FAO Lee @ Vodafone Web Relations - Please help

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Sorry to get your attention via this method but i had no way of contacting you (i cannot PM you etc...) and i cannot use your eForum and my contract has ended and the phone isn't active etc...

Please can you read my thread here: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4805370

I have contacted Vodafone on several occasions now, each time the person i have spoken to has been helpful and sympathetic to my issue.
Each time they have told me that i would either get an email, letter or a response from Vodafone and each time i don't and i feel in limbo.

I was hoping you could look into my issue above and see if this can be pushed through to your Quality Assurance team to help with my issue and keep me updated on whats going on.

The above matter is of upmost importance as i literally have a mortgage approval that depends on it.

Thanks and sorry again.


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