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It's Saturday April 19th this year, so are any MSE'rs planning on doing it either as a collector or purely for profit, and getting up at stupid o'clock to queue outside their local store?

There is nothing in my town, but last year I did go down to London. Didn't arrive until about 11 am and then spent about 3 hours queuing outside Rough Trade for the couple of things that I wanted. It would have probably been easier to just buy them on ebay.

But seriously, if anyone is thinking of doing it just for profit, a lot of items can be sold fairly quickly on ebay for at least 2-3 times their cost price, before everything settles down again, but you do probably do need to have some knowledge of which items are likely to be the most sought after. Oh and yes, get there early!

In London there a lot of smaller stores listed as taking part, but I did try a few of these last year (admittedly rather late) and it seems that Rough Trade or Sister Ray offer the best realistic chance of getting what you want.

One particular item I am interested in this year is Charlotte Gainsbourg's version of Hey Joe on limited 7" vinyl.


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