The 'Gone Racing' Jolly June NSD Challenge at Royal Ascot

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Welcome to The June NSD Challenge,which draws inspiration from that most wondrous of sporting events - Royal Ascot.

Now,no pushing please,there's room for everyone. :)

Having friends in high places means that I shall be swapping tips with HRH Lizzie,and,if you're very well behaved,there might be an extra seat going when we have tea together.

There is a new jockey in town by the name of Igor,who is causing quite a stir and many a raised eyebrow,who will be riding a rather highly strung donkey named Hubert.Things were a bit rocky,today Hubert refused to have be saddled up,as he only wears pink...a pink saddle is being made as we speak.

Back to the challenge!
Feel free to join us.We have lots of fun activities planned.More of that later...For those of you who are new to the challenge,we are a happy (and some might say mildly insane) bunch doing battle with those retailers - and there’s plenty of temptation out there at the moment. We are seriously committed to saving money, but nobody said it can't be done with a smile on your face - so we organize riotous nights out and gatecrash any function going - all without leaving the comfort of our own imaginations or armchairs!

On a slightly more serious note, we are here to help each other avoid spending for the number of days we feel we can manage to try to take back some control over our hard-earned money. What you class as a "spend'" is entirely your choice; some people will try to shop on the days DD/SO etc are paid, whilst others will not include essentials such as rent. Have a look for a post from our sponsor (and godmother of this challenge) BigMummaF, this contains some guidelines and ideas for starting you off on the challenge.

It’s amazing how inventive you get when you’re determined NOT to spend - from weird menu ingredients to surprising DIY solutions - but you know what? 99% of the time those wacky ideas work.

Just remember that mentioning the F word (f-a-i-l!) is not allowed,and anyone who dares speak the word which must not be spoken will find himself in a spot of bother with our toothy bouncer Shawnie boy.

If you're new to the forum,click here to read the Intro Guide.

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply!

We're hoping to see lots of new faces this month,so don't be shy!

PS I'm usually a modest lass,but I just have to add that The NSD Challenge is the best of the bunch! ;) :cool: :j


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    Some helpful suggestions and ideas to follow below from our sponsor and godmother, BigMummaF :A


    1. Have a good, long think about what YOU want to include in your Spend & Excluded categories.
    Some of us count everything from Direct Debits & school expenses, while others do not include things like essential Bills or emergency medical costs. If you plan what is or is not a Spend for you now, it will help you decide on a realistic Target.
    2. It is NOT a race!
    We all have very different demands on our time & bank balance, so please do not think you have to buy everything on 1st January & make it last till 31st December! A few of us have been following this Challenge for a long...long...LONG time so have developed plans & ploys to help us along the way wink2.gif
    3. Most important of all, WE..DO..NOT..FAIL!
    Sometimes we can't quite reach our Target, but that is fine :) Everyone knows how Life will try to trip us up, & that is when you will find us here to help you back on to your feet.

    OK, an idea of how some of us do things.
    1. What you will or will not include as a 'Spend'.
    Some people are doing other challenges too, & don't include the money spent on those for this one.
    Some will try to shop for other bits on the days their direct debits etc go out of their bank accounts; they're the real hard core of the bunch sport-smiley-003.gif & have been l-o-n-g time NSDers so don't panic :p
    Some won't count those annoying last minute demands from school & collections as you can't plan for them in advance, likewise emergency prescriptions or visits to the vet :(
    Personally speaking & providing I don't buy anything else, I don't count parking for hospital appointments.(..but then I usually do my shopping because I'm already out :whistle:)
    General thoughts on €bay sales is the buyer has paid P&P so no cost to you :D
    2. It takes Time to reach mega-numbers!
    The First suggestion is the first, because a bit of planning will work wonders on your road to your Target. Have a look at thefirst posts each month for a hefty list of other threads that may be of help. For example, there's a few giving ideas for packed lunches so you can avoid standing in the queue at the bakers for 45mins of your lunch hour! A good incentive to tweak your healthy eating & the pounds you save will show in your bank balance AND your waistline action-smiley-076.gif
    It helps to have various 'money pots' for the different costs that happen like Scouts, dinner money, yoga, window cleaner etc etc. The idea is you "spend" all that money in one hit by..:think:..
    let's say **putting the week's bus fares into the pretty coffee jar, Jo's tumble tots [Weds mornings] in the cracked teapot & Ben's £1 coin for the gym locker [Friday lunch] in the pocket of the changing bag, on Tuesdays every week when you've got some change from doing the food shop, so an already spendy day. At least four 'spending days' condensed into one ;) (**mine's jam jars for windows, milkman & a bit towards the bills!)
    3. Any day the money stays in your pocket is a bonus!
    If you look at it as a day you beat the system, you can't help but :j so don't fret it--ENJOY! If nothing else in here, we do manage find something to make us smile :D

    We have virtual outings to wonderful places that never cost us a bean :rotfl:New York, Edinburgh & Brighton have been a couple & nargle usually pilots the Tardis but you can use your own transport; my personal favourite has been a sit-on lawn mower borrowed from the cricket club :D The only thing to be aware of is Hubert the donkey who is partial to anything remotely edible but is not yet house-trained :o

    And Remember;
    there are no silly questions, so don't be afraid to ask us anything!
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    June takes its name from the Roman goddess Juno,the goddess of marriage.For this reason,June has always been considered the best month to marry.

    Sera monath (dry month) was the name the Anglo Saxons gave to the month.

    The flower for June is the rose.The birthstone is the pearl.

    It is claimed that summer doesn't start until the elder is in flower.

    The longest day of the year is June 21st or 22nd.That is the day when the sun is at it's most northerly point.

    Roses are of special importance on Midsummer's Eve.It is said that any rose picked on Midsummer's Eve will keep fresh until Christmas.

    On the:
    1st The Beatles 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band' album released in 1967.
    Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926.

    2nd Alexander bell makes the first voice transmission on a telephone in 1875.

    6th D-day begins in 1944.

    8th '1984' by George Orwell first published in 1949.

    9th Donald Duck makes his first ever appearance in 1934.

    12th Anne Frank is born in 1929.

    13th The US Postal Service rules that children may not be sent by mail in 1920.

    17th Iceland becomes an indepentent country in 1944.

    23rd The International Olympic Committee is founded in 1894.
    Alan Turing was born in 1912.

    26th The bicycle is invented in 1819.
    Elvis gave his last concert in 1977.

    27th The first ever ATM was installed in London in 1967.

    Finally,and most importantly,Royal Ascot takes place between Tuesday the 16th and Saturday the 20th this year.
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    We are lucky to have an 'all Hubert related' set of prizes!He did want one of them to be his 2nd favourite pair of donkey spanx,but I persuaded him to hold onto them.Phew.It wasn't easy....such a generous chappie. :rotfl:

    Run like the wind [STRIKE]Bullseye[STRIKE][/STRIKE][/STRIKE] Hubert!

    1st target ajnucg.jpg

    2nd target Happy memories Igor! 11axueo.jpg

    3rd target zob39t.jpg

    4th target Cue the theme music from 'Black Beauty' 6s9hll.jpg

    Target exceeded 11uxdvn.jpg

    Consolation prize 30m70w2.jpg
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    Post your target and I'll add you to the list.

    marmiterulesok 20/20 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 22/22 achieved! 11axueo.jpg
    Target exceeded 23/22 achieved! 11uxdvn.jpg

    gothrockchic1 15/15 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 22/22 achieved! 11axueo.jpg

    Knit Witch 10/10 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 15/15 achieved! 11axueo.jpg
    3rd target 20/20 achieved! zob39t.jpg4th target 25/25 6s9hll.jpg
    Target exceeded 26/25 achieved! 11uxdvn.jpg

    Hoipolloi 2/19

    Nargleblest 18/18 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 20/20 achieved! 11axueo.jpg

    Samiszel 14/15 30m70w2.jpg

    stripeyjumpergirl 10/10 achieved! ajnucg.jpg

    Elliesmum 5/10

    Munchin 10/10 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 12/13 30m70w2.jpg

    fedupandskint 20/20 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 21/25

    scotmumof3 15/15 achieved! ajnucg.jpg

    Pollygarter 6/10 30m70w2.jpg

    Gem-gem 15/15 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 20/20 achieved! 11axueo.jpg
    Target exceeded 21/20 achieved! 11uxdvn.jpg

    cheexy 15/15 achieved! ajnucg.jpgTarget exceeded 16/15 achieved! 11uxdvn.jpg

    The Only Girl 12/12 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 15/15 achieved! 11axueo.jpg3rd target 19/20

    Seaotter 9/10 30m70w2.jpg

    zenshi 15/15 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 18/18 achieved! 11axueo.jpg

    DeafLeopard 0/10

    Vicky496 0/16

    donna dynamo 10/10 achieved! ajnucg.jpg2nd target 11/12 30m70w2.jpg

    butterfly2507 0/10

    Maybe_its_because 7/9 30m70w2.jpg

    slowlyfading 20/20 achieved! ajnucg.jpg

    Siebrie 9/12 30m70w2.jpg

    jodles16 20/20 achieved! ajnucg.jpg

    Aphidgirl 8/1030m70w2.jpg

    Grannydebt 0/10

    cw18 15/15 achieved! ajnucg.jpgTarget exceeded19/15 achieved! 11uxdvn.jpg

    WantToBeSE 2/20
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    Post your target and I'll add you to the list.

    The prize is a lovely pair of sandals fit for the races.

    Hubert chose them :rotfl:


    marmiterulesok 4 jreng8.jpg5 jreng8.jpg6 jreng8.jpg7 jreng8.jpg

    gothrockchic1 4 jreng8.jpg

    Knit Witch 5 jreng8.jpg6 jreng8.jpg7 jreng8.jpg8 jreng8.jpg10 jreng8.jpg12 jreng8.jpg18 jreng8.jpg

    Samiszel 5

    Elliesmum 3

    Munchin 3 jreng8.jpg

    scotmumof3 3 jreng8.jpg4 jreng8.jpg

    Gem-gem 5 jreng8.jpg6 jreng8.jpg8 jreng8.jpg

    cheexy 5 jreng8.jpg

    The Only Girl 3 jreng8.jpg3 jreng8.jpg3 jreng8.jpg

    DeafLeopard 3

    Maybe_its_because 3

    cw18 5 jreng8.jpg8 jreng8.jpg
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    Here's a link to May's thread.
  • gothrockchic1
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    Wow first poster!

    Thank you Marmite for running this thread again.

    Put me down for 15 NSD's with 4 in a row :)
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    Thank you Marmite! I will take my usual starter of 10 and 5 in a row please!
    Must use my stash up!
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    A super new thread ready for june. Thanks so much for keeping this challenge going, one and all, special thanks to marmite and nargle who are so entertaining.

    My goal for June will be 19 please :beer:
    :staradmin: June NSD's 2/19:staradmin: Sealed Pot #460 :staradmin: £/day £185 saved :staradmin: W.S.C 2015 #45 :staradmin: F.P. 2/24 months :staradmin:
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    Lovely new thread, marmite, about time the NSD gang had a few days at the races! Looking forward to Ladies Day so we can all wear our lovely hats ( rumour has it Mrs Doyle has taken lampshade frames and used sequinned material which looks rather suspiciously like the hotpants we wore to that song festival thingy). Also tea, champagne, strawberries and cucumber sandwiches. And betting on the races (Honest Bert currently offering good odds on Igor winning some of his races). And royalty stalking/spotting. And the poshest Midsummer Solstice Rave Party ever!

    In the meantime let's get signed up - I will aim for 18 NSDs for June.
    One life - your life - live it!
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