'Living Simply' with children

Hey everyone, the past couple of years I've been increasingly concerned about the ridiculous amount of toys/gadgets etc that my children own (as well as myself!) and after reading a few books on the subject I really want to simplify our lives :)

I was wondering if anyone on here is already living like this? I really want to get rid of the TV first but I'm dreading it, lol. I know the reaction will be horrific!! My eldest has got Xbox games on his bday (in dec) and xmas list - how do I deal with this? No TV obviously means no xbox, lol....unless it went to Nan's house but to be honest I just want rid of it all. The boys are using language that I hate purely because of hearing it on tv or computer games and I'd rather it all just stopped. I feel like they have grown up far too quickly and I want to put a stop to it before it gets any worse.

Any advice guys? x


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    There are some brilliant programmes on TV which the kids will benefit from watching.

    Why not just control what they watch rather than get rid of the TV?
  • I don't think there is anything on TV that they couldn't learn either through play/school/reading or from me? I really don't mean to sound rude but which programmes did you have in mind?

    I'm kinda thinking that cold turkey may be better than restricting tv and having daily moans and whinges about want '5 more minutes', lol...
  • Then on the other hand, will they be alienated at school when they don't know the lasted cartoon characters? Wow - parenting is hard isn't it, lol
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    I am considering implementing a 'No Tech Weekend' once a month and also banning all games and DVDs that are over their age in certification (i am a bad parent, i allow my children to watch films/play games that they shouldn't..yes yes, moving along).

    I think that doing it all the time would be both a good and bad thing. For example, my 9 year olds Topic Work at school this term is Harry Potter related.

    I like the idea of DOING stuff together as opposed to being online on seperate consoles/PCs/tablets etc...

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
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    My brother hasn't got a tv . His kids seem to take it well, although when they are at grandparents' house, you just can't take them off tv. And brother keeps hearing , that "Johnny has such cool tv".
  • liney
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    Araboo27 wrote: »
    Then on the other hand, will they be alienated at school when they don't know the lasted cartoon characters? Wow - parenting is hard isn't it, lol

    The short answer is, yes they will. Being a parent is about drawing boundries. Getting rid of the TV completely because it's easier than limiting the content and the duration doesn't sound like a great idea to me.
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  • I have boys, they have an xbox and a tv. Yes, they may hear bad language online, but they hear it at school aswell. They don't use that language at home in front of me, because we have taught them not to use it and that it is unacceptable. This is what you have to do... teach them what you expect.
    If the tv/xbox is all getting on your nerves, then limit the time that they are allowed on it. To remove it all completely is in my opinion, a little extreme...ofcourse you are entitled to live your life how you want!
  • WantToBeSE wrote: »
    I like the idea of DOING stuff together as opposed to being online on seperate consoles/PCs/tablets etc...

    Yes, that's my thought exactly!! My eldest is 6 and his favourite game on his iPad - yes he has his own iPad :( - is called 'Trigger Fist' its this army/shooting game and I hate myself for allowing him to have it but sometimes it's a million times easier to agree to something than to have the argument isn't it?

    I love the idea of actually spending quality time together and playing games/going out instead of our lives revolving around one form of technology or another
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    are you sure the problem isnt yourself? im not being rude, and im not intending to offensive, but kids can pick up language anywhere, inclucing at school. maybe talking to your doctor about how youre feeling? i dont know tbh, but it seems drastic to me, choose an evening or 2 a week thats family time only xx
  • Thanks for everyone's opinions :) The more I read up on the subject, the more certain I am that it's the right choice to make. It just makes sense!!

    We're actually moving house sometime before Xmas...I might not take the TV with us and see how it goes (currently living with parents so they will keep hold of it!)?

    Oh don't get me wrong - I don't allow them to watch unlimited tv or programmes which aren't age appropriate.
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