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    My iPad is always asking if it should save various passwords. I always say no.

    I generally remember them, different groups have different passwords.
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    scotsbob wrote: »

    Did you even bother to look at the link I posted before making this comment?

    Keepass is a programme that you use.
    I'm sorry, you're right I didn't check the link, but did realise that it was a programme and not a site. I wasn't critisizing your recommendation, just making a general enquiry about password storage in general.
    I realise that a programme and a site are something completely different. I don't use 'cloud' storage and similar for the same reason. I just prefer to store things where I can keep an eye on them if possible. Just call me old-fashioned...:o
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    pollypenny wrote: »
    My iPad is always asking if it should save various passwords. I always say no.
    So do I, but Keepass is different. When I said it pops the username/password into the signon page, I didn't mean it saves them in your browser, they only ever exist in the (encrypted) Keepass file and, once you've fired it up and logged into it, it will sign you into sites without you having to remember all the different combinations.
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