Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 19th January 2014



  • EverTheOptimist
    Evening everyone

    Well real life is kinda getting in the way of me getting on here a little bit.

    Anyway first post updated to here.

    Welcome along Take the power back. :wave: And good luck

    Awwww cute kitty cats Mooomin and Verityemilia. I'm not a cat person myself more a doggie person but still think they are very cute.

    Well so far so good, still have my £20 in tact which is good as I've made plans to catch up with a couple of different friends over he next two- three weeks so will need all my money for that.

    And wow well done on the sales Mooomin. :D I often think about how I could make extra money especially if I'm successful with work in reducing my hours after maternity leave (which I don't think I will be :(:( ) but feel I have nothing really to sell so that kind of scuppers my thoughts.

    Well done on the low spends bt1
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • Decluttering
    24p spent today on my dinner at work, I'm pleased with that! I even managed to stop myself from buying a creme egg to celebrate!

    Sunday: NSD
    Monday: £1
    Tuesday: 24p

    £1.24 / £14
    Thank you competition posters!
  • EverTheOptimist
    Ooooo well done decluttering on your low spends too. I have to resist creme eggs every time I go to the shops. I love them. :D
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • beth2242
    beth2242 Posts: 133 Forumite
    We'll yesterday I had planned for a NSD but ended up having tooth fairy duties so spent another £2.00! Taking my total to £42.67/£58.00

    Still within budget though so I'm quite happy. Tomorrow will be a spend day as DD has dancing class so it could result in a £3.60 spend!

    Just taking time out to look on the net for recipes I can make over the next few days - have no fresh stuff in other than milk and marg - no bread eggs etc so just hunting for simple recipes to use what I've got in. Determined not to go shopping til pay day on Monday!

    Good luck everyone
    GC- June £0/£150

    £0/£1500 OD £6.23/£900
    Debt paid-£6.23/£2400
  • Decluttering
    Well I was having a NSD today - went to the Post Office but that doesn't count because I was sending something for a friend and they have paid me the postage costs.

    All was going well until 5 minutes ago when I decided to remind myself of the items in the Joe Browns sale (I'm a sucker for Joe Browns). I saw a lovely bag that was £29.95 now reduced to £14.95 that would be perfect for my friend's birthday in April. One discount code later and adding postage and packaging, it came to £17.96 altogether. So not a NSD today but I've got my friend a great gift and it saves me stressing at the last minute to find something appropriate!

    £19.20 / £14

    That's me out of the challenge for this week but as long as I keep spending sensibly then I'll be happy with this week's efforts.
    Thank you competition posters!
  • Jonesy88
    Jonesy88 Posts: 959 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Wow Mooomin! Thats fantastic!

    I'm loving the cute cat pics :)

    Well my week of no spending hasnt gone well - i've spent £2 on some hair clips as i've had my hair cut for the 1st time in yonks and want to make it look pretty :D I am currently selling a small item on e3ay so hopefully the 2 will net out and i'll be on track for a zero overall spend.
    :rudolf: DF by Xmas 2018: #83 £8,250/£15,000 55% :rudolf:
    SPC 7: #135 :staradmin | MFW 9.72% | Groceries: £6.49/£80 | Exercise 0/20 | NSDs 0/15
  • Thanks for the warm welcome! Loving this supportive environment- am on course to beat me target so far!
    NatWest Loan- 5000
    Virgin credit card- 7000
  • mooomin
    mooomin Posts: 13,703 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Total Until Yesterday: +£231.08

    Yesterdays spends:

    £3 - Sainsbury's (cake and dinner!)
    £5 - popcorn (20 bags bought via Poundland, a vast saving considering popcorn is 75p a bag in work)
    £20 - petrol
    £4.15 - Asda (milk, bread, bananas and more jiffy bags!)
    £20.85 - postage of sold things
    £3.50 - sweets for the cinema.

    So that's £56.50 spent (!!) and I received £25.07 so for the week I'm up to +£199.65
  • Sedge123
    Sedge123 Posts: 597 Forumite
    Bit late in updating I know but here goes... am aiming to stay under £25 this week
    Monday - Lunch £4.39 - wasn't supposed to be buying lunch but had a bad day! Postage 33p
    Tuesday - £1 on coffee
    Wednesday - NSD
    Thursday - £1 coffee

    So a total of £6.72 so far...
    Determined to save and not squander!
    On a mission to save money whilst renovating our new forever home
  • EverTheOptimist
    Sun - NSD :j
    Mon - 8-1 gas man coming to fix boiler - boiler fixed :T NSD :j
    Tues - NSD :j
    Weds - NSD :j (small budgeted grocery shop)
    Thurs - popped to local shop £1.87 spent, £2 coin into little man's money box. = £3.87
    Fri - baby group, NSD
    Sat - shopping for new car seat for baba. (Joint acc)

    £5 contingency

    Total - £3.87 / £20
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
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