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Do not buy from gogroopie

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Praise, Vent & Warnings
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sushar001sushar001 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Praise, Vent & Warnings
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I purchased an item and didn't receive the code, I emailed them to chase it up and told them as I would be on holiday soon this was an urgent matter. Whilst I was in India I received the code but couldn't use it! When I returned to the UK I contacted Gogroopie and asked for a refund, after several weeks and endless emails they now tell me I can have a credit to spend with their company. As I no longer wish to deal with this inept company ever again I have requested a refund through Paypal. I received an email today to tell me to cancel the Paypal dispute THEN they will refund my money. No way am I going to end the Paypal dispute as I know I will never receive my £17.99. This company, in my opinion should be investigated and I will be reporting them to Trading Standards.
Please take this as a warning and NEVER purchase anything from gogroopie as YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY!


  • MaxwelhMaxwelh Forumite
    4 posts
    I agree. They are a shambles! I have three deals outstanding dating back to October 2014 and they couldn't give a toss! I have emailed them over 20 times and they just ignore my emails and still owe me money! I think a report to the Ombudsman may be on the cards. :money:
  • Whatever you do DO NOT purchase this item. I ordered it initially on 5th February and after not receiving anything by the end of the month I chased it up with Go Groopie. they claimed my voucher was redeemed on 22nd February after making the purchase with the Merchant on 5th.
    I forwarded a copy of my confirmation onto them and they then states they would chase up with the merchant. I initially received the item only for it to be a completely different jacket to what was described in the voucher and illustrated in the picture.
    I received a cheap shoddy quality short padded jacket with a detachable cheap faux fur trim and the bag had Chinese writing on it so it was obviously made in the cheap and purchased in bulk.
    I am in the process of returning the item and I will wait to see how long it takes the merchant to refund me.
    I am Dvising people of this as you will be very disappointed if you order this item and it will be a complete waste of your own time and not only to mention the inconvenience of constantly e-mailing.
    Go Groopie have been sent pictures by myself of what I received and they are just fobbing it off onto the merchant. they are promoting goods for the merchant therefore I feel they should not deal with this particular merchant if the goods are not as described. I would have been happy had I have received something similar but I cannot Put into words exactly what I got I am that disgusted and gob smacked!
    I will no longer be purchasing anything ever from Go Groopie and I would advise others to do the same.
  • BobcrowtherBobcrowther Forumite
    198 posts
    Just to add some balance, I made a purchase from gogroopie a few days ago. Code came through instantly, payment went through fine and code worked first time.
    Perhaps it's just when things don't work as they should that they struggle?
  • I orderd fom go groopie with a delivery date of 5-7 working days. The product was supposed to arrive at the start of. December. I contacted customer services on 8 December and they advised me someone from the delivery company would be in contact within 7 days, still no reply. Who should I be complaining to as I feel a bit stuck in the middle and the product is for a Christmas present.
  • SpammyTheSpammerSpammyTheSpammer Forumite
    1.8K posts
    Am going nowhere near GoGroupie
    I am a cow so cannot speak Bullshine but I do recognise its smell when I come upon it.
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    I orderd fom go groopie with a delivery date of 5-7 working days. The product was supposed to arrive at the start of. December. I contacted customer services on 8 December and they advised me someone from the delivery company would be in contact within 7 days, still no reply. Who should I be complaining to as I feel a bit stuck in the middle and the product is for a Christmas present.

    Should have gone with a more reliable retailer for a Christmas present.

    Get a refund would be my port of call.
  • I brought a retro console for my nephew, I first challenged the website as the same product was advertised cheaper on the same day, I sent numerous emails to their support page with no response. There is also a security issue as once ai had paid ai was receiving emails from Paypal asking me to enter my bank details so obviously a scam from either the company themselves or someone at the company. In total I messaged 5 times and no one responded I then called 5 times and was left waiting for someone to answer for over 30 minutes each time finally on attempt 5 I spoke to someone who assured me at the latest the item would be delivered on the 25/1 today is the 25th and no item. I did receive an email after the call reiterating the delivery date so I have been emailing that directly , the response form customer service is flippant and rude and I have copied a snippet of a response from a guy called Adam Roberts (this is copied straight from the email)

    ‘As we are the voucher provider we have a legal obligation to you for the voucher not the product’

    There is no customer service from this company and they do not care about you or the product just the money. Stay well clear it’s a massive scam!
    14.4K posts
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    Sounds just like the awful Mightydeals.

    The best cheap deals site I have ever used is Groupon.

    Never had a problem myself with them and had some great deals.

    Our daughter had a problem trying to buy a discounted e-voucher recently and even though they had not taken any money they credited £5 to her Groupon account as a goodwill gesture.
  • Bought a laptop from IT SERVICES LTD via GoGroopie. Paid on November 29th, arrived on Dec 21st just as I was going into hospital with a brain tumour. And of course over Xmas. When i came to use the thing in late Jan. It is all bashed about, has a runtime error code appearing on the screen and the letters on the keys bear no relation to what prints on screen, also wont connect to the internet. Sent it all back costing £12.98 further along with covering letter requesting a refund. Heard nothing from the company. Contact GoGroopie. Eventually we commence a ping pong between their various "customer support" staff, none of whom seem able to review previous contacts, and its the endless passing of the buck to everywhere that drives you insane. As I was outside the 30 day warranty period all i can have is a replacement. 3 months of this and worn down to a knub and not well I accept this as going nowhere. What is sent to me is the identical item with the identical faults. When going through my credit card company for a chargeback I am finally told they cant help as contractually I am wrong.
    I am at a total loss to understand how I can have goods totally unfit for purpose and not be eligible for a refund. The companies are formalised del boys. Never touch them.
  • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
    4.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    I think the headlines on the MSE site should be "Do your research about a company before you part with any cash".
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