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The Fantastically Festive December NSD Challenge

Welcome to the December No Spend Day (NSD) thread!!

We are a happy (and some might say mildly insane) bunch doing battle with those retailers - and there’s plenty of temptation out there at the moment. We are seriously committed to saving money, but nobody said it can't be done with a smile on your face - so we organise riotous nights out and gatecrash any function going - all without leaving the comfort of our own imaginations or armchairs!

On a slightly more serious note, we are here to help each other avoid spending for the number of days we feel we can manage to try to take back some control over our hard-earned money. What you class as a "spend'" is entirely your choice; some people will try to shop on the days DD/SO etc are paid, whilst others will not include essentials such as rent. Have a look for a post from our sponsor (and godmother of this challenge) BigMummaF, this contains some guidelines and ideas for starting you off on the challenge.

It’s amazing how inventive you get when you’re determined NOT to spend - from weird menu ingredients to surprising DIY solutions - but you know what? 99% of the time those wacky ideas work.

Link to last month's challenge is below so any newcomers can see what we get up to (hmmmmm... on second thoughts, that might put you off...)

Naughty but Nice November NSD Challenge
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  • MissE001
    MissE001 Posts: 797 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    edited 2 January 2014 at 9:17PM
    The Prizes and Challengers

    Okay lovely NSD gang. So, in November ETO very kindly provided regular updates and allocated prizes – thank you :AHope you’re okay to do the same this month :)

    If nargle or kerri notice the target achievement first, I think we'll get some very interesting prizes :rotfl:

    Addicted2shopping – 9 / 6
    Beanielou – 14 / 16 – Target exceeded :j:j

    Bex296 – 15 / 3
    BigMummaF – 8 / 16 - Target exceeded :j:j

    Bottleofred – 12 / 12 - Target met :j
    Butti – 5 / 5 – Target met :j

    Cardi80 – 12 / 12 - Target met :j
    CommittedToChange – 10 / 5
    Donna dynamo – 15 / 15
    EverTheOptimist – 10 / 9
    Fedupandskint – 25 / 28 – Target exceeded :j:A:j

    Flubberyzing – 16 / 17 – Target exceeded :j:A:j

    Frugaldances – 5 / 7 – Target exceeded :j:A

    Frugalsod - / 25
    Getting-there-slowly – 10 / 7
    Goldiegirl – 10 / 10 – 1st target met :j 2nd target 16 / 16 - 2nd target met :j:A:j
    gupalsmurthpadacal[FONT=&quot] – 12 / 6[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]heyjude2013 – 10 / 5[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]its_maths_not_magic – 25 / [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]jammy dodger – 12 / 11[/FONT]
    jaxsmar – 10 / 17 – Target exceeded[FONT=&quot] :j:A:j[/FONT]
    Kate_fixing_it – 12 / 12 – Target met :j:j
    Kerri gt - / 2
    Knit Witch – 10 / 10 – 1st target met :j 20 / 24 – 2nd target exceeded :j:A:j:A

    LeopardPrintsAndTea – 12 / 5
    LionessInWinter – 10 / 10 Target met :j
    Marmiterulesok – 17 / 9
    MissE001 – 10 / 14 – Target exceeded :A

    Moneysavingmomma – 12 / 1
    Motoko – 12 / 1
    Munchin – 5 / 4
    Nargleblast – 12 / 15 – Target exceeded :j:A

    Nikki2002-2008 – 5 /
    Positivelypurple – 10 / 10 Target met :j
    Saver-upper – 10 / 9
    Sazzie23 – 15 / 15 1st target met :j 18 / 20 – 2nd target exceeded :j:A:j:A

    Slowlyfading – 17 / 18 – Target exceeded :j:A

    Strandedinaber – 12 / 12 – Target met :j
    Suzitiger – 15 / 1
    WantToBeSE – 12 /
    SPC Member #112 :A Save £2k in 2014 # 160 :money:
  • MissE001
    MissE001 Posts: 797 Forumite
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    edited 30 December 2013 at 2:23PM
    The In-A-Row Challengers
    This if for anyone who wants to set a target for a number of NSDs in a row. So shout up if you want us to add you here :)

    Sazzie - thanks for the updates :)

    Beanie no specific target achieved 4 in a row

    Beth2242 no specific target - achieved 4 in a row

    Candlewick no specific target - achieved 3 in a row

    Cardio80 3 in a row

    ETO no specific target achieved 3 in a row

    Flubberzing no specific target - achieved 6 in a row

    Frugaldances no specific target - achieved 3 in a row

    Kate fixing it no specific target - achieved 5 in a row

    Kayester 4 in a row achieved 4 in a row target met

    Knitwitch 4 in a row achieved 6 in a row target met & exceeded your prize is a big warm fluffy wrap to keep lovely and warm

    Lovefullshelves 5 in a row a massive super duper 11 in a row TARGET well & Truly Beaten

    Marmite 4 in a row - TARGET achieved

    Mon1o no specific target achieved 3 in a row

    Out of Debt 4 in a row

    PhantomWOlf 3 in a row twice achieved 2 in a row

    Pinknfluffy no specific target achieved 3 in a row

    Sazzie23 5 in a row dunno – maybe 4 ?

    Saver-upper no specific target achieved 3 in a row

    Slowly fading no specific target achieved 5 in a row

    Strandedinaber 5 in a row achieved 3 in a row

    Suziebabe 3 in a row TARGET achieved & surpassed @ 4 in a row

    Traveller 5 in a row
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  • MissE001
    MissE001 Posts: 797 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Hi lovely NSD gang:A
    As you can see there is lots of activity on this challenge at the moment and it can be difficult sometimes to see how many NSDs you're all declaring on posts.
    Could we ask you to highlight your number of NSDs in a colour and in bold so that we can see them easily when we whizz through the posts - red would be best but we don't really mind as long as we can see the numbers easily.

    Some helpful suggestions and ideas to follow below from our sponsor and godmother, BigMummaF :A


    1. Have a good, long think about what YOU want to include in your Spend & Excluded categories.
    Some of us count everything from Direct Debits & school expenses, while others do not include things like essential Bills or emergency medical costs. If you plan what is or is not a Spend for you now, it will help you decide on a realistic Target.
    2. It is NOT a race!
    We all have very different demands on our time & bank balance, so please do not think you have to buy everything on 1st January & make it last till 31st December! A few of us have been following this Challenge for a long...long...LONG time so have developed plans & ploys to help us along the way wink2.gif
    3. Most important of all, WE..DO..NOT..FAIL!
    Sometimes we can't quite reach our Target, but that is fine :) Everyone knows how Life will try to trip us up, & that is when you will find us here to help you back on to your feet.

    OK, an idea of how some of us do things.
    1. What you will or will not include as a 'Spend'.
    Some people are doing other challenges too, & don't include the money spent on those for this one.
    Some will try to shop for other bits on the days their direct debits etc go out of their bank accounts; they're the real hard core of the bunch sport-smiley-003.gif & have been l-o-n-g time Nsders so don't panic :p
    Some won't count those annoying last minute demands from school & collections as you can't plan for them in advance, likewise emergency prescriptions or visits to the vet :(
    Personally speaking & providing I don't buy anything else, I don't count parking for hospital appointments.(..but then I usually do my shopping because I'm already out :whistle:)
    General thoughts on €bay sales is the buyer has paid P&P so no cost to you :D
    2. It takes Time to reach mega-numbers!
    The First suggestion is the first, because a bit of planning will work wonders on your road to your Target. Have a look at thefirst posts each month for a hefty list of other threads that may be of help. For example, there's a few giving ideas for packed lunches so you can avoid standing in the queue at the bakers for 45mins of your lunch hour! A good incentive to tweak your healthy eating & the pounds you save will show in your bank balance AND your waistline action-smiley-076.gif
    It helps to have various 'money pots' for the different costs that happen like Scouts, dinner money, yoga, window cleaner etc etc. The idea is you "spend" all that money in one hit by..:think:..
    let's say **putting the week's bus fares into the pretty coffee jar, Jo's tumble tots SIZE=2]Weds mornings[/SIZE in the cracked teapot & Ben's £1 coin for the gym locker SIZE=2]Friday lunch[/SIZE in the pocket of the changing bag, on Tuesdays every week when you've got some change from doing the food shop, so an already spendy day. At least four 'spending days' condensed into one ;) (**mine's jam jars for windows, milkman & a bit towards the bills!)
    3. Any day the money stays in your pocket is a bonus!
    If you look at it as a day you beat the system, you can't help but :j so don't fret it--ENJOY! If nothing else in here, we do manage find something to make us smile :D

    We have virtual outings to wonderful places that never cost us a bean :rotfl:New York, Edinburgh & Brighton have been a couple & Spoon usually pilots the Tardis but you can use your own transport; my personal favourite has been a sit-on lawn mower borrowed from the cricket club :D The only thing to be aware of is Hubert the donkey who is partial to anything remotely edible but is not yet house-trained :o

    And Remember;
    there are no silly questions, so don't be afraid to ask us anything!
    SPC Member #112 :A Save £2k in 2014 # 160 :money:
  • Kate_fixing_it
    I'm in! November's challenge helped me immensely and was a huge motivation seeing the numbers rack up. Moments after submitting my target I thought I was insane and I'd never reach it but I did! So I'm setting my target for more than I think is possible on purpose for December! There were a few days last month when I didn't open my purse simply because I wanted another NSD more than I wanted the item and I'm hoping for the same again :)

    Therefore my target for December is 12

    Thanks for getting us started MissE and good luck everyone

    Kate x
    LBM 17th Oct13 - SC DMP - DFD 10th Feb 2018
    paid pre-DMP £6146 :D paid with DMP £2275 :D F&F's £700 (£450 discount) £1,000 (£1,498.22 discount) £ 700 (489.62 discount) :D Total £9725

    Current debt to repay £3,503.13 taking one day at a time
  • Goldiegirl
    Goldiegirl Posts: 8,805 Forumite
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    Hi, I've been lurking on November's thread, to see what this challenge is all about.

    As you can see from my signature I'm working towards an early retirement, so I'm looking to be living within a reduced income. These sorts of challenges will be very helpful for me.

    As this is my first time and it's nearly Christmas, I'm going to try for

    10 NSD
    Early retired - 18th December 2014
    If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough
  • slowlyfading
    slowlyfading Posts: 13,429 Forumite
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    Happy Almost December everyone! :j :j

    Can I be put down for 17 NSDs please? :)
    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
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  • fedupandskint
    fedupandskint Posts: 10,358 Forumite
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    I'm going for 25 NSD for December to start off with

    Might get to 28 - I'll try 25 sat he first target then increase it later on
    final unsecured debt to repay currently £8333
    Proud to be Dealing With my Debt
    DFW Nerd 1154 Long Haul 155
  • gupalsmurthpadacal
    Hi all, another newbie here:) Please put me down for 12 NSD.
  • Moneysavingmomma
    Can you put me down for 12 too please :)
    Sell 100 items - 81/100 - £734.41:j Make £10 a day Dec £148.97/£350
    1 debt 100 days - £10/£1227.86
    Sealed pot #2115 (£12)
    1% challenge - 2%/£34735 (825/34735) :eek:
    Grocery challenge Dec '13. £50/£300
  • Nargleblast
    Nargleblast Posts: 10,762 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary Debt-free and Proud!
    Captain Nargleblast reporting for duty! Sign me up for a twinkling twelve NSDs please!

    Or, in super glorious technicolour... 12 NSDs for December please!
    One life - your life - live it!
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