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Soooo.. its bank holiday weekend (from 5:30pm for me) woo woo! and I am exhausted - been burning the candle at both ends with full time job and part time job - generally feeling a bit weary and pale and my feet hurt (get out the violins winge winge etc). Got to resist the temptation to drop by boots on my way home and buy some expensive 'relaxation' products (bit short on the boots points due to cosmetics cut backs!) or nip over to Sainsburys and get an expensive take-away meal. How will all the thrifty MSE's be relaxing (if your lucky enough!) this weekend - any ideas would be great!
I've made my debts bite-size too depressing to look at all at once so am handling them one at a time - first up Graduate Loan £1720 paid off! only £280 to go!!!
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    My boyfriend's coming to stay with me at uni..we're probably going to have a picnic in one of the lovely green spaces here for lunch tomorrow.. then maybe go out for dinner in the evening (have a £15 voucher for Chez Gerard) then watch an..ahem..downloaded film .
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    Eliza - I hope you have a wonderful weekend, it sounds as you definately deserve the break.!!

    I am part of the main job & part time job brigade, and unfortunately I am working tonight, tomorrow & monday - so not much of a weekend for me!!! (i know, "think of the money!!" But its hard sometimes!!).

    Do you not have any products at home you could use? Have a nice bath, candles, face pack - if you have a gym membership & they have a sauna/spa - that would be nice. Or go with the takeaway, whatever you fancy.

    On Sunday if the weather is nice i'll be heading to a park with friends or with a good book, have some videos to watch in the evenings, otherwise i'll be at the gym. I have a strict £200 for May to live on (food & socialising) - a bit worried it cant be done!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, let us know what you decide to do.

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    Get some cheap olive oil, a bag of cooking salt and a nice aromatherapy oil (Mine was a reduced one from Boots Botanics) I mixed up a nice slushy paste of salt and oil in a large empty jar, and added the essential oil (grapefruit to "refresh") and used as a lovely stimulating and v cheap body scrub. You can use loads!
    Also, add the oil to your bath or to some unscented body lotion for co-ordinated fragrance!

    Lavender or rose is nice to relax...

    Remember if pregnant, you can't use some of the oils available!
  • r.mac_2
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    You definately deserve the break. Here are some money saving suggestions;

    I find (gentle) walks relaxing - could you spend they day in the countryside with a picnic?

    There are some recipes on here for relaxing footsoaks and the like. e.g fill a basin with warm water and add a couple of drops of essential oil. Soak feet while watching favourite TV prog/video/listening to a CD/using free weekend calls to chat to a friend.

    If you really want a take away, buy the curry or whatever, but cook your own rice or noodles. This saves money. Alternatively visit a chinese supermarket and cook your own. Turn it into an adventure buy composing a menu and inviting a friend round to sample eveything - I love cooking and find i relaxing. I understand lots of people don't so I totlaly understand if you don't fancy this one!!!

    hth :beer:
    aless02 wrote: »
    r.mac, you are so wise and wonderful, that post was lovely and so insightful!
    I can't promise that all my replies will illicit this response :p
  • Queenie
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    I would second Downsizing _for_sanity 's idea of the salt scrub - I make my own and it's as good as the bought one's.

    Here's a recipe I make for a Salt or Sugar Scrub:

    Sea Salt or Brown Sugar Scrub: In a bowl, mix either course sea salt or brown sugar and baby oil (I have also used olive oil!) . Mix in enough baby oil so that the mixture is very moist. Not too runny. Store in a jar or sealed container. Get in the shower or bath, blather on the mixture, scrub, then rinse off. In the salt scrub I add lavender oil.

    Used Teabags/Cucumber: While you relax in the bath place used teabags or sliced cucumber on your eyes. Tip: Make sure your teabag has been chilled and isn't "dripping" - you'll end up with brown streaks on your face if the bag is too wet!

    Oatmeal and Milk Bath: Grab a handful of oatmeal, stick it in the toe end of a cut off leg from old tights. Add a spoonful of dried milk powder if liked. Tie the leg of the tights to your taps and let the running water pass through the oatmeal/milk. Leave it dangling in the water while you soak.
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    I'm gonna soak my feet in tea tree oil while watching the comedy on 5 at around 3.30... and then... well I'll potter around in the garden for a while I reckon :)
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    On Sunday night I think I'm having a "Movie Night" with my friend. We take it in turns to host and the host provides 2 films and some nibbles. So depending on how flush I'm feeling it can cost about £10 max as host, all the way down to nothing. And the guest gets a free night.

    This week I'm not flush at all, and wasn't last time it was my turn to host either, so I'll be doing what I did last time and serving things I've got in the freezer, such as pizza and mini-sausage rolls, and we'll watch videos and DVD's from my collection or borrowed from my brother.

    One of us is always driving on these nights, so we just drink soft drinks, so that's cheaper too. It's kind of like an old-style sleepover when we were kids, but without the hassle of making up a spare bed as we can drive home at 2 o'clock in the morning now we're grown-ups!

    Hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing, and thrifty weekend!:j
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    Far to late for this bank holiday but I save up freebies & samples for these kinds of occasions, I usually have some luxurious free bubble bath/shampoo/lotions to indulge in, I just add music or a book & some candles, give myself a good ole' maincure & pedicure from stocks I already have & try to refresh my wardrobe by pulling out things I haven't worn for a while to wear or pairing old favourites with something new...not quite the same as a shopping trip but almost!

    I also save up reduced price supermarket takeaway meals in the freezer & have a semi-takeaway night when we have enough but sausages on a BBQ are a chaep weekend indulgance if not. Sometimes we eat with new or borrowed DVD but we find we like to re-watch favourites too so buying them is sometimes better value.We will be adding a bottle of wine (which we drink as a spritzer to make it last longer) & a carton of nice ice cream for that luxury touch. The whole experience usually costs less than a tenner for 2 of us, plus the dog gets any burnt sausages:D
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    I'll be trying to stop myself from becoming cooked in the heat (just dragged out one electric fan) in my stuffy flat and enjoying a day of peace from the ongoing earthquake noises from below, whilst feeling insanely jealous at the thought of everyone in their gardens having barbecues and cold beers :(
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  • Mrs_Thrift
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    But at least you won't get sunburn like so many of the people stripping off in their excitement at the sunshine and getting caught out! ;)

    Why DO we always think the sun's warm enough to strip off but not strong enough to protect ourselves in the UK?! I used to be guilty of it too, but learned the hard way (too many times!) :o
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