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Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 2nd March 2014

edited 4 March 2014 at 5:47PM in Debt-free wannabe challenges
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  • cookie02cookie02 Forumite
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    My week ended like this:
    Sun - NSD - lunch at parents' - taking homemade cake - DONE
    Mon - NSD - DONE
    Tues - NSD - friend coming over for lunch (covered in grocery budget) - DONE
    Weds - NSD - £8.50 spent due to unexpected travel
    Thurs - £50 day out with parents - £22.50 spent
    Fri - friends coming to mine (covered by grocery budget) - we were all really tired so this got rescheduled!
    Sat - £80 afternoon/night out (birthday present already bought) - Already spent £100 :eek: (it includes food/drink etc so there shouldn't be any further spending today!)

    £20 buffer £1 used

    Since I'm not expecting any more spends, I am declaring this a green week spending £131/£150.
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  • Sedge123Sedge123 Forumite
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    Mon 0.33 on postage
    Tuesday £2 postage
    Wednesday NSD
    Thursday £3 coffee and £4.20 on chips as unprepared for quick tea after swimming!
    Friday £13.50 on quiz night and drinks
    £23.03/£20 total declared so slightly over but I'm happy with that.
    Onwards and upwards!
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  • Mrs_CheshireMrs_Cheshire Forumite
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    I'm declaring a green week
    Sun - £2 on parking and £7.40 in the cafe
    Rest of the week NSD


    Can you put me down for £10 again please
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  • DD265DD265 Forumite
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    Hi all!

    I'm declaring an orange week.

    £1250 in and I don't know how much went out but it wasn't that much!

    Also sold something on ebay all being well (auction ends tomorrow) so that's set me up well for next week!

    £15 again for me please :)
  • Woohoo managed a NSD today thanks to hubby buying the drinks from his pocket money budget:)

    Have to pick DD up from sleepover tomorrow but should be able to do that without spending.

    So all being well my total for the week will be.......

    Woohoo NSD again today so total stands. Best get thinking about next week.

    Thanks to ever the optimist for organising this challenge. I'm kinda enjoying it. It's certainly making me think about the money that usually gets frittered away on stuff and unhealthy snacking! And how those sneaky Soopermarkets get extra pennies from your purse.:(. But not anymore from this call sign!:T:T
    ..............on a mission to curtail the spending and build up the savings
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  • Hi all

    My week so far.

    Sun - mil visiting and then visiting my parents NSD - NSD :j
    Mon- Seeing a friend and her baba for a walk and lunch - £10, and then going to a camera club (set up by a friend) £2 subs (for the room) Petrol spend but budgeted elsewhere - didn't see friend as baba teething and suffering. £4 spent last night on subs and parking.
    Tues - no plans - NSD - oooops 50p spent on choccie bar as I was thinking I'd had a NSD yesterday. But in my defence I'm also giving it up for lent so was my last treat. :D
    Weds - Baby group - NSD (possible breed and milk top up - grocery budget) NSD and no top up today.
    Thurs - Seeing a friend and her baba for coffee, possibly a soft play type thing for the babas - £10 - friend came to us so needed biscuits and drink selection etc. - £6.17 (and bread and milk top up £1.89, not this budget)
    Fri - Baby group - NSD from this budget, but we decided to have curry for tea so bought some bits to go with it from my grocery budget
    Sat - hair appt (budgeted) otherwise NSD - car parking £2.70

    £3 contingency

    Total - £13.37/ £25

    So a green week. :j:j Will be potting £1.63 and taking £10 over to next week.
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  • Evening everyone

    New thread here
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • Oh and well done DD265, £1250 in that's very good going. :D :T
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
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