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  • Langstone
    It is now 7 months since i changed my provider from Scottish Power. I STILL have not been refunded the money that is owed
    Their call centres are a joke. I have just queued for 25 mins to try to speak to Customer Services but have given up as it is costing me a fortune.
    I have spoken to operators at least 6 or seven times since Aug 14 and have been given every excuse under the sun with a promise that my money would be refunded but it never has.
    Every time i have been told to call in 4 weeks if nothing has been done.
    I raised a complaint last time and they said someone would get back within 10 days which never went anywhere - it is abysmal!!!
    Why are these people not brought to justice.
    They should be closed down as they cannot conduct a business.
    When am i going to get my money?
  • matelodave
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    If you've left them and they owe you money and you can prove that they owe you money then why not take them to the small claims court.

    It strikes me that a few court cases to recover owings might concentrate their minds a bit as obviously their complaints processes , the ombudsman and OFGEM aren't making much of a difference.

    Their publicity can't get much worse than it already is but the costs of going to court on top of the owings might have an effect. On top of that if you get a judgement in your favour and they still don't cough up you can send the bailiffs in and take away the CEO's car or something similar
    Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers
  • kindlefirebabe
    So annoyed after reading all this, I left scottish power 8 weeks ago, still waiting for my £595 refund cheque to arrive, called ofgem today who said they cant help and that I have to call scottish power again!!!

    Trying not to get stressed but its easier said than done when that money is very much needed right now!!!! any advice?

    I too had problems getting my money back after leaving Scottish Power just before Xmas. You need to log a complaint and get a complaint number, if they do not get back to you after 10 working days you can then escalate to the Director's Support Team. It is only after that fails that you can go to the Ombudsman. I escalated my complaint to the Director's Support Team and threatened going to the ombudsman and within days I got a result. Another tip is to contact them via email. It saved me a fortune in telephone bills and got me a result at last. I hope you get sorted soon
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  • motherofstudents
    I am still waiting for a refund. Been contacting them by phone and email for four months. I had a letter giving me a complaint number and their complaints procedure states they should resolve within 10 days or take further action. Needless to say nothing has happened. I have involved my Mp who is having no more success than I have. Disgusting.
  • Charlietango
    Hi all,

    Can't believe just a 12 day ban, most of us have spent months trying to get our accounts straight with these people. I am lucky, after months of correspondence I finally received my outstanding bill on my account from last June, and the refund from the " Scottish Power savings bank" which they had continued to extract from my bank every month.

    I will be packing my bags now and off to someone who has an operational business system.......

    Ofgem - suggest you give them 6 months sales ban, then everbody at Scottish power can hand write cheques everyday to the thousands of people awaiting what they are owed.
  • Dejay
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    Success at last - had a phone call from Scottish Power earlier this week and was told the original bill was cancelled and I would receive a correct one in a few days. Received a correct bill today and that will be my last dealings with them.

    It does pay to go to the top!

    22/5/15 Yet another bill - this time for 55p! Have emailed the person who contacted me by phone but still no response by today.
  • noodle_doodle
    Yup, I complained online too (simply so I have a record of it) and I got a reply today saying yeh, they were wrong, sorry about that. Of course, the litmus test is whether they send me any more fruitbat letters from an alternate reality where they think I haven't paid my bills. I'll wait and see.

    Oh guess what, they've sent me another reminder saying I haven't paid, despite getting an email to my sp online account apologising and saying the previous demand was in error.

    Dunno if it's binding, but I've sent them an email back saying if they send me any more erroneous demands I'm charging them an admin fee :-p
  • footyguy
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    As a result Scottish Power agreed to meet Ofgem targets, including ...completely remove the backlog for acting on Ombudsman decisions for individual complaints by the end of November 2014.

    If it failed to meet the targets, ...

    I think it is important to also point out
    Where ScottishPower’s IT systems only allow a partial implementation of the Ombudsman’s proposed remedies, the firm has been providing affected customers with free energy and has been writing off past debt. ScottishPower has assured us that these Ombudsman requirements will remain in force for any case where the company can only partially implement the Ombudsman’s decisions. More than 2,000 customers are currently receiving free energy.
  • kirbychristina
    Purplesky wrote: »
    Has anyone else had calls from them trying to move you (as an existing customer) into a different tariff? I was quite polite to the lady on the phone, but she clearly didn't have a THING about my account up.

    For Data Protection reasons all they was allowed was your usage history from the year. Nothing else. So they could tell you and explain how much switching tariffs could save you. As they was not allowed to sell. Or advise. So that meant they couldn't check your account as that Could be deemed as sales. They was classed as customer service but they wasn't they was purely there to speak to existing customers about different tariffs that they could move onto at the end of there's.
  • unrealuk
    Hi, well after years of paying my monthly premium for service and repairs now have had to cancel.

    My boiler was not working so rang and had visit, the engineer was fine until we asked if he could remove boots to go upstairs.
    And asked me to keep our bichon frise away, which we always do but as she’s blind needs to smell person entering her domain.

    So after examining boiler was told Magnetic filer needs replacing and power flush, both not covered so would have to source myself as cheaper than Scottish power.

    We have local gas service engineer and I called him to check boiler, he said not true about power flush as nothing wrong with water and did they take sample ? can’t remember Scottish power engineer taking sample so rang up to check.

    After four calls and being told water sample had been taken weeks ago but no report back, more lies

    My engineer said it was more like
    1. Moisture in 21 way low voltage connector on pcb
    2. Faulty sensi9ng elec/lead.
    3. Sticking gas valve/incorrectly set low gas.

    Rang Scottish power again, the girls where very nice but unable to help with arranging senior engineer to assess my boiler.
    So forced to end contract as no point in paying for service that when you need it the most lets you down.

    And sat here with broken boiler which is getting worse each day, Thanks Scottish Power
    Wasted years of paying £16 a month and had few weeks of hell, being passed around and never rang back as promised...

    My advice, Don't bother with cover. save it and pay as required.

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