Taste Card Auto-renewal



  • SybilFawlty
    SybilFawlty Forumite Posts: 10 Forumite
    The problem I have is that I did cancel it online, but, as it's not reflected on their system, I'm expected to pay for it. I'm disappointed by their lack of understanding. Sometimes technology isn't reliable. I would not dispute it if I forgot to cancel, but that's not the case.

    It's a shame because I've used Tastecard on and off since they were Taste London and I've never had a problem with them.
  • Kim_13
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    Seeing the MSE news article on this, I've tried to check my account (I was given a free TasteCard by Natwest which I had to register.) I don't think I'd have done it if I had to give them any card details, but I wanted to make 100% sure that I didn't and that I'm not going to be autorenewed.

    I've tried to log in on the email they keep emailing me on (and I'd quite like to stop said emails) but they say the email is invalid! My first email from them is October 2014 so might it have been cancelled in October 2015? Strangely I don't have any emails warning me that my membership is coming to an end, just ones where they try to sell me Tastecard for £1 etc. Did anyone else get a TasteCard via NatWest and remember how long it was for?
  • vigman
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    I have checked and see that I asked to cancel my Feb 2015 -2016 trial membership, in time, by email last year.

    However, I had another query in this mail about third party use.

    On checking they only answered the third party question and never acknowledged my cancellation request.

    I have mailed today to see if they cancelled my initial membership and will report back.

    Any information given in my posts or replies is intended to be of interest and/or help to members of the forum. I cannot guarantee that this is accurate or up to date.
  • Slinky
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    Oh lordy, I've never had a Tastecard and after reading this thread, I never will!
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  • I'm wondering what the legalities are regarding "renewal" which the claim is the reason they cannot refund/cancel after taking the payment; If you pay £1 for 90 days then £39.99 for 365 days is a completely different product and surely would require some form of confirmation / agreement to the new terms, it's certainly not a renewal...
  • djp7831
    djp7831 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi all

    I'm in the exact same boat. You'll see my argument with them on Facebook if you visit their wall and look at the comments on the left hand side. This has gained a few messages of support already. They have so far offered me £10 back to which I promptly told them was disgusting and an insult.

    Out of principle, I'm going to take this as far as I physically can. If I have no legal case then I will start a campaign instead. I'm never been so disgusted with a company's stubbornness and refusal to refund for a service customers don't want. Especially when I told them the same day I didn't want it and didn't receive any warning they would just take my money.

    After 14 days I will go through the ombudsman service. I'm also intending to compile as many dissatisfactions about this increase awareness as much as possible. If they want to steal £40 of my money then I'll make sure its made up for by putting people off of using them.
  • Quentin
    Quentin Forumite Posts: 40,405 Forumite
    djp7831 wrote: »

    .....After 14 days I will go through the ombudsman service. I'm also intending to compile as many dissatisfactions about this increase awareness as much as possible. If they want to steal £40 of my money then I'll make sure its made up for by putting people off of using them.
    Which ombudsman do you have in mind?

    If you have had money stolen off you, then most people would report this to the police!

    (You were warned this was what would happen when you agreed their ts + cs when getting your card)
  • sgrech
    sgrech Forumite Posts: 22 Forumite
    Hi, what happened with this, did you manage to get your money back?
  • chyllyphylly
    chyllyphylly Forumite Posts: 16 Forumite
    I wish I saw this earlier. I signed up to Tastecard on the 12th on their 3 month for £1 offer. I read that if I didn't cancel by the end of the trial I would be charged the £40.

    What I didn't expect is for them to take it out today!!?? I emailed them via PayPal, so hopefully I'll get my money back.
  • Inigo_Montoya
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    My situation is slightly different

    I took out the £1 3 month trial using a prepaid card that could not be charged the £40 at the end of the trial

    near the end of the trial I tried to phone them a couple of times to cancel but gave up as the line was engaged each time

    They then tried to charge me but could not - I received an email saying they would continue to try to charge me for the next 30 days

    Now 3 months down the line I receive another more threatening email saying they still cannot charge me & that

    "... N.B – We can’t accept cancellation requests for this renewal if not previously cancelled in line with our Terms & Conditions ... "

    Looks to me like possibly the next email will be a threat to hand over the "debt" to a debt collection agency ?

    Has anybody had this happen i.e. debt collectors getting involved
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