Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 19th January 2014



  • DD265
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    Thanks for the new thread ETO!

    Sunday - £6.39 on lunch

    Tomorrow will be a spend day, then I'm hoping for a run of NSD through to Friday/Saturday.
  • EverTheOptimist
    Hi everyone. :wave:

    First post updated to here. :D
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  • Decluttering
    Hi everyone, not been on for a couple of days but my total for last week was £3.89/£15 :) this week I'll aim to keep within a budget of £14.

    Today has been a NSD which is a good start :)
    Thank you competition posters!
  • New to the forum, very happy to be here! Lots of debt to clear so I can look to then buying a house and all that life stuff with my wonderful fianc!e :D. Got my monthly payments set up but want to speed it up with weekly savings, so this thread is perfect!

    Anyway, enough rambling-

    Sun- £20 petrol
    Mon- Lunch £3, Cat food £5, After work social £20
    Tues- Lunch £3, house bits and bobs £10
    Wed - Lunch £3
    Thurs- Lunch £3
    Fri- Lunch£3

    So £70 is my opening gambit- hoping to reduce this more and more as the weeks go on!
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  • cookie02
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    Sunday was a NSD:). I'm hoping today will be too. Since I managed to stay in the green last week, I decided to put the difference into my VSP to help that along. (I started the. VSP challenge late). Thanks to the poster that suggested doing something like that in an earlier thread.

    Good luck everyone!
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  • DD265
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    Evening all!

    I got all my shopping done before work today so hoping for NSD's to the weekend.

    Sunday - £6.39
    Monday - £5.53

  • beth2242
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    Evening everyone!

    Planned for a NSD today but ended up spending 67p on a tea at the canteen at work - had to work away and the office we were in was ice cold and my feet were like blocks of ice! So had to buy a brew to warm up - will plan ahead next time and make sure I take a flask of tea with me!!
    So spend so far is £40.67/£58

    GC- June £0/£150

    £0/£1500 OD £6.23/£900
    Debt paid-£6.23/£2400
  • shinner
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    Well paid for dinners also spent £5 on a gift for a work colleague forgot I owed it. I have £7 left in my purse and I have £5 in the bank still of this week's budget.
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  • bt1
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    Sun - NSD
    Mon - [STRIKE]£1 for my nan's husband's bday card[/STRIKE] - didn't manage to get a card today so will have to go tomorrow.. Did manage to spend 80p on a drink at work.... :(

    Tues - £1 for my nan's husband's bday card
    Wed - NSD
    Thu - NSD
    Fri - bf coming round, £2 for "film snacks"
    Sat - NSD

    So that's £0.80/£5.00 so far :)

    I must keep away from the shop on lunch tomorrow!!!!
  • Verityemilia
    Ok ..... Last week - not so good :eek:

    Rehomed 2 little Moggies and my budget went ????

    Louie and George are two handsome boys though and now have a loving home :):)

    So ... Last week ??? / £40

    This weeks target £40 :)

    Sun - NSD- lazy day with hubby
    Mon - NSD- housework
    Tues - NSD - working

    Seal pot challenge no 7- :) # 331 Saved £140 SPC - Target £30
    Grocery challenge - £100 a week
    Weekly Spend Challenge - £40 :)
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