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TicketySplit feedback - official discussion

edited 18 December 2013 at 4:38PM in Public Transport & Cycling
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  • From Wemyss Bay in Scotland to Broadstairs in Kent, with a Senior rail card on TicketySplit is £101 (instead of £107), changing at Lancaster.

    If I go directly to it offers me the same journey for £53.90 (£43.55 coming back).

    So TicketySplit actually would have DOUBLED my price!
  • bbfbbf Forumite
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    iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.2, safari.

    Cant pick station from the list, i can select it , then pick 'done' but the selection does not carry into the actual 'from' field. This makes using the tool virtually impossible.
  • Just saved almost a quarter going from Bristol to Derby by doing a split tix at Cheltnam Spa - don't even have to leave the train if I catch the 10.30am!!! This was on a Monday in November. £39.50 split tix as opposed to £52 direct - FGW website
  • Well it works!

    I need to travel from the south coast to Attleborough in Norfolk, return fare got down to £70.30 but then tried splitting it as have network railcard which ends at Manningtree.

    Now return travelling on railcard to Manningtree open return £28.30 then bought two single tickets (without railcard) from Manningtree to Attleborough (via Norwich) and vice versa. Both tickets cost £7.50 each.

    I don't even have to get off at Manningtree as the same train goes on to Norwich where I have to change anyway for Attleborough.

    Total cost £43.30! Saving £27.
  • I have always used the tool and found it quite good, yet there is no opportunity to find a journey North, West or East if you live outside London and you do not want to travel via London.

  • doleawgdoleawg Forumite
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    I use tickety spilt all the time. i have saved thousands of pounds. The savings and routes are too numerous to mention but I have covered most of the country by train and saved on lots of routes.

    My other trick is to use the First Great Western app on the iphone. I can link a nectar card to the account and you can store your cc details. You can buy journeys for any train line and collect from any ticket machine. They do not charge a fee and the fare is always less than quote don the national rail website.

    So I save money on the train, I buy the tickets in seconds using the FGW app and I get nectar points.:T:T:beer::beer:
  • From recent experiences of trying to purchase rail tickets this idea of split tickets is great - I don't understand why the ticket websites cannot work it out and offer the option to customers!

    However I have tried this new TicketySplit today with the following result:

    Nottingham to Windermere:
    (1) 12:47 to 16:41 @ £65
    (2) 13:47 to 17:52 @ £26.50 + £2.25 booking fee.

    Splitting gave:
    (1) 11:47 to 13:25 change at Stockport then 13:26 to 15:56 with changes at Warrington Central, Warrington Bank Quay (nightmare!!) and Oxenholme @ £39.80 + £2.25 booking fee, total £42.05.
    (2) could not be split.

    Whilst this was an improvement it can be bettered by using National Rail Enquiries website but you have to know where to split or try different options. My result was:
    11:47 Nottingham to Manchester Oxford Road 13:40 @ £14.00
    14:19 Manchester Oxford Road to Wndermere 15:56 @ £14.00
    Total £28.00 (and no booking fee!!) with one change not four.
    Guess which one I picked?
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    Newforest wrote: »
    But my best option splits at Huntingdon (HUN):

    PBR-HUN Super Off-peak Single: £7.85 (with Railcard discount)
    HUN-PBO Super Off-peak Single: £3.90
    You can save 5p by additionally splitting at Sandy!
    SUPER OFFPEAK S Single £5.20

    SUPER OFFPEAK S Single £2.60

    Total Fare£7.80
    The Sandy split was found by searching for PBR-HUN on another split ticket website. However that website, like MSE, doesn't find the split at Huntingdon.

    Split ticket engines are much more complex than people think.
  • Hi everyone,

    I cannot see the justification for promoting a single fee-based booking service (train line) when there are numerous free booking services.

    This MUST be the most obvious way to save on fares right off the top?

    I have been using redspottedhankey[1] for years; they have a fantastic booking engine, a loyalty scheme to save even more money and have never let me down.


    [1] Apparently I cannot put in links - just put in a search
  • JimmyTheWigJimmyTheWig Forumite
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    I cannot see the justification for promoting a single fee-based booking service (train line) when there are numerous free booking services.
    Presumably the idea is that you can save more than £1.50 using TicketySplit, so it still works out cheaper.
    I presume that if a free booking service allowed MSE to use it for this then they would switch to that. But in the meantime, if you can save £2 off your ticket price then it's worth spending £1.50 on a booking fee.
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