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:wave: Hello :wave: I'm a bit tentative about starting this and not 100% sure I'm in the right place. I don't have enormous debts (yet) unless you include my student loan which is oh so slowly getting smaller, but will have before long if all goes to plan. I started a positive things diary when I first joined but it's fallen by the wayside a little particularly on days that feel less positive. I'm planning to link to here on my phone to remind me to post as often as I remember.

The reason for starting this diary is to hopefully motivate myself. I've been saying for ages (probably since I moved home 4 years ago) that I need to start some serious saving and now it seems all the more important now I'm talking about moving in with my OH.

I'm 28 and live with my parents. I'm definitely ready to fly the nest for the second time and OH and I have been looking for a place together on and off since February. We have money set aside for a sizeable deposit and I'm conscious that I'm providing very little of this so wanting to save more so I can contribute more. I have become very money conscious and keep finding myself saying 'but I'm supposed to be saving towards a house' when I want to buy non-essentials.

Aside from saving, I want to be more productive and take steps towards having a healthier lifestyle. I've started this already, beginning the summer holidays (I'm a teacher) getting up at reasonable hours and having a to do list to get through each day. This week I've already been to Aqua Zumba once and I've booked to go again tomorrow.

I feel like I'm waffling now! So I'll be back tomorrow with an update (once I've thought of a title for my little diary!)
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    Good luck, fellow penguin! There's plenty of excellent advice across these boards, in almost every single sub-forum. Make sure to thoroughly browse the Housing and Mortgage forums here for excellent real-life examples of surprise costs or obscure money-saving tips, as well as taking a look at the Savings and Investments area to see how best to store your deposit cash.
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    Good luck :-)
    I think there are a fair few teachers on here. By July we've pretty much had it, so I'm with you on the healthier lifestyle bit. Have you considered a challenge of some sort? I'll be trying the Aspire swim again this year. It starts in September and you have 12 weeks to swim the length of the channel in your local pool (sponsored for Aspire). I didn't complete it last year (wedding prep put me in the gym curtesy of a ruthless trainer so I missed out on pool time) but I'm determined to finish it this year. So determined that I'm about to get into the pool (I'm on my hols in Paphos) and get some practice lengths in!!
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    Thank you PenguinJim and Nintud for the best wishes and the advice. I'm going to have a good read of the forums later when I've got a few things done.

    It hasn't been the greatest start to August as I didn't sleep well last night so I'm only just getting up! Plenty jobs to do today so I'm going to be busy!

    Aqua Zumba at 12 though so not likely to get any big jobs done before that.

    I've got some books and magazines to go through for ideas before I get rid of them and need to start to sort out the school things that are cluttering up my room. They're the main things for today and I should get some washing done while I'm busy doing that. Shame the weather has changed and I can't hang it out though.

    As annoyed as I get with my parents sometimes they do make me laugh. Mum had asked dad to remind her to make a phone call yesterday. As a result I came home from OHs to find post it notes everywhere commenting upon and asking about said phone call (including behind the toilet seat!) now she's made the call, mum has added responses to each comment and left them where they are! I had to add my own response to the one on their bedroom door...'who are you going to call?'
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    Whoops! Definitely not the most productive day so far. Aqua Zumba was good and we did a couple of lengths (going to double it to 4 lengths next week haha!) but I've only just got home after having lunch at SIL's. So my next job is to check whether we've got the stuff to make scones (I want to try and bake more this holiday so I have tasty snacks and know what's gone into them) and get my school stuff more organised before I go to cubs later.
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
    Keep posting!
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    Thanks beanielou

    I still haven't been productive at all. Went to Cubs where I didn't need to do anything really as there were only 8 and we had a games night (pretty normal for the summer holidays) Then I went to Mr T's with mum and somehow got the job of making lunch tomorrow - nothing too complicated fortunately! So I really need a good and busy day tomorrow before my bed gets lost amongst piles of stuff!! I'm going to do a couple of little jobs to do before bed (nothing too taxing) then get an early start tomorrow I think.

    Fingers crossed I can sleep tonight! If not I'll be back with my ramblings!
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    Hi Penguins!

    I found you, and looks like you have only just started! Keep the diary up, and trust me before long you will be a natural at posting in it, updating on your day & slowly but surely it will keep you organised!

    Good luck with decluttering and sorting things out. What age school children do you teach!?

    Hope your day is lovely and productive tomorrow. I admire you managing to live with your parents after moving out. I tried that once, when I was 19, having moved out to a rented place for 6 months I moved back in to save for a deposit, with bf in tow. It was horrifying and we were all glad when we bought our own place and left. I can't even think what it would be now. They frustrate me after a few hours when they visit now!

    Hope you sleep well. I am off to write a list then to sleep myself.

    Happy shiny diary!!
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  • Thank you liltdiddylilt :)

    The clutter currently makes me miserable each time I look at it so I really hope I can get a lot of it organised this weekend. So I REALLY need to get on with it! I currently teach reception children and have mountains of resources, but after I qualified I worked on supply for 2 years, meaning I have resources around the house (mainly the spare room and a cupboard I need a ladder to reach in my room) for everything from nursery up to year 6.

    Sometimes living with my parents is a huge challenge and mum keeps saying to me that she really hopes we get somewhere sorted soon...not because she wants rid of me but because she knows I'm ready to fly the nest (again!) I've been back 4 years now, after 6 years of living away so I often want that freedom again! I spend as much time as possible at OH's though he lives in a little 1 bed cottage with no room to swing a cat never mind keep many clothes and all my other junk and is in the middle of nowhere (20mins from the nearest bus stop with only 1 bus an hour (2hours at weekends)).

    I'm rambling again...off to transfer today's to do list to tomorrow and add a couple of bits before bed! - The Commonwealth games need to end and I won't be trying to catch up on it at this late hour!
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    Morning Penguins - found your diary I can relate to a lot of what you say!
    I too am a reception teacher and fully believe I can organise myself in the summer holiday... I have had some less than productive days!

    Good luck on the savings! that will be my next challenge after I clear my debt. I had no choice but to move out about 8 months after I finished uni, into rental as my mum got divorced and had to downsize to a flat with only enough room for her and my little sis (14)!

    sorry for the ramblings anyway I am subscribing! :)
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    Ramble away Tiggy. It's something I'm pretty good at! I'm determined that next year I will be organised! Starting in a new school with a new set up I've got less opportunity to be disorganised at school (after A visit from teachers' favourite people in February I was still finding Of**** tidy cupboards as I cleared out in July! So I just need to get organised at home...I have a craft drawer of things to make cards hidden at the back of many bags and boxes and I MUST get to it today to make a birthday card for my Gran!

    Lots to do today so it's a goo thing there's not too much Commonwealth fun I want to watch during the day. Just having a cuppa and a catch up before I crack on!
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