Money Moral Dilemma: Should I report cashier who used loyalty card on my shopping?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
A cashier used her loyalty card on my shopping. Should I report her?

I was out shopping and noticed when I got home that a loyalty card had been swiped. I had forgotten to bring out, so it must have been the cashier who served me. Is it right for her to profit from my shopping? Should I report her?
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  • FredulaFredula Forumite
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    They would be able to tell who had got your loyalty points from the transaction, and I would definitely report someone who worked there for doing this. Think of how much profit they could make day after day. It's not right.

    If the person behind me in the queue asked if they could have my points though, I would have no problem with this.
  • Yes, definitely report her, because now you can't claim the points next time you're in. She has stolen from you - it's like pocketing your change.
  • LucyfrLucyfr Forumite
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    Hmmm tough one but if the shop allows you to take a receipt in for the points to be added after its not fair if someone has swiped their card against it depriving you of them!
  • building_with_legobuilding_with_lego Forumite
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    Several years ago I worked with a person who did this- kept their card by the till for when customers didn't have one.

    The company (including the loyalty scheme side of things) viewed it as both theft and fraud and took it very seriously indeed. My colleague was sacked, and I know that there was talk of involving the police, although this didn't happen.

    I'd report her in a heartbeat.
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  • groovygavgroovygav Forumite
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    If it's one of those stores that allow you to add the loyalty points at a later date if you forget your card then you've lost the opportunity to do that and I think it would be right to complain. If that's not the case then I'd be inclined to let it go.
  • macaronimacaroni Forumite
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    Report, simple as really
  • sooty&sweepsooty&sweep Forumite
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    Did you intend to take your receipt in and claim those loyalty points ?
    If yes then raise it with the store.
    If no personally I wouldn't say anything.
  • j-g_4j-g_4 Forumite
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    Before you go and maybe get someone fired consider that they may have done you a favour.

    Whilst more prevalent in the US some UK supermarkets have offers which are only good for cardholders - for example in Waitrose 4 pints of milk cost £1 if you are a cardholder but about £1.40 otherwise.

    As mentioned in the US these cards can save you a fortune - Ralphs (dot com for online) was a supermarket we used when in California, their offers only apply to cardholders - and they usually had one at the register (if you asked!) - as an example their current offers include 12pk cans of Pepsi only $1.99 (regular price $4.99) - so if you do shop over there - make sure you get a card!

    Anyway - back to Blighty - you forgot your card - why worry about the 50p you might have not got in points - life is too short - it's not as though they nicked your car.
  • Didn't someone get prosecuted for doing just this very recently? Sure I read it in the news...
    Let me Google that for you...
  • chockychocky Forumite
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    If she didnt ask you if you minded her swiping her card to get your points, then she's stealing from you. Nice little scam she's got going for herself. I'd report her.
    chockychocky :A
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