie
    gwinnie Posts: 9,881 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Hello all

    We are getting our kitchen redone soon so it will be out of action for about a week. I'm anticipating the first couple of days to be the worst when the old one gets ripped out. I really do prefer homecooked food for OH, myself and our 15m and am planning on camping out a kitchen in the living room, consisting of the kettle, microwave, breadmaker and food processor. I'd be very grateful for any ideas for dishes I can prepare in my emergency kitchen so we don't have to get jars/readymeals/takeaways?

    I was thinking of getting a disposable BBQ for next w/e's Sunday lunch, but not so sure now it's winter again!
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  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    Hi gwinnie,

    Will you still have access to a freezer? Would it be possible to start making your own 'ready meals' now and put them in the freezer so that you could reheat them in the microwave?

    The suggestions on these older threads might help:

    HELP!! Kitchen Help - cooking without a kitchen

    Cooking without a kitchen!

  • Mics_chick
    Mics_chick Posts: 12,014 Forumite
    Could you not cook a few meals in the days/weeks before and then freeze them ready for that week??

    Editted to add: Oops Pink-winged beat me to it but thought was there :D
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  • lessonlearned
    lessonlearned Posts: 13,337 Forumite
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    I've had to do this before.

    Plan ahead by cooking and freezing stuff now, then reheat in microwave .

    Do you have a slow cooker - (maybe you could borrow one for a few days) you can do big stews or casseroles, serve with crusty bread and butter etc. Or maybe a George Foreman grill thingy to cook meat or fish and serve with salad.

    Throwaway BBQ's are good too. Cook outside (or in garage?) and then eat indoors.

    Good luck.
  • gwinnie
    gwinnie Posts: 9,881 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Thanks, everyone for your replies. It's next to impossible for me right now to schedule in extra cooking sessions. So the plan is to make bigger amounts of the next two meals. I will have freezer access but it's very full so two evenings' worth is all I will manage. I do have neighbours I'm friends with but they both happen to be vegetarians so I'm reluctant to ask them to store my meals which won't be veggie ... :o
    The suggestions on these older threads might help:

    HELP!! Kitchen Help - cooking without a kitchen

    Cooking without a kitchen!

    :o:o:o Should have known there would be threads covering this on this site
    Context is all.

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  • donna73
    donna73 Posts: 540 Forumite
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    Hi we did this just a few months ago. I was dreading it, but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. I did manage to cook and freeze stuff in advance which definately helped .

    we did manage to do quite a few meals from scratch

    You can do baked potatoes in microwave, with usual fillings, tuna & mayo/ beans & cheese etc, or with salad and cold meat

    I used frozen veg cooked in microwave too.

    We had beans/ spaghetti / srambled egg on toast (webought a cheap toaster from tesco about£6 well worth it)

    You can do coucous or bulgar wheat by boiling kettle and covering it with hot water from that. Used those 2 as alternatives to pasta and rice.

    Racking my brains now to remember what else we ate that i hadnt pre cooked!
    Hope that helps anyway, if remember any more will let you know!
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  • Hey,

    If you have a camping stove (the kind with a gas ring and a gas canister), a solid surface and a wok you can make quite a lot of stuff.

    (have done this in the past... :rolleyes:)

    chicken curry (stirfry the chicken, add the sauce, simmer til done)
    obviously stirfries
    chicken fajitas (again stirfry the chicken, add toms onions, peppers and spice mix, simmer til done) nuke the wraps and serve with lettuce and yoghurt
    reheat beans and spaggetti shapes to serve on toast
    and essentially anything else that you would cook quickly in a pan.

    (if you have a griddle pan you can even do steak and sausages and stuff)

    As you can see - I don't believe in roughing it!!!!

    PM me if you want timings / recipes etc

    PG xx
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