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Sassy Bloom



  • Alfachick
    I've just gone through the order process for the £9 option, but before I completed the order I noticed that it stated that for free delivery the box would be shipped week commencing 17th November.

    So if I have to wait for the first box to arrive it will be after the 15th of November so I won't be able to cancel before they take money for the 2nd box?

    I deleted my order. Shame, this looked like a really good deal :(
  • june_bug_2
    I ordered a Sassy Bloom box and to speak the truth, i found it a waste of money, with what they sent i could of bought cheaper in a corner shop. Very disappointed will be cancelling straight away.:(
  • GemGemx
    OMG OMG! Is all I can say! Completely overwhelmed! My sassy box arrived this morning g and it is just AMAZING!!!! It's filled with stuff that's all relevant for my Charlotte and we even got a beatified personilised blanket with her name on it!! I'm so grateful you posted this code as I hadn't heard of them before - we already can't wait for next month!! Everything is useful in our box and the value worked out at £58 which is amazing when you consider the most expensive box is £29 (they get cheaper the longer you join for).

    My verdict:
    Beautifully presented
    Insane value
    I def recommend this company!!
  • Jenni.
    Jenni. Posts: 14 Forumite
    I have just ordered and it says the box should be with me by the end of the month, then I have until the 15th to cancel should I want to. I hope that this happens as I have read some reviews of people being charged for their second box before their first has been shipped.
    I will be much more likely to want to continue with the company if they don't use tricks to sneak a second box.
  • qwerpets_2
    Received my box today for my 18month old and it's a right load of rubbish, nothing in it that I need/want. One item is a portable naughty spot which is just highly embarrassing, who would ever use that?? I posted on their Facebook page and my comment had been removed. I cant believe that some people are raving about their box, I appreciate good value for money and this wasn't it. I used the £9 code and would have been furious if I had paid full price. Can I attach a photo to this post?
  • wdah
    wdah Posts: 884 Forumite
    qwerpets wrote: »
    I cant believe that some people are raving about their box

    Looks to be mostly new users, which always seems a bit suspicious..
  • happy_to_be_here
    I used the mse £9 code and it arrived yesterday. My 14 month old didn't receive anything personalised but I mostly liked what was in the box. She got a set of tactile alphabet blocks that are gorgeous (but I wouldn't pay the £25 they say they're worth), a tambourine (which I wouldn't pay the rrp of £12.99 of), sandwich cutters (£4.99 but I've seen the same in my local poundshop and they're not something I'd use), a finger puppet book (£5.99 but the pupper doesn't properly for through which is disappointing) and the one bit that annoyed me-two tubes of cleanser for oily skin as a "treat" for me. Erm it's a baby box and I don't have oily skin thanks! :rotfl:

    So while I'm happy to have the box as she loves the tambourine and has had lots of fun looking at the blocks I'm going to be cancelling as I don't feel it was worth £29 a month. If it was as £15-19 then I'd maybe consider it though.
  • hag309
    hag309 Posts: 5 Forumite
    I got a box for my almost 6 month old yesterday.

    It contains
    -a Mam soother (rrp 5.75)
    -a Bright Starts Fun Pad (rrp approx 15)
    - Just Add a Kid Tuxedo bib - (cant find in uk, us $10 online)
    - Henry the Helpful Elephant book (£6 on amazon, £11 on ebay)
    - Munchkin Baby Food Feeder (£4)

    So, all in all I'd say that its worth between £37-41. Well worth the £9 with the MSE voucher. I would also be really happy to send this as a present to someone about to have a baby, or as a first birthday/christening present.

    I don't feel that I'd want to commit to the subscription as its a lot of money for things that you don't know if you would like, want, or need. The baby feeder for example, looks genius. It is something that I didn't know existed and will be really helpful. On the other hand my other half thinks that the bib is horrible.

    So, there we go. I'm cancelling for the moment, but will bear it in mind for gifts.
  • shoe_gal_84
    I ordered ages ago and still haven't received my box. I emailed them and got a reply saying they'd make sure their warehouse sent it out (last week), then I got another reply saying they'd get it sent Thursday urgently. I've still not received it, despite being told it would be here in October. Feeling pretty disappointed :-(
    Finally, debt free for the first time since I was 18!:D
    First baby born: 21/05/2014
    Second baby born: 04/03/2017
  • tia_maria_2
    I ordered a one off box on the 15th of October and while it says the order is completed on my profile on the website I still haven't received anything or any notice of dispatch. I've emailed them to see what's going on but it doesn't inspire confidence when you have to chase something you've paid for. My baby is on the way in a matter of days I have a lot on my mind...I was hoping this would be a nice little treat for us but feeling disappointed.
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