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MSE News: Energy prices set to rise, experts say



  • Butterfly_Brain
    Back to open fires and candles then :(
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones that let in the light
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    Not Buying it 2015!
  • Bark01
    Bark01 Posts: 882 Forumite
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    tonyhamm wrote: »

    Energy Bills are roughly going to double from here over the next 5 years. We have only seen a very small part of the rises so far. That's with wholesale prices staying the same.

    Any evidence to support this? Which costs are going to double in 5 years?DuoS/TunoS/Metering/OPEX/ECO/Unbilled/Debt ?????
  • Trix3y
    Trix3y Posts: 39 Forumite
    As I have stated many times before, what is the point of insulating your home when eventually it comes to the point when you cannot actually afford to turn on the heating. Only the rich will survive,the poor will die and save the state a lot of money in pensions.(secret government plot):A
  • sheffield_lad
    Trix3y wrote: »
    secret government plot):A

    or the cost of fuel in the new green carbon saving world?

    the era of cheap fuel is over, we need to prioritise heating over sky, gym, drugs, cigs, tattoos, IPhones etc. Something many people simply don't do.
  • silverwhistle
    tonyhamm wrote: »
    - until it costs £760 per household ON TOP of energy bills - for the next 40 years!.

    Care to show us your sources/workings? My last 6 months' energy bills were less than £100 so it would be an interesting tax regime that could manage to charge me your figures.

    Looks like even more reason to get solar panels, doesn't it?
  • waqasahmed
    waqasahmed Posts: 1,940 Forumite
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    yes we would all be far better off if it was all nationalised. Prices would be low unlike the rest of the world, ;)

    That depends on where you're talking about

    Take a country like Pakistan. Their electricity prices are 10p/KwH and gas is around 3p/KwH. Their industry is nationalised.

    Now that's pretty "decent"from a UK perspective, though when you look at it in detail, they pay almost as much as Europeans do, despite being a lot closer to the oil rich nations, and China investing in a "solar farm" there (Which in all fairness, is a "real" reason why it should cost a bit more, but that's Chinese investment, not Pakistani investment so it makes no odds for the consumer)

    The electricity frequently goes down. Most of the people who have electricity buy £400 UPS devices....

    THis isn't the same worldwide of course. Just the extreme of how bad publically owned utilities can be
  • Smiley_Dan
    Insulate, insulate, insulate.
  • RMS2
    RMS2 Posts: 335 Forumite
    tonyhamm wrote: »
    Hi - I would like to point out that Energy Costs are CERTAIN to RISE due to ED MILLIBAND (later supported by CAMERON/OSBOURNE) who in 2008 was in charge and implemented laws - which will cause the price of energy to rise step by step - until it costs £760 per household ON TOP of energy bills - for the next 40 years!. (Climate Change Act)

    We have seen bills rise as the costs of giving millions to millionaire landowners for windmills comes from you and me.
    So the rises so far are only the start - believe it or not - in the next 5 years, after the election to 2020 is when the real rises hammer home.

    It is because they have been brainwashed the lie of GREEN energy and GREEN taxes. Pity the guy in charge (Ed Dafty) is doing his level best to avoid paying all these GREEN taxes.
  • oldskoo1
    Smiley_Dan wrote: »
    Insulate, insulate, insulate.

    And end up with stale air, no air flow and even damp?

    Looks like we should all use as much fuel in our cars as possible whilst the prices are low (before they go up) - increase the rate of global warming so we won't need heating in winter.

    Oh wait....
  • Smiley_Dan
    Bear in mind that the UK is actually on the cheaper side when it comes to energy prices, at least compared to the rest of Europe. At some point that discrepancy may even itself out.

    That said, things can change surprisingly in the energy market. The shale gas revolution in the US was not widely predicted, but had an enormous effect.

    For me though it's about mitigating risk. If you are not cutting your energy usage by insulating, moving to less energy hungry appliances or generating your own energy, and energy prices rise steeper still, you will only have yourself to blame. The warning signs are there and have been there for at least two decades now!
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