child proofing

bulktrans Forumite Posts: 622 Forumite
Hi there,

my 10 month old daughter has started standing up and tries to open the cupboard doors. can anyone please suggest any locks?

any amazon, tesco direct links ..



  • AnnieO1234
    AnnieO1234 Forumite Posts: 1,722 Forumite
    Buy a variety, ikea are very good but not all locks work on all doors and drawers.

  • ema_o
    ema_o Forumite Posts: 885 Forumite
    Good tip I have is, if you can manage just lock the essential cupboards - cleaning stuff, knife drawer etc. Little ones can usually learn to open most locks however if there are unlocked cupboards they may get bored with the difficult ones and leave them be. Worked for us so far :)
  • DigForVictory
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    Definitely leave one cupboard "available" - with a couple of pans & spoons to play with.
    Distract & conquer! (Or survive - depending on your energy levels!)
  • double_mummy
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    Definitely leave one cupboard "available" - with a couple of pans & spoons to play with.
    Distract & conquer! (Or survive - depending on your energy levels!)

    pop some tin cans in there as well :)

    mine worked them out after a couple of weeks so were a little bit pointless
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  • GwylimT
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    It depends on the cupboard type, on ours the handles were bars so we could just tie the under sink cupboard shut instead of using a lock.
  • Mankysteve
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    just don't use plug socket covers
  • Make-it-3
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    I agree, we just did a re-shuffle of our cupboards, because toddlers will get curious so better to satisfy that in a safe way.

    We put all our DD's plastic plates, cups, cutlery in a cupboard she could reach. Also tupperware tubs, plastic chopping boards and wooden spoons got moved to lower drawers/cupboards and the upper ones have all the glassware, knives/sharp implements etc.
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  • Air_Cooled_75
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    You could try Sellotape for now :) moving stuff is also a good idea, our wall cupboards spent a time being jam packed, he's 3 now and doesn't really bother but I do have a lock on the one under the kitchen sink which houses the cleaning stuff.
  • onlyroz
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    I didn't ever do any "child-proofing". I just said "No" in a loud firm voice and moved the child away from the cupboard. And repeated as often as was necessary. But yes, it can be a good idea to assign one cupboard for the child and fill it with plastic bowls and wooden spoons etc.
  • jackomdj
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    We put a couple of the clip locks on but our main thing was moving the chemical things (bleach, cleaning products etc) from under the sink to a high cupboard. We left various ornaments out and did just say "no" a lot. Worked with ours who grew up with it, but it could be stressful when other toddlers came visiting and their house had been child proofed so they were not used to being told no then moving away.
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