I want a boyfriend! Dating debtfree style?



  • hazzie123 wrote: »
    Is that site free??

    As far as I remember it is free to join, create a profile and upload photos of yourself. You can respond to emails that have been sent to you with this free membership.
    If you want to make the first contact to someone you have to pay to upgrade your membership. I think it cost me around 15 quid for three months.
    I remember spending many a cold January evening looking at all the hunks in the United States.
  • debtdummy
    debtdummy Posts: 134 Forumite
    HI i met my current man on facebook, and my last one on faceparty lasted a year . lol
    god i sound like a net dater!!!
    :rotfl: Dont frown because you dont know who is falling in love with your smile!!!!;)
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  • LookingAhead
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    If there is anyone out there who meets people but is a bit shy or can never think of what to say, can I recommend borrowing a book called "Would Like to Meet" (it used to be a series on Channel 4 about 5 years ago) as it's such a good read.

    In fact I think everyone should read it whether they are single or not as it can improve your relationships with a range of people and give you more confidence.

    It sounds a bit cr ap to say it 'changed my life' - but it did! I realised I was a bit self obsessed in conversation and perhaps a little opinionated before I read that and it taught me how to listen and get more out of the person I was chatting with, about them. Which is always a winner!

    I met the BF I am with a few months after I read it and it's worked out really well - not sure it would have done if I hadn't of read the book and that's an honest opinion.
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  • jay78
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    Where do you find men when you're on a budget and live in London? I suppose I could hang around in public places and flutter my eyelashes at hot men (I met my last boyfriend in the supermarket!) but I'm a bit shy and not good at approaching random men. Any ideas - funny or serious - would be great to get me out of my single pit.
    Where did you meet your partner? How do they help or hinder you on your debtfree journey?
    Why doesn't Martin provide a debtfree hook up service?!
    ok, I'll start, I'm 28 female, 5ft 7, slim brunette, looking for a man to share my passion for outdoor sports, camping, late night dancing, overindulgence in cheese, travel and hungover fryups. :beer:

    OMG, I'm a 28 y/o female, whose 5' 7" from London, looking for love.
    Except.:j I'm not a slim brunette.:confused:
  • SemperFi
    SemperFi Posts: 2,743 Forumite
    27 yr old geordie lad. Hard working and gainfully employed! Shaven head, blue eyes...not slim...and I'm shy.

    Don't really know where to meet women on a budget! ImSkintAndSingle.com maybe a good site to start! :)
  • steven77
    steven77 Posts: 93 Forumite
    Hey SparkleMonkey... check out Love@Lycos... was always good for a new date!!
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  • laudo
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    Het what the hell.

    Any Glasgow females wanna get in touch?
  • WOW!!! Ideal woman.........only prob is that i live in the Highlands!!
    Iam fed up of fluttering my eyelashes too, tho up here mostly blue rinse brigade on their hols!
    Go camping/mtbing/sea kayaking every other weekend so i have a good excuse to maintain my skint diet of beans/pot noodles/cheesy pasta!! Tho i do try an sneak in the occasional chunk o stilton and cheapo bottle of port to keep me warm!
    Great idea tho on the dating front, might save me the embarresment of credit card being spat back at me in restaurants as happened on last (ahem) fantastic date!! Needless to say never saw her again!! Wasnt outdoor type anyway. Nae use!

    Oh, nearly forgot: 6"4 single 32 year old slightly balding (head like a chimps [EMAIL="a@#e"]a@#e[/EMAIL]) outdoorsie type with one dependant German shepard!
    Think that about covers it.:rotfl:
  • SemperFi
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    /bump from the past

    Any single women fancy going to the cinema this weekend? :P
  • duchy
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    SemperFi wrote: »
    /bump from the past

    Any single women fancy going to the cinema this weekend? :P

    A true DFW would have asked if wanted to go on (Orange) Wednesday ! :o
    I Would Rather Climb A Mountain Than Crawl Into A Hole

    MSE Florida wedding .....no problem
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