Taste Card Auto-renewal



  • T8kai
    T8kai Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi. I just came on to this forum. The exact thing happened to me. Can I ask if you took it further? I am so not happy because the card had not expired but they took money for the next card before even sending it out. I have complained through PayPal. Nothing is resolved yet.
  • Tanarif
    Tanarif Forumite Posts: 50 Forumite
    Got to be careful with those auto-renewals. I think Amazon Prime does the same thing?
    That being said though - from my experience, companies get a lot of people not happy with the auto-renewal and I've always gotten a refund.
  • VikiT
    VikiT Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I have tried to contact PayPal for a refund, to which they have told me I need to open a claim for undelivered good.....doesn't look like I will get my money back.
    Does anyone have any helpful tips on how I get my money back from Tastecard, who helped themselves to my money without authorisation after I tried to cancel this via phone?
  • Quentin
    Quentin Forumite Posts: 40,405 Forumite
    They will have had "authorisation" - you will have agreed their ts + cs when getting your card (which will have pointed out the autorenewal)
  • monkeydaniel
    monkeydaniel Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    I cancelled my tastecard subscription over the phone last August after they renewed my card without sending a reminder email that they claim to send. They have taken £35.98 out of my account last week.
    I emailed them regarding this and are currently on my ninth email to a very patronising advisor who has done that same copy and paste of T's & C's previously mentioned. 8 emails in and she is now claiming not to understand the fact that I cancelled my subscription nearly a year ago! She claims to have listened to 3 years of calls and not found my cancellation call. Came across this forum researching tastecard cancellation. Has anyone had the same situation? Can you advise where to go next? I've contacted my bank who are raising a visa dispute. Funny my call was last August when earlier posters had difficulty cancelling.
  • ErmanOzen
    ErmanOzen Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Yesterday I received an email from tastecard saying that They have renewed my membership.

    I did not want this renewal and I informed the company at the same time. This was 3 hours after their email sent to me.

    They declined to refund my money back to my account, and now they are forcing me to transfer this card to someone else and do not refund the payment.

    It is a terrible company. I advise everybody NOT TO USE THIS COMPANY.
  • Quentin
    Quentin Forumite Posts: 40,405 Forumite
    They aren't "forcing" you to transfer it to someone else - that looks an option they are suggesting to you so that you can make use of the card which apparently you forgot would autorenew - they make it very clear when you sign up that you are agreeing to their autorenewal conditions
  • drshadrack
    drshadrack Forumite Posts: 13 Forumite
    Paypal have refunded me in the same manner as some of the other helpful users on this thread.

    I note however that PP say they have opened an enquiry rather than confirmed the refund outright. Did anyone subsequently receive anything further from PP - presumably they couldn't get in touch with Tastecard either?
  • Prey
    Prey Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie

    Tastecard is one of the worst cards/subscription you can buy in 2017. Most of the good restaurants in London don't accept tastecard, and the far and few places that actually do agree advertise to accept have so many restriction such as only lunches, only two weekdays (Tue/Thur), offer only on products you anyways don't buy etc.

    In addition they have a yearly subscription service which they will happily deduct the money without any notification. If you are lucky - you might get an email message for membership with loads of ads and offer which buries the bad message of renewing one more year of horrible Tastecard Service.

    My membership was renewed on Jan 2, and when I called on Jan 3 to cancel the membership - I was told that it is too late. I agreed to pay 15 pounds for cancelling the membership but then Tastecard changed their stance the very next day saying that memberships can't be cancelled.

    Bad Customer Service, and frankly a horrible process for customers !
  • Adam720
    Adam720 Forumite Posts: 9 Forumite
    Why is auto-renewal still a thing? Surely there should be an opt-on on all of these now if you want to.

    I missed my trial cancellation date (as out of the country) and had to take on full year taste card (i took full advantage)
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