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Elderly frail parents

northwest1965northwest1965 Forumite
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I am hopefully after some advice as to what help is available. My father has a severe urine infection and is in hospital. He had a bad fall and at the best of times is unsteady on his feet.

The crisis care team have been and have sent out a few items. Raised seat cushion, walker and toilet seat. They will assess the house in 6weeks to see what can be done. Is there any way we can get this done earlier.

There is possibly going to be someone coming to get him up in the morning and dressed.

Is there anything else I could be arranging?.

Mum is also at home and frail and very, very forgetful. A memory test is scheduled for August

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  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    You might want to see if Mum will agree to you being the point of contact for Dad's discharge, and in the situation you describe I'd be leaping up and down at the hospital making sure that everyone from his consultant to the ward cleaner knew that he could not be safely discharged to your mum's care before the house has been properly assessed, before your mum's state of mind and health has been assessed AND her needs as a carer, and before the care your dad will need at home has been ARRANGED, not promised as something someone will get round to looking at eventually.

    A transfer to a rehab unit would be more appropriate, I'd have thought, where your dad can be assessed and helped with becoming more mobile.

    Take a look at our over 50s board (this might be better moved there if you want to send Glad a PM) where we often get similar questions, and on this board there's a very similar situation here.
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