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Hello, im having a moan! I have an air source heat pump its been installed for nearly 2 years now. It is an ecodan and it is costing me a fortune in winter. I was told that these were very efficient but I am spending at least £10 a day for Jan/Feb months which I just cant afford even at the moment I am paying £140 a month. Yes I am in social housing is there anything I can do about this?


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    Eek, sorry I don't know but didn't want to read and run. You're not in one of the places where the LA put in a totally unsuitable system are you? I saw something about it on the telly last year, can't remember what programme it was though, sorry. Someone else may.
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    Canvass the neighbours, see if they have the same problem. There was an estate of social housing in the last 1-2 years where enough of them got together to sayy "this sucks" and it was investigated and the original people whose advice was taken said "Yes they're good, but they wouldn't be good for these people in this setup". So they were replaced.

    This might/might not be that lot. here's a sample story that's similar:
  • a few have even one saying they had a £3k electricity bill last year! I have found things on the internet saying they should only cost £500/£600 a year, im dreading jan and feb again because it will be an expensive one again
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    Is it set up properly - a lot of ASHP complaints can be attributed to incorrect set up or lack of understanding on how to use it by the householder. Then again it may have been installed in an inappropriate manner or even have a fault.

    Sometimes the immersion heater is incorrectly set and the unit is heating all your hot water using it rather than the heatpump. Another thing that increases your cost dramatically is keeping the water too hot. What are you paying for your electricity and are you on E7

    We've got a Daikin system and now I've tweaked it to optimise it's performace we used less than £900 (£80 a month) for all our power consumed over the past 12 months.
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  • Thanks just read that, not heard of exhaust air source heat pumps though but they certainly sound as inefficient as mine
  • as for it being set up properly I havent a clue but the people who did install it seemed clueless too, surely people should know how these things should be installed, we havent even been told how to use them either just lots of error messages and lots of engineers who dont know what they are doing
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    Do not know the Ecodan, but just a question, what is DHW set at and what room temps are you running at?
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    The ASHP system that got all the bad publicity, including a long thread on MSE was the NIBE.

    The Mitsubishi Ecodan is by repute one of the better ASHPs.

    However like any heat pump it has to be installed correctly, in a suitable house, be of the correct size and used by occupants who know how to operate it correctly.
  • DWH is at 50 and not sure what temp the radiators are set to but i only have it on 19 maybe 20 on the thermostat

    I have read alot on the NIBE but that seems to be an exhaust blowing hot air in to the house mine is a air to wet system. Installation was lousy the LA didnt have a clue on what they were like or how they run, just engineers who install and service oil/gas and the looks on their faces when they see mine says it all. Even the electric companies didnt seem to know what to do with my tariff when i called to have it changed
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    If you can't find anyone who knows how to set it up then it might be an idea to download the operating instructions for the Ecodan from the internet.

    It's difficult to make any suggestions on what to check without knowing the actual equipment & configuration that's been installed.

    Several of the Ecodan installers that I got quotes from had quite different configurations, hot water tank arrangements and even controllers and they looked to be excessively complex, that's why I chose Daikin
    Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers
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