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'Join my run challenge: How far can you go in 2014?' blog discussion

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'Join my run challenge: How far can you go in 2014?' blog discussion

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This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

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  • InDebted2U_2InDebted2U_2 Forumite
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    Running goals for 2014

    1 Run 500 miles (10 miles per week)
    2 Run a sub-11 minute/mile 5K
    3 Increase distance to 10K

    Totals so far: 3 out of 500 miles
    2021 Targets
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  • kjmtideakjmtidea Forumite
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    My goals for 2014 are:

    Run 800k.
    Complete my first 10k race.
    Most importantly - Stick with it.
    Slimming World - 3 stone 8 1/2lbs in 7 months and now at target :j
    • I am 42
    • Climbed Ben Nevis last year , new to running this year
    • I Won't be very fast but determined to achieve a steady running pace
    • Race for Life challenge
    • Don't have running spreadsheet but using change for life app called couch to 5k and another called map my run to keep my totals and achievements
  • chocolateteddychocolateteddy Forumite
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    My name is Tracy. And my running challenge target distance for 2014 is 587.4 km which is 365 miles!"
    I am 43 and been running for 4 years,
    I plod along at 11 to 12 min mile pace,
    I have completed 3 half marathons, One in Jan 2012 in Florida and the other 2 within just 3 weeks of each other last autumn.
    My goal is to run 3 half marathons in 6 weeks in the autumn and beat my pb in one of them which is currently 2:29
    Last year I ran 254 miles but had pneumonia so didn't run much till end of February and then didn't run Nov and Dec so pleased with that total.I log all my runs on Daily Mile as it totals weeks, months and years for me :-)
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    morganimorgani Forumite
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    Hi my name is ian and im 28 years old.

    I started running last year by starting out on couch to 5k.

    My aim for 2014 is to do 800km.

    I did around 400km in 2013. My longest race was a 12k mudrun. Apart from that I did a couple of 10k races and plenty of 5k parkruns. My best time for 5k was 21:22.

    My other goal is to go under 20mins for a 5k but this will be hard work.
    Running challenge 2014 = 689k / 800k
  • dropsofjupiterdropsofjupiter Forumite
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    My name is Beth. And my running challenge target distance for 2014 is 225km.

    I'm 25 years old and completely new to running. As I love spreadsheets, I've set one up ready to track each journey. :D
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  • lvmlvm Forumite
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    My name is Lisa and my running challenge target distance for 2014 is 500km.

    I'm 27 and only just started the Couch to 5K programme. I don't imagine I'll get a decent amount of kms logged for the first quarter of this year - have never run before and am seriously unfit so will take a while to get the distance up.

    Doing all my running on a treadmill at the gym - can't handle rain, wind, uneven terrain etc!

    Good luck everyone!
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  • bylromarhabylromarha Forumite
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  • Dizzy_DitzyDizzy_Ditzy Forumite, Board Guide
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    My name is 'er over there

    I am 36

    I ran (badly!!) a 10k race in 2008, in 1hr 25m.
    I have entered a new 10k race, in August, and my sole aim is to beat the above time.

    I want to lose weight and get fit. I'm starting off with a 5k training programme, and then after my hols in may I shall be working up to 10k.

    Training started tonight so I am still full of adrenaline and quite achy too :o

    I will aim for 200k for the year. I've just spotted it in someone's signature so I'm away to edit mine :)

    Good luck everyone :D
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  • My name is Cath and my running challenge target for 2014 is 500 miles.

    I took up running last year and surprised myself by getting to the stage of running a half marathon which is something I thought I would never be able to do. :D

    I'm aiming to do three half marathons this year to keep me motivated and in training having let things slip in the last two months :eek:
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