What small change do you want from the new government?

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The new government is almost in place and while we're bound to see big legacy changes announced in the next few weeks we don't want politicians in any party to miss small easily-implemented changes that can have a big impact and help us all.

So we want your ideas...

If something bugs you this is your chance. Tell us, in no more than 50 words, what needs changing; be it parking tickets, supermarkets, credit or more. We'll then lobby all parties and regulators with your ideas.

See our previous 50 Words Moneyfesto list for ideas.

How to make your 50 word suggestions

To make a suggestion - just click reply.

Please format it as follows (you'll need to register for the forum to do so - don't worry it's free).

"A brief headline of what the measure is.
Then a longer description of the exact problem and how it should be dealt with. Keep it as practical as possible, so there is a definitive action. In total NO MORE than 50 words please."

Important extra notes
  • Pls only suggestions, no discussion.
  • This is only on MoneySaving issues please.... all non MoneySaving/inappropriate suggestions will be deleted). Yet it can be on anything MoneySaving.
  • Max one suggestion per post. You can post more than once though
  • No duplication please. Do check no one else has suggested it
  • This is for practical simple changes that positively benefit everyday lives. Not have a go at politicians thread. It's for small, easy practical changes. So things like "Rewrite the tax system from scratch" won't make it.

Here are a few of my suggestions (from many) as examples:

  • Online statements should be accepted as ID.

    We’re all encouraged to go for paperless billing, it’s good for the environment and it reduces costs. Yet opening a new bank account or product often requires printed statements or utilities bills. We need to get ID rules moved into the web age.

  • Airlines should scrap the "family tax"

    Flights are already often very expensive for families as it is, due to the huge price hikes in school holidays. But to effectively make parents pay extra to guarantee that their young children won't be sat next to a strange adult simply isn't on.

  • Water rates should be challengeable

    Unlike council tax, where you can be rebanded if your property is overvalued, water rates are based on the rateable value of your property from over twenty years ago, and haven't moved with the times. People need a right to challenge unfair water rates.
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  • Tax relief to help kids through university.
    If kids our don't qualify for extra loans/grants then the government expects parents to Make up the shortfall. Surely this means the parents should get tax relief on this amount. If we don't give it to our kids then they are more disadvantaged than the disadvantaged kids!
  • Long term unemployed people should be offered a guaranteed job paying at least minimum wage.

    We know unemployment leads to health problems, particularly metal health. The current system of sanctions only makes this worse. Why not just fund the creation of jobs in local communities and offer these jobs to the unemployed?
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    These should be obvious when logged in to the relevant credit card account and it should be possible to cancel them on line.
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    Only UK residents to own a hom e within UK. Would prevent overseas buying homes just as an investment - especially in London. Limit home ownership to one home within UK - 2nd + homes to be sold to housing associations. Currently many second home owners only use it on occasions throughout the year when, if they were made to sell it, would provide more homes.
  • moksha_2moksha_2 Forumite
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    Stop letting retailers put a time limit on gift cards. It is outrageous that they can say if you haven't spent all of YOUR money in a certain amount of time you loose it!
  • jerseyliljerseylil Forumite
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    If you have a large garden you should be permitted to build yourself a retirement home provided there are no specific local objections. Currently permission is automatically denied in certain areas irrespective of the local impact - or lack of it. This could free up larger houses for children and grand children.
  • bigk77irlbigk77irl Forumite
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    In times of austerity people are taking two jobs to make ends meet, instead of the second job being taxed at emergency rate it should be included in the tax allowance especially if the person is working part time in both jobs
  • johnmac99johnmac99 Forumite
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    The Basic State Pension should be exempt from tax.
    Currently it is taxable income and reduces tax allowance for anyone receiving it.
    This would help boost income for pensioners and engender goodwill to those that have worked hard to earn their various pensions, only to see them taxed in retirement.
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    DWP to investigate all people who have never worked and have no intention of working, money to be stopped and can only get money by working for it.
  • National Health Service for UK Citizens only, not a free International Health Service for all.

    Please do whatever it takes to make the health service free to UK citizens only, end tourism health holidays that cost us tax payers dearly, I really don't think this is in any way unreasonable.
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