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Add your feedback on heating oil broker BoilerJuice

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This is a feedback thread on heating oil broker


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  • ktee_ukktee_uk Forumite
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    I like them.
    Have been ordering for about 5 years
    I like that you check order history, spot check prices, good comms, if it doesnt all fit in the tank they will bank the value not taken.
    Website really easy to use.
    Mortgage free after 12years
    Saving for early and comfortable retirement
    "If you want to forget your worries, wear tight shoes"
  • Ebe_ScroogeEbe_Scrooge Forumite
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    I always use BJ to get a benchmark price every time I need oil. I then phone around half a dozen local suppliers to ask them for a price. Without exception so far, I've been given a cheaper quote direct from suppliers than what BJ quoted. Admittedly it may only be penny or 2 per litre cheaper, but when buying 1000 litres it makes a difference.

    I say "without exception" - actually, once the BJ quote was the cheapest. I said to the person from the local company that I'd had a cheaper quote from BJ, they promptly offered to beat that price by 1 pence per litre, so I took them up on that.

    I've got nothing against BJ, it's a fine idea and the website is very easy to use. Unfortunately at the end of the day it comes down to hard cash.
  • malc_bmalc_b Forumite
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    I was under the impression that BJ was in fact owned by gb-oils (now certas energy I think) and so their impartiality was questionable.
  • manda1205manda1205 Forumite
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    I use boilerjuice as a guide to what the price will be around. I then ring round my local 5/6 companies to get their prices. They will always be lower than boiler juice. I then haggle with each company, usually by using another companies lower price and taking a little away myself. A few pence here and there can make a big difference, especially if ordering over 1000l which we usually do.
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    malc_bmalc_b Forumite
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    Thanks for setting me straight.
  • Just ordered for the first time. Very quick to quote and order, including additive for Rayburn Cooker. Had phone call from nominated supplier who didn't understand message about adding only half of the bottle of additive, so it looks as if that will come from someone else and I'll need to add it. Don't mind that, at least I will know the right amount has been added.
    Did try to get a better price but my usual supplier wouldn't play, only referred me to 'their online supplier:, which I didn't persue.
  • I've just ordered 500 litres from BoilerJuice. I found the website very easy to use and ordering was straight forward. The best thing to do seems to be to order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and they group all orders in your area to get a better a price. I got an email on the Monday morning saying I was getting a £6 refund as other people had ordered in my area. Also if you sign up to alerts, they tell you when other people have placed orders in your area. You can only benefit from this discount if you aren't in a rush to get your oil though. In the past, when I needed next day delivery, I found it cheaper to ring round local suppliers.
  • Boilerjuice quoting 37.25p per litre at the moment.

    I've used them for oil supply several times and found them very reliable with no problems.

    However,...... Used their boiler servicing service as advertised on their website and was less than impressed.

    The engineer turned up in the "wrong van" with little more than a bicycle spanner and a broken vacuum cleaner which sprayed dirty black water all around my kitchen. I had to drape MY dust sheet over it to stop the spray and he used MY tools to do the service.

    When he was done, he made it clear he was very disappointed that I was paying him by cheque, somehow making ME feel embarrassed and asked me if I had cash. I ended up giving him what I had in my wallet and the rest as a cheque. I got no receipt as he would give me this when he returned to fit the new jet nozzle. He never came back and to be honest I'm glad.

    No wonder we householders attempt to fix our boilers ourselves.
  • Tomc144Tomc144 Forumite
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    I've used Boiler Juice many times just to obtain a base line price online and then phoned local suppliers who always have offered a better price. I used their boiler servicing once and the "engineer" left the boiler in a dangerous condition with fumes filling my house. I had to tighten up loose nuts. Boiler Juice did send another engineer out who did a proper service, including changing the tail pipes. I was given a full refund.

    I've just discovered Fuel Tool on MSE and the prices they quote for my area are currently £20 cheaper than Boiler Juice.

    All in all I use Boiler Juice for an idea of a price but wouldn't use them to order oil or their boiler servicing.
  • G_MG_M Forumite
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    Only thing BJ is good for is a quick online price check to get an idea.

    Then shop around and most suppliers will be cheaper.
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