Retro hamper for mum.... were any of you born in the 60s or 70s? Help :)



  • colleensims
    Thank You so much for all the replies.... i will spend today hunting some of these down!! There are some really good ideas!!!!
  • morwenna
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    Red and white striped drinking straws! Watch out, there's a Humphrey about!
  • bravobeastie
    I have at least 1 maybe 2 Jackie comics from the late 70's you would be welcome to if you like? I collect retro/vintage items and had them in a job lot of Beano comics.

    Inbox me if they're any use to you :)
  • deely
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    DH and I were talking a few days ago and sweets from the 70's and mentioned the tools shaped from chocolate - well, looking thru' a C'mas mag last night and saw Tesco has a set in a little box for only £1!!!

    Also, just thought about a little crafting idea - pages from old annuals or comics collaged / pasted onto a lap tray or similar then sealed with PVA glue for a unique gift.
  • deely
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    morwenna wrote: »
    Red and white striped drinking straws! Watch out, there's a Humphrey about!

    i got some from ebay for 99p a pack - from Thailand or somewhere and also had fifferent colours too! I used them in my little glass milk bottles, similar to what we used to have in infant school for milkshakes at a recent party
  • Evil_Olive
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    whitewing wrote: »
    Were those pencil toppers to do with the Munch Bunch? I had some years ago.

    I don't think so - we used to buy them from the newsagent and the box they sat in didn't have that written on it as far as I can remember - I think they were just generic toys. Did 'Munch Bunch' exist as a brand in the early 70s?

    I think rubicks cube, Filofax and impulse were more 1980s things but I do remember having some Wade Whimsies in the 70s :D

    Another thing that would be easy to make and very iconic of the 70s is a 'Gonk' - we used to make them out of upside down yoghurt pots.

    All you need is some card, a pair of googly eyes, some small scraps of fun-fur and fabric (tartan was popular), a small button or two and some glue - very easy.

    I think all the things on these shelves were called 'gonks' at one time or another but the one with the tartan hat on the top shelf is the classic 'Gonk' and the type we used to make. I can post instructions if you want :)

    You could even get posh wooden adult versions to use as proper ornaments :D

    There were also these when an American company made a branded version but these were more an 80s thing in Britain and were called 'Trolls' not 'Gonks'.

    Boy, I'm on a massive nostalgia trip now!!!

    Ooo! we also used to make keyrings out of crisp packets shrunk under the grill! :D
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  • duchy
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    Try charity shops for original annuals - Jackie and Fab 208 were the main ones.

    Donny Osmond has a new album out this week called The Soundtrack of my |Life covering his last 50 years in the music biz- that might work. Having seen David Cassidy perform live fairly recently I'd probably stick to the memory of him in his heyday rather than get tickets for his tour.

    How about a dancing flower ?
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  • clarryd
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    Evil_Olive wrote: »
    Another popular mag was 'Fab 208' it had brilliantly 'of the time' fashion and pop spreads - might be able to find some of the mags or annuals on ebay.
    Pen Pal pages in the back of magazines - with everyone's full name and address details!!!

    Shandy Bass was a popular canned drink which I think you can still buy, and anyone remember 'Cydrax' :D
    Red Martini and lemonade, Cinzano, Cream Sherry, Advocaat, Mint cordial, Bitter lemon, Mateus Rose and Chianti if you can find one in a straw covered bottle.

    You might be able to find small toys like Jacks,
    yo-yo's or Fivestones if you look hard enough.
    Hula hoops were a big craze, also Spacehoppers and 'Clackers' which you could make yourself - two hard plastic balls on a string.
    Pencil Toppers shaped like fruit & veg with legs and faces

    Angel Delight
    SPAM FRITTERS! - I got a novelty Spam recipe book as a gift a few years ago - they might still sell it.
    Duck a l'orange, peach melba, prawn cocktail, rum baba, moussaka, cheese & pineapple on sticks stuck in a foil covered half grapefruit, stuffed olives, vol au vents, Findus Crispy Pancakes, Alphabetti-Spagetti, tinned fruit cocktail with tinned sterilised cream

    Long multicoloured stripey socks and legwarmers.
    Large numbers of badges on everything - retro ones are quite easy to find.
    Zip up front crimplene jumpsuits with flares and big collars, tank tops,
    stripey elastic belts with snake shaped metal buckles,
    big, fat, Moustaches and dodgy toupees, very thin gold belts and strappy gold sandals, clogs and platforms.

    Flakes, Curly Wurlys and Fry's Chocolate Turkish Delight, sherbert pips, space dust, sherbert fountains, swizzles

    Donny Osmond, Glam Rock, Bay City Rollers, Teenyboppers, Fan Clubs,
    Northern soul dancing
    Giant badges saying "I [heart] (insert popstar of choice) were very popular, as were scarves with popstars name on.

    Perfumes - 'Tweed' and 'Charlie' - Tesco still sell Charlie for a fiver and it smells quite nice.
    Anne French cleansing milk
    Shaving your arms, as well as your legs!, Body/face Glitter
    long, very pointed, fingernails, blue and green eyeshadow, spikey lashes, skinny pencilled eyebrows, solid block mascara, lipgloss in roll-on containers, crimped hair, hair elastics with plastic balls on, circular tortoiseshell hair clips

    Tacky souvenirs from Spain and Greece - flamenco dolls, donkeys with straw hats on, Spanish lace fans.
    Straw covered Chianti bottles made into table lamps
    12" vinyl records heated and formed into fruit bowls
    Look in Charity Shops, online, or make your own :)

    You should be able to find DVDs ofsome of these:, The Partridge Family, Tomorrow People, Magpie, Charlies Angels, Some Mothers D 'Ave 'Em, Department S/Jason King, Man about the House, The Herbs, Magic Roundabout, The Hair Bear Bunch, Banana Splits, Dr Who, Blakes 7,

    Plus, incredibly disturbing 'Public Information Films'
    I can particularly recommend 'Lonely Water', the 'Charleycat' series and the highly nasty 'Protect and Survive - casualties'
    Alas, the Green Cross Code one with Alvin Stardust isn't on this site but you can find it on Youtube :D

    You have brought back many a good memory.

    I used to love clackers and the fruit pencil toppers.

    I also played marbles and two balls. ( you get 2 tennis balls throw them up against the wall and put the ball under your leg and catch it).

    I also played with a tennis ball in the leg of my mother tights and tide it to keep it in place the it was tided around my leg and you swung it clockwise and jumped over it with the other leg.

    Space hoppers and metal mickey roller skates.

    The adverts where thing like:

    Charlie said not to play with matches. (charlie was a car that screeched a noise and the little boy translated).

    Loved those days.
  • 7roland8
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    What super ideas - your mum will be over the moon.

    Rupert annuals? The Avenger's TV - or the Persuaders or Saint.

    (Clarryd - yes I did the two balls against the wall too and the ball swinging round your leg - though never did it your way - we did it with wooden skipping ropes and swung the handles round and round.)
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