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~Make £10 a day May 2015 challenge ~ in memory of PrincessMelody2009

edited 18 May 2015 at 9:40PM in Debt-free wannabe challenges
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  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    Hi missymoomoo and piglet27, and anyone else new not said hello to. quick catch up as thursday's are a busy day for me.

    iPoll, I did it, it takes forever to get paid out, and yes they do pay eventually. I have cashed out for final time and when I finally receive my money will close my account for good.

    there are better sites that are phone app based that pay faster, I will list them later, (maybe not today, see how I get on.)

    You can also do surveys for iPoll, go onto the website and take them from there, they takes ages to verify and pay out too, so might help you with your £30 target.

    Yes me and hubby have geolotto accounts and we have separate bank accounts, although hearing tonight people are being contacted for having duplicate accounts? maybe a bit of signing up with different providers, ie inboxpounds and swagbucks, who knows.

    dont like opinionworld and not sure about the other sites you mentioned.

    I will list what I do, hopefully others will to, you can pick from them what works for you and I will link to other threads where they give feedback on the survey sites.

    Some work better for some than others, but there always a few that everyone has issues with and are best staying away from.

    ps you haven't mentioned pinecone. it is a must that every newbie apply to the panel for pineceone and fingers crossed you get on.
  • somerandomsomerandom Forumite
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    £10 again please. Thanks so much Aesop :)
    Shifting my energy for 2020 :heart::heart::heart:
  • SamiszelSamiszel Forumite
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    £10 per day as usual for me please, Aesop :)
    Letting Go NST #17
    NSD 1/15; LTW 0/9; budget £0/£250; food £5.20/£120; steps 0/31
    Make £10 per day in Oct: £30/£310

    Mortgage: £214,702.15
  • shariannshariann Forumite
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    Hi again

    Please put me down for £10 again Aesop and thanks for running the thread again. Hi to Batgirl and big thanks for starting the thread. Hi to all new people too

    Sharon x
    £10 a day April - £4/£300
    2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
    Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30
  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    claimed my first £5 paypal from swagbucks for May :D
  • AzzzaaAzzzaa Forumite
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    I sold another item on Facebook for £6 but some of that will include postage which this month i am not including in my total (more of a challenge)! Will update total when i know what postage is :)
    Documenting my journey from full time support worker to full time eBay reseller :)
  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    If anyone has bounts app installed on android, uninstall and reinstall, as there is a new improved version.
  • Sold a denim jacket on ebay that had been in a suitcase in the loft for the past 7 years for £10.50!!!
    Make £10 per day in May £89.29/£310
  • WorkFromHomeWorkFromHome Forumite
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    Hi all, I secretly observed last months thread as didn't have the confidence to join. After doing a carboot last week and making £90 I thought maybe I can do this? So I'd like to join this month if that's ok?

    Please put me down for £5 per day. I have no idea how I'm going to do it but it'll help me keep an eye on my cash again. I'm going to London next month so it would be nice to have some spending money so we can go out for a meal or two.
    DEBT: 27/12 £4060 :mad: 6/1 £3906 :beer: 15/1 £3756 :T 30/1 £3700 :cool: 7/2 £3911 :D19/4 £3108.93 :T 31/5 £3095.12
    May Challenge £5 a day: £5.41 / £155 June Challenge £5 a day: £22.25 / £155
    WON 2015: £50 Argos voucher, Xbox One, 2 cinema tickets, £10 Amazon voucher
  • esbmesbm Forumite
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    Hi all,
    Ditto workfromhome. I followed last month and I need a shove to get started this month as I'm starting mat leave soon.
    I think I'll start with £5/day, £150 for the month.
    LBM Sept 2012 ~£44 Sept 15: £~5233
    £10/day May-Sept: £609.04 Oct: £19.255/£300
    Sell £1000 challenge £330.64/£500
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