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Frugal Frump to Fab - 2015

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lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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edited 23 December 2014 at 1:10PM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
Good Morning Lovely Ladies

And, of course, any gentlemen lurkers......

Well here we are, by popular request, a bright shiny new thread for 2015.

Welcome to any newbies, or anyone who wants to come out of lurkdom.

To those new to the thread who may be wondering what we are about, well really it's very simple - it's about turning our lives round, a journey from Frumpdom to Fabulousity.

It's easy, pAinfree, and fun, and of course, as MSE friendly as possible.

We don't do daft diets and punishing exercise regimes. We don't judge, we don't criticise and we don't bite. :rotfl:

So what do we do - well it's simple we take back control of our lives.

The reason we became frumps is because somewhere along the way we all became too busy to think about our own needs. We were mums, sisters, daughters and we got into the habit of putting everyone else first and ourselves last.

So..... This thread is about how we have taken steps to redress the balance a little, not by being selfish and thinking only of our selves but by just remembering that we count too...

Now all this takes time, patience and yes, I'm afraid some effort. So gently does it is our mantra. We didn't become frumps overnight so becoming fabulous might take a bit of time

Now you may think that Christmas is not a good time to be thinking about starting a new personal health, fitness and beauty regime.

Actually it's the perfect time to start. After all we all want to try and look our best on Christmas Day. ;)

And of course as the year draws to a close, the Christmas holiday is a good time to review our lives and think about our future.

For the newbies we will talk in detail in the New Year about our step by step guide to making changes but for now it starts with one simple little thing.

So your first task is this.

From this day forward wear perfume, each and every day, without fail. It only takes a few seconds to squirt some fragrance. And, as you waft around in your own little cloud of sweet smelling gorgeousness, you will immediately feel more glamourous, more special and more feminine.

So..... dig out that unused perfume that's lurking at the back of the cupboard right now.

Release your Inner Goddess.

The road to Fabulousity starts today. Xx


  • Bitsy_BeansBitsy_Beans Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread LL :)

    Nails filed and tidied up. Fingers and toes now sport a nice glittery black :)
    Got the craving for some cucumber so salad for lunch it is then ;)
    I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you it'll be with a knife :D Louise Brooks
    All will be well in the end. If it's not well, it's not the end.
    Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars
  • Thanks for new thread LL. I hope this next year will be a good one for us all. I've had quite a stressful year. My son was in hospital. We lost my father- in -law in June, and my Mum with heart failure in July. Then two weeks ago my husband was diagnosed with heart failure too. Hoping we can keep strong and that next year will be better. Haven't felt much like fabbing but went to yoga yesterday which was very relaxing. Have been out for a couple of meals and made a bit of an effort with my makeup and clothes which made me feel better too.
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    VNS - I am so very sorry to hear your dreadful news, especially your husband.s diagnosis. I can well understand the shock you must be feeling and the strain you are under.

    Whilst your friends on here cannot share your burden please be aware that you are in our thoughts.

    i hope you have some respite from your worries and can enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas.

    Look after yourself and take good care. Xx
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    mamanmaman Forumite
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    Thanks for new thread LL. I hope this next year will be a good one for us all.

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear than vnms. I think relaxing is the best thing you and your DH can do this Christmas. Thinking of you and your family.

    Fortunately my DH has gone down with nothing more serious than a dose of man flu.;) He's had a day in bed today, dosing himself up with paracetamol. I checked whether he wants dinner (before I put myself out cooking it:D) and he thinks he can manage something.

    All the shopping's done now. Other than a small wait to get parking places, both Aldi and Sainsbury were relatively quiet. There have been years when I've had to queue up the aisles to pay in previous years but nothing like that. Hopefully people have been sensible and there won't be loads of waste. I do think one (the only??) good thing that's come out of the recession/austerity is that people are being a lot more careful with their spending. I know I'm very conscious that I don't want to be ripped off by the supermarkets.

    Dark polish is very popular lately Bitsy, I bet it looks fab. I found another clip (now have 3) to section of my hair for drying and I'm delighted with it. I will definitely be practising more and maybe look up a few youtube clips.

    Thanks for the new thread LL. I'm sitting here very fragrant, just put perfume on specially.:xmassmile
  • sweetcheeks33sweetcheeks33 Forumite
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    LL thank you for the shiney bright bright new thread :)

    Hopefully 2015 will be our year once we clear our feet a little. Hoping to get some travel booked for Easter / may time but will need to wait & see.

    LL I hope you are looking after yourself and relaxing. Dip in and out of the festivities as you feel you need to.

    As for pampering I had my nails done on Monday a nice grey colour with sparkle silver top coat- they are lush

    Vans- I am sorry you have had so much bad news hopefully as others have said you can relax with oh over the holidays.

    Been out trying a few bits and pieces on that are going into sale today so please about that now I can hopefully just order.
    Another last wardrobe full coming and hopefully I'll be feeling s little better about things..
  • belugabeluga Forumite
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    I'd like to join in this - I've really let myself go and and am determined to do something about it. This year has been pretty awful, but here's hoping for a better 2015! My mental health problems have been kicking my !!!, but the last few weeks I've been trying really hard to do something about it. It's been hard but I feel like I'm starting to get somewhere.

    My plans for next year include continuing my OU degree, learning to drive and looking for volunteer work. I've cut back on my drinking and intend to continue that.

    I also need to take better care of myself, eat better, drink more water, exercise and generally try to be a bit more presentable! It sounds like a lot (to me anyway!) but I'm feeling positive!

    I hope everyone has a lovely festive period, take care of yourselves x
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Welcome beluga and well done on making an early start on New Year's Resolutions. This thread will really help you feel good about yourself. It's not (just;)) about vanity it really does raise self esteem.

    I cut back on deinking with the help of the 'giving up/cutting down alcohol' thread on here. They're a friendly, supportive lot. Come over and lurk, it might help you.

    Feeling a bit yuk tonight, hoping DH hasn't given me some of his germs. Have had Lemsip and hoping for the best.:)
  • sweaty_bettysweaty_betty Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread LL :)

    I'm not feeling very fab as I've come down with the lurgy that OH had last week. If I can make it through christmas day without needing a couple of naps, it'll be an achievement!

    I love the idea of wearing perfume every day. I've been doing that recently, after previously saving it "for best" and it's made a big difference to how I feel.

    No nails done for me as my nails are too soft and the only way nail varnish will stay put without chipping for more than 12 hours is to have acrylic ones - which I'm too tight to pay for and wrecked my nails before! I envy you ladies who can do this :)

    Have a great Christmas!
  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Count me in too, please.

    This thread really helped me last year - was in danger of being "fat frumpy and fifty", now I am a "fab, fin, fifty one" ;). Well nearly anyway.

    I am a stone and a half down, I walk damn nearly everywhere, think about what I am wearing and how it makes me feel and, yes, I wear perfume most days.

    In fact dad gave me money to spend on family presents and I bought myself a "jade goody" perfume set - only £8.99 for perfume, shower gel and body lotion. Really nice scent, too. previously I may have spent the lot on the kids.

    Happy Christmas all. LL I hope you can smile more than you cry :)
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • belugabeluga Forumite
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    Morning everyone! Happy Christmas Eve! Thanks for the welcome Maman, I'll check out that thread.
    The fabbing's started :D I trimmed my hair last night, had a good soak in the bath and used some nice bath products. Painted my nails red with a black and white polka dot top coat.

    Today I'm going to pop into town to stock up on library books, and might have a coffee. I'll wear my new red coat and remeber to put some perfume on.
    I also ordered some much needed new underwear this morning in the Debenhams sale, rather pleased with the bargain - I paid £13.50 ish for a Freya bra and pants set, instead of the £40ish it should have been!

    Have a fab day everyone!
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