Wedding shoes/ trainers?

I never wear shoes with heels, except for very rare occasions I have to dress smartly, I basically live in trainers and have only just realised that I'm going to need something nice on the day and am trying to find a next mix between something comfy and something that won't look out of contrast with my dress.

Just to give you a clue on how bad I am with shoes, I wore some the other day with one and 3/4 inch heel on them.... I had two blisters after walking around town for about 30 minutes and I padded them with a insert and a 2nd pair of socks... my body rejects the evil creation that is heels!!

Does anyone else have the same problem, but has come up with a solution? I could "wear in" some shoes over time, but it seems a massive faff tbh, and I'd rather just wear trainers anyway!

Am wondering if I might be able to get away with some plain white ones perhaps?


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    I have the same problem, especially as I have to wear quite femine shoes when I am dressed up for an event in 20's or 40's garb! 20's style is a bit better. Mary jane styles tend to be lower heeled. Go for the best quality you can, try somewhere that does different widths as this may be the cause of your problems, it is mine!!
  • What kind of dress are you having? I was going,to,have kitten heels but have seen some amazing personalised converse trainers so now want them instead but I'm having a full length dress so no one would see them anyway. Or you could get some flat ballet pumps? Xx
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  • It really depends on the dress - I'm planning on being barefoot for the ceremony, as it's inside, and then as our reception is at a park, I'll wear ballet shoes if it's sunny and wellingtons if it's not!

    Either ballet style pumps, or actual ballet shoes (either in leather or satin) could work for you and would then be totally flat!
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    I had to walk down a HUGE hill at my venue so i had white converse and one of my BM's decorated the toes in blue and silver sequins. I then changed into my heels for the ceremony and up to the first dance.

    As soon as that was over I changed back into the converse.
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  • My dress is fairly long and sweeping the floor, so I could get away with anything realistically, but at some point they'll be showing, and a photo with me wearing some Nike trainers is not the look I'm going for on the day :D

    Converse trainers do seem to be quite popular though, I might be able to make some of them look suitable, thanks for the ideas!
  • I dont like heels and I wear trainers a lot but I do have a couple of pairs of flat black pumps that I wear when I go out and Im wearing a dress.
  • Ballet pumps are a good suggestion - flat but still girly/feminine.

    I am having heels for my wedding, mainly because I'm quite short and need all the extra height I can get, but they'll probably be quite low and/or chunky. I'm a bit scared of those really high spindly heels - they make me feel like I'm going to fall over!

    I'm also thinking of getting some red wellies (our colour scheme is black, white and red) as the wedding is in November and our venue is in the middle of a park, so I don't want to get mud all over my nice shoes or find myself sinking into the ground if it rains when we're doing the photos.
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  • My friend had some trainers decorated for her wedding, have a look on Facebook, lovelylisa bags, that's who decorated them, there is a photograph in the album. It might give you some ideas :-)
  • Urgh shoes! I never seem to be able to find any comfy shoes, so I live in trainers or flip flops!

    I have bought these for the wedding. I'm already the same height as OH and don't want to be taller than him (plus I just don't do heels! - My feet end up burning after about ten minutes!)
    However those peep toe ballet pumps are so uncomfy. They rub my heel terribly. I am going to attempt to wear them in with several pairs of socks!

    However I have also bought these (sorry not very MSE!) You can't really tell from the picture but they are SO sparkly! My dress as diamantes scattered on the tulle skirt and my veil has diamantes scattered across it with small drop crystals around the scalloped edge, so those match the dress. I keep hearing from people that I can't wear flip flops to my wedding. I keep reminding them it's MY wedding and I'll wear what I please! I live in flip flops for half the year, so I think it's only natural!
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    Hi Justengaged, - what about wedge shoes?

    I got married last year, and I never ever ever wear heels - just cannot walk in them without crying

    I fell in love with a 1950's tea length dress, which left massive emphasis on the shoes with them being so visible under a shorter dress. I wanted something girly that wasn't heels, seemed almost impossible

    After a zillion hours of internet searching and trying to get ideas, I decided to try and find a pair of low wedge shoes, less than an inch, and not to feel 'heely' when I walked or I would fall over - but trying to find them in reality really took some doing - I spent far FAR longer sorting my shoes than I did choosing my dress.

    In the shops I couldn't find what I was looking for at all, either too high wedges, or wrong colour and I wanted them to match the belt of my dress

    I found this online shop which will dye the shoes to any colour in the world you want and chose this shoe and sent them a swatch of my colour I wanted them dyeing to (I had mine dyed a Cadbury purple colour) :-

    As you will see, they do loads of other shoes which might give you an idea or two - I got brilliant service from them, was really chuffed with them, I also had a matching bag from them. Shoes were really comfy, and I managed to sell them on ebay afterwards, as so many women struggle with the not wanting to wear heels on their wedding day thing

    You could always have two pairs of shoes, one lovely pair for the ceremony and pics (that is why I had those in the link above) and then for the relaxed part of the evening and dancing, I slipped them off and put on a pair of converse.
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