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TicketySplit feedback - official discussion

edited 18 December 2013 at 4:38PM in Public Transport & Cycling
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    Kiko4564 wrote: »
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    Just wanted to say that my daughter, who is a seasoned traveller, has seen people fined using a spilt ticket. Their crime was not getting off the train at the station that the ticket expired/ restarted. Wouldn't have thought there was anything wrong in this but be warned :)
    This is totally wrong. :mad: I know the law, and no wrong has been commited, let alone a criminal offence. I'd personally refuse to pay.
    Kiko4564, why have you bothered to dredge up a post from October 2014?

    That's over five years ago.

    Did you not notice that others, including me, had corrected that poster at the time?

    Furthermore, that poster hasn't posted since. You effort is wasted.
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    I can't imagine anyone being told that in 2020! It was wrong in 2014 and such instances of mistreatment would have been very rare even then, but awareness of National Rail accredited sites (such as is now much higher.

    What was far more common was to be denied Delay Repay compensation, but anyone in that position can now point to the 'STAFF BRIEF: SPLIT TICKETING' memo issued by the Rail Delivery Group on 10 January 2020, which was sent to all train companies, and clarifies that using "split ticketing" does not diminish any consumer rights.

    There really is no reason to pay over the odds for an expensive through fare; "split ticketing" is mainstream, perfectly valid, and gives you the same rights as if a through fare with the same T&Cs was held.
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