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Very dry hair :-( Can you recommend any products?

Can anyone recommend any good products they've used which has helped to re-moisturise their hair?

Up until now, I've always used natural things. (I've tried putting coconut oil on my hair but didnt really notice a difference, and have also tried olive oil. A very long time ago, I used to put egg yolk onto my hair but always remember how messy things got so I havent done that.)

Has anyone used anything shop-bought which has improved their hair?
Shampoo / Conditioner / Leave-in masks

I need to find a quick solution because I really dont want to trim any more of my hair. I've already chopped 1.5 inches about a month ago and was hoping to let my hair grow long :(

Thank you for reading this post


  • FebruarycatFebruarycat Forumite
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    I have been using the Argan Oil hydrating hair mask and their shampoo, it's for dry and damaged hair. It's in a brown and green tub and only 99p. I got mine from Yorkshire Trading Co or Boyes but a lot of pound like shops sell it.
  • ali-tali-t Forumite
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    I use mashooq hair oil and sometimes use it before shampooing and also use it on the lengths of my hair after conditioning.

    One of the hair dye makers encloses a conditioner sachet in the with the dye and it is very intensive. They have brought it out now separately to the dye and it is a very heavy conditioner that might help. Think it might be Clairol but not sure.
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  • AbbieCadabraAbbieCadabra Forumite
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    i've got coloured, thick, long hair that's prone to frizz. best shampoo & conditioner i've found is kirkland moisture, cheapest direct from costco (that price inc delivery). in store, 1L for about £7 & £9 each i think, lasts ages as it's really concentrated.

    i also use macadamia oil spray, which i found easier to use than any other type. also use dove leave-in conditioner treatment spray which is very good, use that when it's still damp, but not wet.
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    esmyesmy Forumite
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    I've found this Dove conditioner very good - they do a mask but this left on for up to an hour does the job just as well.

    (2 for £4 at Asda yesterday)

    I also use Vitapointe on dry hair to smooth it a bit - I remember my Mum using it years ago - and a tiny amount goes a long way
  • I want some tips too. A day after I've washed my hair the ends look really dry and the roots really greasy i hate it!!
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  • jenniewbjenniewb Forumite
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    If money is no object, both Kerastase and Phillip Kingsley make really good masques, the Kerastase Masquintense is a great one to use once a week, and the Elasticizer by Phillip Kinglsey you can get away with using once a fortnight.

    With either masque, dampen your hair slightly and apply the masque, leave for 20 minutes plus (an hour gives really nice results) and rinse. I noticed the biggest differences after using a masque twice -not one use after the other on the same day but 2 or so weeks of using the masque once per week. They seem to have a cumulative effect.

    Also be aware that you only need a small amount and evenly distributed over your hair, a hair comb or wide-tooth comb works well.

    These masques are really expensive though so unless you're able to afford them (not me anyway!) if anyone asks what you'd like as a birthday/Christmas/leaving gift you could do worse than suggest one of these.
  • sarah69696pinksarah69696pink Forumite
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    Depends on HOW dry your hair is.
    Aussie 3 min miracle is good.
    However if it is REALLY REALLY dry (as mine is at the moment) you need a much more specialised product.
    my hairdresser recommended L'oreal cream bath (not a product her manager sells in the store so not recommended for commission or anything like that). you have to buy online as I haven't been able to find anyone in UK that stocks it.
    It's not cheap but is really really good.
  • tinkerbell28tinkerbell28 Forumite
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    Fudge dynamite. Expensive but is great stuff.
  • hgotsparklehgotsparkle Forumite
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    Mines very dry at the moment from over colouring (highligh job that went orange and cue 8 boxes of bleach and dye later and its frazzled).
    I've just been and bought some Dove stuff, mainly because its all 1/2 prie at Tescoat the moment but I got the Oil Smoothing shampoo, the intense moisture deep conditioner and the split end serum.

    I will update tomorrow morning what they do to my hair.
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