Hope is not an Effective Financial Strategy

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    Nothing for me either… SL, I suspect it’s just the sheer amount of cash being put in them currently - it’s the only place to go, but it does dilute the chances of winning somewhat.
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    In theory it isn't supposed to dilute the chances of winning.  They are supposed to give 1% in winnings at present, which is going down but then all interest rates are.  That should mean that a twelfth of 1% of their holdings should go in prizes each month.  So far in the last 5 months I'm on 0.34% so I'm happy with that.  Mind you the £2 that I have had for 64 years has won nothing.
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    Ooh, how lovely to have a best pal who can fix your pesky plumbing issues! You don't live anywhere near me do you? 😂 We have yet to find a plumber who'll come out here and are just learning to live with all kinds of plumbing quirks 🙄 Maybe I'll try again now we're not in peak freezing-old-ladies time 🙄

    Good plans for both house stuff and holidays there!
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    I am very lucky with my plumber friend, and alongside the plumber he then knows someone for every trade for me!

    Well this week has been a week of conferences and online meetings! I am definitely zoomed out now. Looking forward to Mrs SJ's homemade curry and a few cold beers later. As for the weekend ahead, I am in work for a few hours tomorrow morning and then am determined to attack the junk in the garage! If we have nowhere to keep it without the garage...then its going! There I've said it now  :)
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    If we have nowhere to keep it without the garage...then its going! There I've said it now  :)
    Ooh that's a good way of looking at it, I may have to try this trick when decluttering :smile: 
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