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MSE News: Energy prices set to rise, experts say

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edited 9 September 2014 at 4:55PM in Energy
Energy prices are unlikely to rise before December but there is a threat of increases over the next 12 months ...
Read the full story:

Energy prices to continue rising, experts say


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  • Reaper
    Reaper Posts: 7,295 Forumite
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    What nobody seems to be picking up on is the idiotic Labour promise to freeze rates and how this has and will continue to push up prices.

    Why would energy supplies drop their prices to follow wholesale prices if there is a risk of Labour getting in and preventing them raising the price again when wholesale rates rise once more?

    If I was an energy supplier I would make sure prices were a lot higher than costs leading up to the next election, and only drop them if Labour lost. Doing anything else runs the risks of supplying power at below cost price.
  • teddysmum
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    The Npower boss made a statement, a couple of weeks ago, saying that prices would not drop, in line with the fall in gas wholesale costs, because of stupid Labour's threat to force a freeze, which would lose them money should prices rise again.
  • sheffield_lad
    The other big threat is the stand off in the Ukraine. If sanctions continue & Russia threaten the EU with switching the gas off the wholesale cost could rise by 30%. Evidence of this is a similar event in 2008 when prices rose by 40%.
  • Consumerist
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    teddysmum wrote: »
    The Npower boss made a statement, . . .
    He should spend a bit less time taking pot-shots at political parties and do something more about putting his house in order.

    I can't put any store by the opinion of a CEO who can't even run his own company properly, let alone prognosticate about the industry as a whole.

    It's about time npower was run out of town, in my opinion.
    >:)Warning: In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  • Southend1
    Southend1 Posts: 3,362 Forumite
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    Surely we don't need experts to tell us that the profiteering scum that run our privatised energy industry will be milking us for even more of our hard earned cash in the near future?
  • sheffield_lad
    Southend1 wrote: »
    Surely we don't need experts to tell us that the profiteering scum that run our privatised energy industry will be milking us for even more of our hard earned cash in the near future?

    yes we would all be far better off if it was all nationalised. Prices would be low unlike the rest of the world, ;)
  • Southend1 wrote: »
    Surely we don't need experts to tell us that the profiteering scum that run our privatised energy industry will be milking us for even more of our hard earned cash in the near future?

    Ah, the Socialist idyll. Try and find a flight to Pyongyang to see what it's really like - that's the only place left, even Cuba discovered capitalism is the only viable option.
  • Pincher
    Pincher Posts: 6,552 Forumite
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    Frack, frack, frack.

    It does require new building codes, where house are built on floating pads, as opposed to solid foundations, due to subsidence and heave.
    They did this entire office block in London Victoria that way, on London clay.
  • pooch
    pooch Posts: 828 Forumite
    Slow news day at MSE Towers?

    Or a warning received from MoneySuperMarket.com that the MSE CEC is not bringing in enough money (and so potentially putting a £30m payout in jeopardy)?

    Can't see any other reason for such an alarmist news headline. :eek:

    Most of those quoted have stated it is unlikley there will be any increases in retail prices (don't confuse wholesale prices as those that refer to an increase usually indicate the retailers haven't passed on the recent falls in theses anyway, and until recent rises due to Ukraine issue, were at an all time low)
    Admitedly one did say he hasn't a clue ... or as he put it, the situation is on a knife edge and could go either way.

    Energy prices to rise eventually? N.S.S.!!! Tell me something that won't go up in price eventually.
  • tonyhamm
    tonyhamm Posts: 221 Forumite
    edited 10 September 2014 at 11:17AM
    Hi - I would like to point out that Energy Costs are CERTAIN to RISE due to ED MILLIBAND (later supported by CAMERON/OSBOURNE) who in 2008 was in charge and implemented laws - which will cause the price of energy to rise step by step - until it costs £760 per household ON TOP of energy bills - for the next 40 years!. (Climate Change Act)
    We have seen bills rise as the costs of giving millions to millionaire landowners for windmills comes from you and me.
    So the rises so far are only the start - believe it or not - in the next 5 years, after the election to 2020 is when the real rises hammer home.

    This is why Milliband's promise to freeze bills for a year, blaming the energy firms for the whole of the rises is so disreputable and utterly dishonest - and why a site like MSE should fight on behalf of ordinary working families to expose whats really cause bills to rise.

    Energy Bills are roughly going to double from here over the next 5 years. We have only seen a very small part of the rises so far. That's with wholesale prices staying the same.
    so says another ordinary mug fighting the 1% who own the political machine grinding them down from on high...
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