Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 5th January 2014

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the Weekly Spend Challenge. This challenge is open to anybody, no matter what financial place they are in. Everyone is welcome here.

On this thread please post an amount of money you wish to stay below within the week (Sunday to end of working day on Friday). This can be pennies or thousands it depends on the individual. Then next Saturday report back and pledge for the following week. The challenge runs from Sunday to Friday so we don't include Saturdays but feel free to change the rules to suit you and include Saturdays or start on a different day.

Feel free to update this thread with daily spends if that keeps you on track. We colour code the results as below:

Green - within budget
Red - over budget
Purple - zero spend
Orange - made money over the week

This is a little bit of fun but for many it highlights the fact that maybe that magazine/chocolate bar isn't needed. Hopefully your spending habits can be changed forever.

Moozie was the founder of this challenge and here is a quote taken from her:

Originally Posted by Moozie:
"Good afternoon lovely DFWs Now for anyone looking in, please feel free to join - the more the merrier! Basically, decide on the amount you want to spend up to from Sunday until the end of the working day on Friday then pledge it here and off we go! The challenge is about incidental spending and not for stuff that should be budgeted elsewhere such as bills, groceries, debt repayment etc but you decide what to include at the end - this is about changing your habits and improving your recording of your spends more than anything else. Have a great week everyone and keep it low!!! Moozie x"

Good Luck Everyone

W/C 29th December 2013 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £10 / £4.68
Mrs Cheshire - £11.90 / £11.84
Flutterby83 - £15 / RED
Jonesy88 - £40 / £36
DD265 - £15 / +£9.73
Flyinggiraffe - £50 / £21.98
Cauliflower - £40 / £30
Frugaldances - £6 / RED
Casperthefriendlyghost - £5
HKitten - £0 / £0
Mooomin - £30 / green
Munchin - £50 / £39.35

W/C 5th January 2014 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £5
Mooomin - £60
Mrs Cheshire - £10
Jojitsui - £100
Jonesy88 - £10
DomRavioli - £20
Cookie02 - £50
nowpanicking - £25
mummy2threeboys - £10
flyinggiraffe - £15
DD265 - £40
HKitten - £0
Frugaldances - £4
Flutterby83 - £20
Munchin - £50
Cauliflower - £25
Moneytree1 - £30
Verityemilia - £40
SPC 14 Target £200 /
Debt: £11850


  • EverTheOptimist
    EverTheOptimist Forumite Posts: 2,694
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    Going for £10 again for the week. No real plans.

    Birthday on Monday but have had a birthday tea today and got all my pressies as it will just be me and little man on Monday so was 'allowed' to celebrate early. :D And I've been really spoilt.

    Baby swimming starts up again on Friday, but paid for in advance from elsewhere. Should have enough food for me and baba. So fingers crossed for another low spend week.
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • jojitsui
    jojitsui Forumite Posts: 403
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Happy birthday :)

    This looks really good. I'd love to join :)

    Can I put myself down for £100 it seems a lot but that includes a pre-booked event on Friday which will be £60 without food! I am hoping that will be the only day I spend any money that week!!
    Make £10 a day, October 2023 - £105/£310
  • mooomin
    mooomin Forumite Posts: 13,703
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Under budget last week :D

    £60 budget this week for ALL spending apart from bus fares.
  • Jonesy88
    Jonesy88 Forumite Posts: 959
    Debt-free and Proud!
    I finished on £36/£40 last week, can you pop me down for the usual £10 please ETO?
    :rudolf: DF by Xmas 2018: #83 £8,250/£15,000 55% :rudolf:
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  • DomRavioli
    DomRavioli Posts: 3,136
    1,000 Posts Combo Breaker

    Could I join please? I've finally become debt free, and I intend to stay that way!

    I'd like to have £20 for this week, as I have to pay out for subs for my niece's brownie pack, and a bottle of wine for a friend's birthday as well as day to day bits and pieces :)

  • cookie02
    cookie02 Forumite Posts: 377
    Ninth Anniversary 100 Posts Name Dropper

    I'd like to join too please. My budget for this week is £50.

    Happy Birthday btw! :beer:

    Thanks :).
    Save 12k in 2022 #26
    Saving for Christmas 2022 #10
  • nowpanicking
    nowpanicking Forumite Posts: 430 Forumite
    Hey... can I join please? Just started posting again about a month ago and think this challenge will really help :)

    Can I say £25 this week. Any left over will go to sealed pot :)
    New starting debt 30/12/2018 £30,164.76:eek:
    Revised debt £29,361.70 2.66% paid
  • mummy2threeboys
    mummy2threeboys Forumite Posts: 1,006
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts
    Yes please id love to join..can i be put down for £10..need to buy some top up grocerys normally and £2 for sons beever club. Thanks love the idea of doing the sealed pot!
    Compers challenge 27/70
  • flyinggiraffe_2
    flyinggiraffe_2 Forumite Posts: 550 Forumite
    Thanks for the new thread ETO :)

    After my green week last week, I'm feeling the money saving again and have my eyes set on holiday at the end of the year.

    This week I'd like to pledge £15.00

    I have fat club on Wednesday £5.00 and a ten pound buffer for any emergency spending
  • DD265
    DD265 Forumite Posts: 2,192
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    +£9.73/£15 so I made money last week!

    This week I'm going for a higher limit as I made some money on Ebay and have birthday presents to buy. So I pledge:


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