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I want a boyfriend! Dating debtfree style?

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I want a boyfriend! Dating debtfree style?

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sparkle_monkeysparkle_monkey Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
Where do you find men when you're on a budget and live in London? I suppose I could hang around in public places and flutter my eyelashes at hot men (I met my last boyfriend in the supermarket!) but I'm a bit shy and not good at approaching random men. Any ideas - funny or serious - would be great to get me out of my single pit.
Where did you meet your partner? How do they help or hinder you on your debtfree journey?
Why doesn't Martin provide a debtfree hook up service?!
ok, I'll start, I'm 28 female, 5ft 7, slim brunette, looking for a man to share my passion for outdoor sports, camping, late night dancing, overindulgence in cheese, travel and hungover fryups. :beer:



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  • KarmacatKarmacat Forumite
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    Hi sparklemonkey!
    Ooookay, I'm not quite ready to post on here with my details just yet, but..... great idea:T :T I'll be watching hopefully!
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  • Hi sparklemonkey !

    I met my present partner on datingdirect.com .... I'd had a couple of dates and she was the third. We've been together 3 years now and we are very happy, both living together in Northampton !

    There's a few sites out there and provided you are careful you could meet Mr Right. Just use your noddle when meeting guys.....tell a friend where you are meeting your date, take a mobile and meet in a public place. Also, exchange emails and texts for a week or so before you arrange to meet . The lady in my life was a Police Officer when i met her and she did all of the above . Luckily Im not an axe murderer lol !!

    Good luck !
  • CrownCrown Forumite
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    Hi, Trust me when I say that there are single men in London but I have personally found it very difficult to have any type of relationship as I just cant justify the expense of socialising, Meals, Drinks ect.

    I also think I would bore the pants of anyone now as I am now obsessed with becoming Debt Free and will merrily talk about the subject for hours on end if giving half a opportunity. At present im not really looking for full on relationship but it would be great to just actually get out and communicate with other people even if it wasnt on a intimate basis.

    Is there any hope for DFW Nerds! I do hope so ;)
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 297 - Proud To Be Dealing With My Debts :D
  • Penny2myNamePenny2myName Forumite
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    I think the orange wednesdays could be a good dfw style for dating. Another thing is musuems and art galleries that are free entry. ok so I am a nerd.
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  • rayday2rayday2 Forumite
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    I met my current husband accidentally on a music forum!

    I was on the music forum (ended up moderating it!) for fun and he was killing time at work and we got chatting, lead to MSN he came down to meet me and then it got expensive we got married!

    Lousy tip there - but if you do meet someone getting married in Gretna Green is very economical ;)
  • shell_girlshell_girl Forumite
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    Easy! Get a bar job in a pub you like. You don't have to go nuts and exhaust yourself doing two jobs- most pubs are ALWAYS looking for staff and will work around you in terms of how many shifts you want a week. I work in a bar to make ends meet 3 nights a week. Every bloke in the place at some point has to speak to you- you don't have to do ANY approaching at all. Plus they automatically think you're a goddess because you are the provider of beer... It really gives you confidence as well.
    I picked the pub where I work based on the fact that I had a SERIOUS crush on this bloke and it was his local... He's now my boyfriend of 18 months...
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  • bobbadogbobbadog Forumite
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    I'm from Northampton, as is my OH, and we met at a gig... then got talking online, then I got drunk, nicked him a very-rare-and-not-yet-on-sale-album-by-his-favourite-band from my work, popped it in his back pocket at a club and snogged him. Hurrah!

    We live in London now. Friends of friends and pubs are my favourites. And the workplace, of course :D

  • Skint_CattSkint_Catt Forumite
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    The clue is in the title. I met my Andy on there and we've been together 9 months, leaving for holiday tomorrow for 2.5 weeks and will be moving in together when we get back.

    Good luck! :T
  • RoutRout Forumite
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    How about websites like Facebook? I dont use it to meet people for relationships but have met back up with loads of people I haven't seen in years, schoolfriends etc..
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    :T :T
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