~Make £10 a day August 2015 ~ everybody welcome to join

:hello: Hello and welcome everybody

This is the 96th month of this challenge, which was first started by Batgirl, in September 2007.

Thanks to Batgirl for starting it, Emmaglet, Nat21luv, Monkeynut, Sweetpeas, Purpleroses, JesaRose, MizMir for keeping the thread going.

I know this first post is long, but please read as it give tips on how this challenge works. Some of the content has changed

If you're new to the challenge don't be scared - here's how it works:

The aim of this challenge is to make £10 extra a day everyday for the month. A lot of people think this is impossible but it can and has been done, over and over. If you feel £10 is too much why not start at £5 or if you're brave join those who aim for £20 a day! Anything extra you make is great so set whatever target you think you can manage.

It also doesn't have to be £10 each and every day - some days you make more and some days you make less, but aim for £300 extra at the end of the month.

The idea is that everyone posts how they are making extra money and these shared ideas help all of us to learn new ways to help cut debt or earn/save money.

What cannot be added:
Wages from your main job

What can be added:
Income from a second job
Daily clicks
Mystery shopping
And much, much more.

This board moves pretty quickly, so be sure to subscribe and read it regularly. Below are some ideas to get you started and a great place to read when you're in need of inspiration.

Trying to find other ways to make money? Check out the Boost Your Income board. It is full of ideas, including survey companies and product testing.

Want to help someone else out? Sign up through their referral on the referral board, and leave yours, so someone else can do the same for you.

Keep reading for lots more ideas on how to make more money each month.

This month's challenge is to try and make £310 (or any amount of course!)

Good luck everybody. Remember to post any questions or comments that you have, and let's go on encouraging each other throughout this month.

We can and we will do it. Who's in?


  • Aesop
    Aesop Posts: 23,773 Forumite
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    edited 10 August 2015 at 10:20AM

    1. Aesop £10

    2. Rosie £10

    3. somerandom £10

    4. esbm £5

    5. mumstheword*** £5

    6. carbootcrazy £10

    7. AspiringButAnxious £5

    8. shariann £10

    9. atti £5

    10. Surfchik80 £10

    11. JustStartingOut £5

    12. lynnejk £10

    13. princesst84 £10

    14. thriftymoo £1000 for the month

    15. Cerenia £5

    16. HelenRachel £5

    17. Nicki_Sue £5

    18. hummingbird £10

    19. floella80 £5

    20. LadyMorticia £10

    21. mortgage_girl £10

    22. Xandersmum £5
  • Aesop
    Aesop Posts: 23,773 Forumite
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    A must for all newbies if you are not already doing any of these:

    1. Apply to PineconeResearch here. They pay a guaranteed £3 per survey. You are never screened out, they don't send out lots, but when you get one, you know you will be paid within a few days.


    2. Sign up for FREEPOSTCODELOTTERY - now to help others and yourself, you can go through the referrer's board here. You can take the previous referrer's link and sign through it, then come back and post your own or choose someone in there to refer through. Or here is the link to sign up direct.

    3. Apply to Shop and Scan - this is not the same as Nielsen Home Shopping Scanner. Shop and Scan is a hand held scanner, that you scan the barcodes of your shopping, you are paid 1100 points weekly for scanning, nothing if you are on holiday. You can cash out for various vouchers at 10000 points. Not much work for a good reward. They also send emails with questionnaires that are worth extra points.


    4. Sign upto Ashleigh's Daily Draw to win £50 - it's free


    remember to check everyday as she doesn't tell you if you have won.

    5. Sign up to Lucky Phone here or use a referral from here and don't forget to post your own.

    It's free to join, you don't have to add your own phone number they give you a random one to play with. Another chance to win free money.

    6. If you have a smartphone ie android or iPhone and in some limited cases Windows phone, you can earn money through using your phone. Look for details on the posts.

    7. Quidco and topcashback toolbar notifiers - a must have for those who forget to check for cashback when browsing online before buying.
  • Aesop
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    New to MSE? and welcome here is a list of some commonly used abbreviations.

    DS - Darling Son
    DD - Darling Daughter
    DH - Darling Husband
    DW - Darling Wife
    PM - an inbox message known as private message, accessible from user cp
    ROADKILL - this is money found abandoned in the middle of the street, with no soul around that could possibly have dropped it! Found in jeans/pockets on way to washing machine, abandoned in the car, in the supermarket on the floor, on bus floors, anywhere abandoned.....

    Useful threads on MSE

    Topcashback, Shopitize, Quidco shopping apps help thread

    Printable coupon thread

    Referral Board

    Freebies no spend required

    Ebay, Carboot and Jumble Sales thread

    Please use referrer's board if signing up for the first time for these:




    Topcashback toolbar notifier - helps you to remember to check cashback

    Quidco toolbar notifier - helps you to remember to check cashback

    Useful sites

    mysupermarket- a site for comparing the supermarkets, to see which one would be cheapest for your shopping. Includes lidl, aldi, boots and superdrug

    Sainsbury's coupons - you need to register for an account

    Daily mail coupons - you must have an account first

    Phone apps

    Checkoutsmart - get paid for grocery shopping. You cannot use the same receipt for checkoutsmart as quidco click snap, as they are the same company. You can buy 2 lots of the same items and submit 1 separate receipts to each app to claim on both.

    Quidco Click Snap - Get paid for grocery shopping. Not just for smartphones, can do online and pc/laptop

    Boots the Chemist app - extra points, discounts, free, sometimes, items - all from your advantage card

    Bargain booze app - cheap/free food and drink from Bargain Booze

    OnePulse - slow and steady surveys on phone but my favourite app

    Roamler - earn money by doing small task and fun tasks for XP

    Field Agent - only for iPhone users - earn money by doing small tasks while out and about

    Apptrailers - watch videos and cash out to paypal - usually 500 points is around 30p

    Clic and Walk - like roamler - do tasks and get paid, do tasks for xp (experience, the higher your xp, the better paid jobs and more paid jobs.)

    Bounts - a walking/running/keep fit app - earn vouchers for doing what you do every day ( or make 10, 000 steps, if you don't already to earn.) Also has spin the wheel for chance to win free vouchers.

    Fayre and Square - only if you eat here, worth having apps as shows at a glance, how many points you have earnt and can spend. You can also collect points at Wacky Warehouse.

    Ed's Easy Diner - again if you eat here worth signing up to the app. You get a free reward when you sign up and milkshake on your birthday.

    Costa - if you drink here, check your points on your phone while out and about

    streetspotr - another moneymaking app - do small jobs/tasks while out and about

    M&S Barista - at the moment only for London stores but they are planning to extend further. Free drinks hot and cold and other offers.

    M&S App - My Offers is a feature of the M&S app and includes offers on our delicious food, clothing and homeware for you to enjoy every week.
  • Aesop
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    to be updated as too many changes!!!!
  • Aesop
    Aesop Posts: 23,773 Forumite
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    will input working links later.
  • Rosie
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    My usual £10 please Aesop and many thanks for running the thread again.
    Jan £10 a day £326.75/£310
  • somerandom
    somerandom Posts: 920 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    £10 please & thanks for running the thread Aesop :)
    Shifting my energy for 2020 :heart::heart::heart:
  • esbm
    esbm Posts: 118 Forumite
    £5 again for me please
    LBM Sept 2012 ~£44 Sept 15: £~5233
    £10/day May-Sept: £609.04 Oct: £19.255/£300
    Sell £1000 challenge £330.64/£500
  • £5 for me please x
    Make £10 per day in May £89.29/£310
  • Thanks for all your hard work and time running the thread and keeping us motivated month after month Aesop:A.

    I'll go for the usual £10 please but have a busy month ahead so am not too hopeful about making the target this time:(

    Good Luck everyone:beer:
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