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School Uniform - First time tips



  • Make-it-3
    Make-it-3 Posts: 1,661 Forumite
    Ahhh trainers - daps is a new one on me - but then I couldn't be much more east of Wales!

    I hadn't thought of H&M for school stuff but their other clothes tend to fit my DD well, so seems like a good place to start. She's not the biggest kid and grows slowly so wear and tear will probably be more relevant.
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  • System
    System Posts: 178,117 Community Admin
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    Aldi were advertising uniform something like £4 for a full set.
  • dizziblonde
    dizziblonde Posts: 4,276 Forumite
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    Daps are one of the regional names for plimsolls (think it tends to be a south west type term - I certainly heard it when I worked in Somerset), in the north east they get called sandshoes which I have no idea why!

    Apparently things got very heated at the Aldi uniform sale - elbows and tempers everywhere!

    My 2 1/2 year old is starting a pre-school which has a "uniform" of sorts (specific coloured top). I've bought cheapo supermarket polo shirts and a couple of cheapo cardigans and then I'll probably buy one or two of the logoed sweat shirts to go over the top when required and try to keep them looking nicer (keep one back for school photo day and smart occasions). Have also bought a pinafore as they'll protect the polo shirts from muck a bit more by more being covered, and then some of the jersey type trousers that are easy up and down for managing the toilet and I'll probably do skirts with socks rather than tights for the same reason initially. I found the Asda stuff perfectly fine - just happened to be there I went as I found I had to go to the next town to get the coloured polo shirts as they have loads of schools with that colour as part of their uniform (red shirts) but our local schools don't tend to be so stock much less of it.

    I've probably over-bought but I'll have her sister starting at the same pre-school hopefully in just under a year after (my plan is to start her as soon as her sister qualifies for free sessions and move the amount we're paying across int he budget basically) so I'll have two of 'em in the same uniform in very similar clothes sizes.

    I've tended to buy grey bottoms just as I know that's what the local primaries around here tend to have as their uniform, my mother's bought some stuff that's tended to be navy but either works really.

    Goes without saying to name everything - I've just used a sharpie to write names inside things because I'm too lazy to faff on with name tapes - with having siblings I would have just written surnames but our surname unfortunately is a name that can also be a boy or girl's first name! I also draw arrows inside the soles of shoes so I can teach them to put the shoes on the floor with the arrow points touching (like --> <--) to try to mean they'll get them on the right feet. Oh and name school coats and school bags which often get forgotten about and are the stuff left lying around the most really!

    Think a lot of it depends how often you tend to run the washing as well.
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  • mummyroysof3
    mummyroysof3 Posts: 4,566 Forumite
    Not much to add but this is my 6th year buying uniform and I buy for 3. They all have 3 full sets of uniform and I'm very glad that non of them have white shirts now so all uniform is black grey or red. I've always bought the stuff that's not badged from tesco and never had any worries about the quality tbh. School shoes I always buy from Clarke and also the plimsoles for indoors. They now take trainers for pe bag and as pe kits come in 2 packs they have 2 each.
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  • Top_Girl
    Top_Girl Posts: 1,211 Forumite
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    I always get 2 jumpers, wash one and wear one.

    3 pairs of trousers. 2 pairs of shorts.

    4 short sleeved shirts, 4 long.

    2 ties, wear one and lose one :D

    3 PE shirts and 3 pairs of shorts, but DS does three active after school clubs per week, plus PE twice. The shirts usually need replacing halfway through the year as they are beyond grubby, despite being washed frequently.

    This lasts all year, I will buy the shorts and short sleeved shorts around March, this year's will do if it's warm in September still as they are in good condition.
  • onlyroz
    onlyroz Posts: 17,661 Forumite
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    Mine have 3 sweatshirts each, which I try to make last for two years - by the end of the second year they're usually a bit short but they're good enough. The girls are allowed to wear cardigans but the buttons come off and they seem to get more bedraggled so in the future I'll be sticking with the sweatshirts.

    The white polo shirts look awful after about a term but they're only £1 each or less from Tesco and so I'm not too fussed.

    Make sure any trousers are the right length because if they're too long then they'll drag on the ground and get frayed.

    The most expensive item is the shoes - I buy them a decent pair of Clarkes, which I hope to last a year, and some cheap supermarket trainers for PE.

    Mine only need one PE kit - it's washed half-termly during the holidays.
  • GreenQueen
    GreenQueen Posts: 539 Forumite
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    I prefer to buy cheap and replace as it gets outgrown/ destroyed. The idea of quality lasting doesn't really work for primary-aged children.

    If there are optional items (e.g. fleeces) wait until your child starts at school. If they get to schools and realise that no-one else wears them, they'll just sit on the peg and generate arguments. Whatever your own thoughts on following fashion, it is important to your child. This also applies to bages - book bags seemed to be the thing in KS1, but are not "cool" in KS2, it is now big rucksacks!

    Also, our school has second hand sales of uniform - usually about once a month - useful if you need items with logo.

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    BAGGY Posts: 522 Forumite
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    My boys started reception with 3 polos each(sainsbos), 3 jumpers each (they're yellow so couldn't be stretched more than 1 or 2 days) and 3 trousers for September start. They had 1 shorts, 1 pe t-shirt, 1 joggers and 1 sweat shirt plus plimsoles each. They also had collared shirts (dont get long sleeved - the cuffs go grotty) and a tie each. You need more then one cardi as that's the most often thing thats lost.
    If you girl can/will wear trousers that is easier than wrestling tights on after pe. The teachers and TA's have 30ish kids to deal with and they will generally keep socks on for pe so no wrestling there. Having said that, my 2 do indoor pe in bare feet.
  • GobbledyGook
    GobbledyGook Posts: 2,195 Forumite
    At nursery age I wouldn't bother with embroidered/logo'd stuff. Cheap and replaceable is the way to go. I've got 5 polos for DS starting (he always gets dirty - even sat still) and I'm starting uni so I do all the washing at the weekend. Just one jumper as the school/nursery building is always roasting.

    The biggest tip is label, label, label! If your child isn't great yet at recognising their name then something like stars will help them know which of the 5 same bags/jumpers is theirs.
  • notanewuser
    notanewuser Posts: 8,499 Forumite
    At nursery age I wouldn't bother with embroidered/logo'd stuff. Cheap and replaceable is the way to go. I've got 5 polos for DS starting (he always gets dirty - even sat still) and I'm starting uni so I do all the washing at the weekend. Just one jumper as the school/nursery building is always roasting.

    We've no choice................ :huh:
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