Good Mosquito Repellent for Cyprus

Can someone please recommend a tried and trusted brand of Mosquito repellent.

We normally go to Florida and don't bothered as much over there.

I've heard it can be quite bad in Cyprus in July and would welcome any advice.

Thanks in advance.


  • Allexie
    Allexie Posts: 3,460 Forumite
    Peeps on here seem to recommend the Avon range of 'Skin So Soft' stuff - not specifically a mozzie repellent but it's supposed to help!
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  • Stiverton
    Stiverton Posts: 50 Forumite
    Allexie wrote:
    Peeps on here seem to recommend the Avon range of 'Skin So Soft' stuff - not specifically a mozzie repellent but it's supposed to help!
    The specific Avon product is in the 'Skin so Soft' range, 'Woodland Fresh Moisturising Dry Oil Body Spray'. I've heard it recommended by anglers & I read that it was a popular anti -mozzi amongst casts & crews when filming 'Braveheart' & 'Harry Potter'.
  • Trollydolly_2
    Yep i used skin so soft in the maldives before christmas, the person i was with refused to try it and got bitten all over!

    I stayed bite free!, oh except for one bite on my NOSE!!! must have missed a bit! lol

    When i bought it from AVON last year it was on offer i think it was 3 for £5 and i got it on the website.
  • marylee
    marylee Posts: 497 Forumite
    I, too would recommend so soft, the dry oilspray, soft & fresh it is now called. I usually stock it for all the family and buy when it is on special offer for £3. It does work.
  • pattycake
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    I always go to the Dominican Republic (10th trip coming up soon) and the mozzies can be a real problem in some of the resorts.

    The best repellant I have found is called Mosquito Milk. I get it at Boots, although not my small local branch - have to go to a larger store.

    It is not particularly cheap, around £8 I think, but it is very economical to use. It is a roll-on and you do not have to cover every scrap of exposed skin, just use stripes. I have found it to be extremely effective and one bottle lasts 2 of us for a two week trip.
  • welf_man
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    I'm allergic to midge and mozzie bites, so have to be careful - the best thing I've ever found is fresh lime juice. Just cut one in half and rub it on all exposed skin.

    Should be okay getting them in Cyprus in July too!

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  • se01acwb
    I used a 100% DEET spray when I was in Sri Lanka last year in September. Its pretty potent stuff and there's no way the mozzies will bite you if you have this stuff on.
    I can't remember the exact brand (Expedition Formula I think) but I bought it from Blacks the camping shop and since its 100% DEET the brand doesn't really matter too much!
    Just don't get it on your hands and eat a round of sandwiches - it tastes FOUL! And it quite poisonous too.

  • AndyMe
    AndyMe Posts: 15 Forumite
    Boots own brand "Repel" Insect Repellent Spray Extra Strength. Or anything with a minimum of 50% DEET. And make sure you use it. That 30 second walk from the room to the restaurant is when they get you!
  • Gr@ndad
    Ouzo does the trick ! Doesn't keep the mozzies off but you won't care !

    Seriously the Avon spray mentioned above is the puppy's pods - I have been plagued by mozzies for years and this stuff really works!

  • alared
    alared Posts: 4,029 Forumite
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