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Injured Playing Football



  • For the benefit of those chipping in here who obviously don't have a clue...

    The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme replaced the old War Pension Scheme in 2005. Previously those injured in the course of their occupation had to await until the end of service before initiating a claim.

    Under the new scheme a claim could be made from the point of injury on - with a time limit which is now up to 7 years from the event.

    The scheme covers injuries sustained whilst deployed or working in dangerous/ high risk locations. It does not however cover all work place accidents and injuries. Instead covering whilst personnel are 'conducting activities conducive to the effectiveness of the armed forces'.

    So - work based football, rugby injuries OK. Tripping in the cookhouse and breaking a leg no so. Adventurous training fall of a mountain.. OK, fall down the stairs in the block or mess in the evening.. no go.

    For the OP it can't be assumed AFCS will cover the injury if it was an informal kickabout with his mates in down time. It it was sports afternoon, PT then no issue at all.
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  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    I love the OP's expression 'in works time'!

    Surely to qualify under the AFCS a sporting injury would need to happen in supervised, or an official, sporting event - i.e. published on orders.

    It seems to me that the OP in Post#9 is more concerned with putting in a marker for a future attributable disability pension.
  • Andy_LAndy_L Forumite
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    Cardew wrote: »
    I love the OP's expression 'in works time'!

    Surely to qualify under the AFCS a sporting injury would need to happen in supervised, or an official, sporting event - i.e. published on orders.

    It has to be "service related activity" so it depends.
    eg if the boss had said "its a bit quite so push off to the gym & do some phys" then its probably covered

    if they'd said "its a bit quiet so stand down for the afternoon" and they decided to go and play football on their own (rather than going to the pub) then probably not covered

    Only way to know for sure would be to bung the paperwork in & see
  • MurielsonMurielson Forumite
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    Did you not consider what would happen if you got injured before you decided to play? As ex-services (out in 2004) I find the attitude very sad and even sadder that the best place to turn to for advice is MSE.
  • missilemissile Forumite
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    OP has reported the incident. If he experiences problems, he would need to make a claim within 7 years under AFCS? It would be 3 years for a claim in civi street law.
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  • strong96strong96 Forumite
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    my son shattered his shoulder whilst on afternoon sports but was not compulsary so just went to hospital, he is now only claiming as the MO strapped his arm up and left it to heal naturaly, fair enough but then a year later it re shattered in kenya on exercise and hospital said it was due to it not healing correctly said he needed surgery, he returned, went to doctors, they allowed it to heal again then shaved the bone sticking out, went on his cadre 8 mths later on final week his shoulder shattered again, this time had surgery but been told as the doctors ignored putting his shoulder back together twice then it might not work, hey presto signed off for another 3 months surgery not worked, one more option re build shoulder, plates, pins, if it doesnt work this time full medical discharge which will destroy him he loves his job. only reason he is now claiming is 2 MO´s and an army hospital in cyprus ignoring his injury twice and not doing there job.
  • peteukpeteuk Forumite
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    From the OP - it makes me laugh that you turn to MSE for advice, however surely the answer should be don't ask don't get. After all the claim process should be able to identify quickly if you can or can not claim.

    strong 96 - I hate to be nit picky but your story doesn't add up, probably the way its typed. What is your son claiming if its to the AFCS or is he taking legal action for miss treatment. Its really important to figure out what he wants.
    You say his shoulder was shattered and he went to "hospital" was that NHS or "Service" Xray would have shown the extent of the problem. A simple fracture would have been left to heal naturally. Shattered if in line may also been left. But follow up with fracture clinic. His second incident in Kenya must have been caused by something. Again where was he seen?
    Im not 100% on the Med Board process but I know its not as clear cut as it use to be. Specially as the Army started to Administrative discharge people for being unfit role. I am sure someone around here will have more of an idea on the RECU process.

    I wish your son the best with his next lot of surgery.
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  • Make that claim. You are paid in the forces 24/7 therefore have to be fit the same. My other half broke his collar bone whilst mountain biking (his preferred way of keeping fit). This happened at the weekend in his free time. He claimed and received comp. He did exactly the same again 6 months later while rebuilding his fitness and claimed and won again!
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