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Pre-existing Travel Insurance Guide Discussion

Former_MSE_Rebecca Posts: 173 Forumite


We've written a new pre-existing travel insurance guide for the website and we'd love your feedback.

How did you find the info? Was it useful? Do you have any other tips you would add?

Thanks for your help,

MSE Rebecca


  • busiscoming2
    busiscoming2 Posts: 4,459 Forumite
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    My DH has a pre exisiting condition. He is quite uninsurable with many companies. Colombus direct have always had no problem insuring him. Thankfully we have never had to claim for the condition or a related problem.
  • EssexExile
    EssexExile Posts: 6,187 Forumite
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    We've always used Columbus, likewise never claimed but we have no trouble getting cover with them.
    Tall, dark & handsome. Well two out of three ain't bad.
  • Wortle
    Wortle Posts: 143 Forumite
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    Is this very new, as I was reading up on travel insurance yesterday and didnt spot it?
  • pogofish
    pogofish Posts: 10,853 Forumite
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    Wortle wrote: »
    Is this very new, as I was reading up on travel insurance yesterday and didnt spot it?

    The time/date of posting might give you a hint?
  • HoofeHearted
    HoofeHearted Posts: 2,651 Forumite
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    We have used Columbus for several years now, and made a claim 18 months ago. My wife fell and broke her leg in Thailand.
    Columbus paid all medical bills (operation + 10days in hospital) and flew us home business class.

    My wife declared her pre-existing conditions, thank goodness.

    The issue of having £10 Million cover is sometimes required. Conditions of going on a cruise require you to have this amount of cover. Think this is to pay for evacuation by helicopter etc.

    Insurance companies are now asking you to pay extra for "cruise cover". From what I can make out, this is to cover the cost of flying you to the next port of call, if you miss the ship.
  • I've been trying to get cover for my husband who has cancer (though not having symptoms or treatment currently) AND is on medication for high blood pressure and is taking statins (like just about every other man of his age). I am looking for emergency medical cover for anything related to high blood pressure/high cholesterol - I'm not looking for cover for the cancer, which is unlikely to cause a sudden emergency, we're told. I have only found one insurer so far who will cover (all) the pre-existing conditions, and it is very expensive (several hundred pounds). The guide says "If cover is still unaffordable, the price may drop considerably if you ask insurers to exclude some, or all, of your pre-existing conditions". But I can't find any insurers who will cover some pre-existing conditions but not all - are there any?
  • Marie_Williams
    I was quoted £500 by this Company yesterday. I declared Underactive Thyroid, Diverticular problems, plus Sciatica. I have these conditions covered by another Company for £160.01.
  • JohnKeynsham
    JohnKeynsham Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 5 May 2015 at 2:36AM
    I've just spent several hours keying in medical screening data to all the MSE recommended Comparison sites and the other recommended companies and these returned a best Annual cost of £202 with StaySure and a best Single Trip of £125 with Avanti for a similar cover profile.

    I then also tried the company I insured with last year - Travel Insurance 4 Medical, and for a slightly better cover profile, the costs quoted online were £151 annual and £70 single trip.

    Although my family's required cover profiles and medical screening profiles are likely to be unique, I would highly recommend others getting an online quote from Travel Insurance 4 Medical and comparing with other quotes
  • DUKE
    DUKE Posts: 7,360 Forumite
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    I couldn't get insurance for worldwide, although they'd cover me for a single trip at an extortionate cost.

    Columbus have just quoted us (a couple) £276.77, & will cover me for pre-existing, wordwide!

    Do you mind if I take this over to the Macmillan forum Rebecca?

    Thanks, that's brilliant :D
  • drphila
    drphila Posts: 299 Forumite
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    Thanks for creating a separate thread, Rebecca. This will be very useful to the many people who have muliple medical conditions and who have difficulty getting affordable insurance.

    If I can make a constructive suggestion, it would be to mention companies who will cover multiple conditions but impose conditions. I'm thinking here of companies who will cover any combination of medical condition, such as Global Travel Insurance (higher excess and no cover for conditions diagnosed in last 12 months), Eurotunnel (stable condition) and Eta (no cover for conditions diagnosed in last 12 months).

    For people like my wife with multiple serious conditions, this is often the only way to get cover at other than astronomical prices.

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