Real-life MMD: Can I ask guests to bring a bottle?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Can I ask guests to bring a bottle?

I need to buy supplies for my housewarming party soon, but don't know what the etiquette is for drinks. As it's my party, should I buy all the food and drink, or count on guests bringing drinks with them? Is it acceptable to ask them to bring a bottle? I'd hate to run out of booze, but costs are already spiralling. Help!

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    I always ask people to bring a bottle to a party, especially if it's more than just a few people! Just end any invite with "bring a bottle of your favourite!" et voila, you have a byob event.
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    I would never consider going to a house party without a bottle of something in my hands. That said, some people may not aware of such etiquette so I would say, yes, tell people you are having a party and if they bring along their choice of drink, you will supply the food. (I'd also make it clear whether this is just finger food or something more substantial).

    However, to cover all bases, or if you're not comfortable asking guests to bring their own, I would also purchase some white and red wine and beer and soft drinks and if somebody arrives empty handed, you have something to offer them. Chances are you won't have to use any of it and if you keep your receipts, you can return any unopened drinks the following day if needed.
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  • I think in most circles nowadays it is understood that guest bring a bottle. Could you make some big bowls of punch so that you seem very hospitable and not mean and so that anyone who doesn't think to bring a bottle can still get a drink. Maybe a bowl of alcoholic punch and one of non-alcoholic?
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  • ali-tali-t Forumite
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    When I had a housewarming BBQ I asked people to bring their speciality side dish if they wanted to bring anything and everyone came laden with food wanting to show off their fav foods crafted by their own fair hands. I bought all the meat and lots of drink but people still brought their own too.
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  • Maybe things are different in England, but north of the border no one would turn up unless you were providing alcohol (and plenty of it)
  • scotsbob wrote: »
    Maybe things are different in England, but north of the border no one would turn up unless you were providing alcohol (and plenty of it)

    Oh, rubbish. I'm Scots, I've lived up here all my life and I'd never turn up at a party in someone's home without a bottle or wine or some cans. I'd think pretty poorly of someone that turned up at my place expecting to freeload on drink for the night too. They wouldn't be asked back, put it that way!
  • we usually end up with more than we started with at a party,buy 6 bottles and some lager to start off with,bet you still have it at the end of the night
    just tell your guests you will feed them
    no one ever brings the soft drinks so you might want some lemonade and coke
    enjoy the party!
  • I went to a housewarming party, dressed for decorating in our painting clothes, really fun, loads of ideas. ( could see all the colours been painted on the walls in our houses)
    The house was decorated for 'workmen/women', covered in dust sheets, bubble wrap on ornaments, tables with newspaper on ( turned to page 3 girls)
    Food was easy as well ........ polystyrene containers, bacon butties, pies, chips, burgers,
    ketchup, brown sauce, mustard
    slab cake, ice cream

    black plastic bags to collect the waste

    can get away with beer and lager for drinks, bring cans

    see what you think
  • Hi
    At our housewarming I provided food but said bring your own booze. Although I did have a few bottles around.

    Personally I'd rather buy my own & drink something decent. It's not that I don't trust my host's taste in wine but if they are providing for alot of people they will naturally not want to buy expensive wine iykwim !

  • VT82VT82 Forumite
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    I would specify 'bring your own booze' or 'bring a bottle of what you fancy'.

    There's been no end of times where we've been vague and just said 'bring a bottle', and we've had people bring a bottle of decent red wine, and then proceeding to drink the emergency beers we'd bought instead. Thus leaving us with a supposedly good bottle of red, that in our house is only good for re-gifting or tossing into the spag bol.
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