List of companies that use Yodel

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    Lucifa42 wrote: »
    Probably same, but I guess more difficult to say with a shop that is open from 9-5pm that "no one was in".

    The drivers are salaried and actually do their job,
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    SimonSays wrote: »
    The drivers are salaried and actually do their job,

    Most Yodel drivers are self employed - check their recruitment site if unsure.
  • I hate Yodel - I've stopped using Tesco direct now and just collect in a store or don't order.

    Sports direct is the same if I can't get it in the store I don't get it.

    Yodel are horrific with the exception of the twitter team who tried to help even though the messed it up at first they did eventually fix it and my package arrived after 3 weeks.
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    I don't know if they still use them - I believe they were talking about changing as they'd had so many problems but I had an issue last year with Yodel delivering a Rubber Sole parcel.

    I asked for it to be delivered to a friend as I work. Three times it went out, three times they didn't get around to delivering it as they ran out of time, then they decided that as they'd had three attempts they were going to return it to the sender!

    I ended up having to do about a 50 mile round trip to their nearest depot. And it isn't as if I lived in the sticks - I was in Stockport at the time and their only depot for the whole of Greater Manchester was right out on the north east side of the conurbation...
  • The worst I've had so far is from Arrow XL Two Man delivery.

    Had an email and text confirming delivery date, took a day off work and the items didn't arrive. Online tracking stated the goods were at the Wigan hub. Couldn't get through on phone, went back to Very who were just as useless. Randomly a week later I received a text telling me the goods would be delivered next day, no checking that this was convenient for me., luckily it was my day off. Delivery arrived next day minus one table of a set of two! Rang Very and complained then had a call from Arrow saying they hadn't got my table. Two hours later another call from Arrow, they had found my table in the warehouse and would deliver at some point that day but couldn't give me a time. Finally arrived at 7pm that night after waiting in all day. I was livid. They were unable to explain to me why it took over a week to get two tables from Wigan to Altrincham.
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    Yodel are one of the couriers that Pet Supermarket use.
    Had so many problems when they stopped using DPD as standard that i've switched over to Zoo Plus who will for a quid.
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    If only every delivery company took a page out of DPD's book. They can text you with a one hour delivery slot so why can't all the others?
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    tomtontom wrote: »
    Most Yodel drivers are self employed - check their recruitment site if unsure.

    The ones who do Collect+ are the remaining salaried ones.

    New couriers are self employed.
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    The big Achilles heel of online shopping are the courier companies. I think Collect Plus and fast local convenient pick up type services are the way to go but they should not charge extra for this eg a item I bought the other week that was available for free " super saver" to my door on Amazon, but £3.99 extra for collect plus.
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  • Argos (who quite frankly are nearly as bad as Yodel)
    Virgin Media (if you request self install of a superhub)
    Tesco (Yodel also do their delivery to store service)

    My mum has now been waiting two days for a delivery of a garden bench which has been out for delivery since 9.30am yesterday. The gormless woman at Argos said "perhaps its stuck in traffic". Its got to travel from one side of Leicester to the other a distance of 16 miles and the traffic isn't that bad!

    I posted the above on Friday. Needless to say the bench didn't turn up once again. I rang Argos Friday evening and spoke to a very helpful lady (this was the 7th phone call and the first helpful person) she said she would arrange with Yodel for the bench to be delivered before 1pm yesterday. I finally got a phone call from my mum to say it had arrived at 2.15pm!! The delivery driver knocked on the door and asked her to come to the van and tell him which parcel was hers (how about the one with her address on it?). I said to her she should have said "all of them" and she'd had probably ended up with a couple of laptops, a large screen telly and some iphones she could have flogged on Ebay.

    Anyway good news. The Argos lady said she couldn't say too much or she would be fired but "changes may be coming to the Argos delivery service". ;)
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