Watch_Dogs - what's the verdict?

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So Watch_Dogs released on Tuesday to a lot of media praise, but I've heard mixed things from players. I'm always skeptical of what game sites say when they run huge advertising campaigns, so what do the fine people of MSE think of it?

Is it worth grabbing now when deals are fairly scarce, or is it worth holding out for a deal in a couple of months time? My play calendar's a little bare at the moment...


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    Reading a lot of posts on the PlayStation forums that many think it's not really "next gen". Apparently, the graphics are poor and the graphical effects are worse than GTA4 on the PS3.

    I didn't buy it personally, but I'd probably wait til it's cheaper if I were you.
  • Andy_89Andy_89 Forumite
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    I played 30 mins last night, its pretty good. I think the driving physics are horrendous.

    Feels like an Assassins Creed meets GTA, meets Ghost Recon.

    I will update when I have played more.
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    I'm really enjoying it (playing on the PS4). There's plenty to do and the graphics are fine to my eyes. I'd agree with Andy_89's description of it.

    If you've not got much else to play, then I'd say go for it. :)
  • Andy_89Andy_89 Forumite
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    Yup this is filling the gap until Minecraft and Fifa 14.

    I have probably overplayed on BF4 so this is a welcome distraction.
  • RobTangRobTang Forumite
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    Its rough yes, but I'm enjoying it so far. The driving isn't great but the combat and hacking elements are pretty fun.

    Actually I'm finding it more fun than GTA V atm because I always kind of felt the missions on GTA was just a chore to progress the story, where as you have to think a bit more in watch_dogs and I'm enjoying doing the missions themselves.
  • NaskoZmeqNaskoZmeq Forumite
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    It includes some really nice features, I guess it's really worth it.
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    It's a brilliant game on PS4 and One as there's no competition (and barely anything to play in general!). On 360, PS3 and PC there are dozens of similar but better games. If you've finished GTAIV, GTAV, RF:G, Sleeping Dogs, RDR, SR: The Third and IV, Just Cause 2, and B: AC and haven't played a by-the-numbers Ubisoft game in a while, then Watch_Dogs should probably be at the top of your list of games to buy.

    A good MSE with a PS4 would probably still be looking for a decent price on Second Son and waiting for this to drop below 25-30.

    A common reading of W_D is that it's like AC1 - you can see how it could be a great game, but it isn't. W_D2 should fix that. \o/

    (Sadly, the 8/10 critic review average on Metacritic is difficult to trust, due to the number of "journalists" that were bribed with Nexus 7s by Ubisoft and then did not disclaim it. Still, as it didn't affect sales (pre-orders were HUGE anyway), we can expect this to keep happening)
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    I'm really disappointed with it.

    It may be that I haven't played enough or I'm not grasping the controls quick enough but some of the missions don't make sense (with where you've got to go).

    Something for Saturday night I think.
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    It looks rather nice on my brothers PC and he has a bit less horse power so it should run great for me.

    I intend to play it eventually when its cheaper, got enough to keep me going for now.
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    Not played it myself however lost the OH to it all week. :D

    So I would say its caught his interest (he has also commented that the driving sucks)
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