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Optical Express - wrong prescription but NO REFUND!

i recently went into a Optical Express and foolishly ordered a new pair of glasses and paid a 50% deposit of around £300.
i ordered on a Friday and all weekend thought that my prescription was incorrect (right was -0.75 weaker than my left eye, which felt strange as my left eye is hopeless compared to my right following a detached retina in the left eye).

I phoned straight away the following Monday to say I wasnt sure about the prescription and wanted to go for a second opinion. The second opinion confirmed what I thought and their error was nearly -1.75 in the right eye!! Anyway i phoned the Optical Express branch and obviously tried to cancel - they said NO, but would make the glasses to the new specification.

I am now going through the annoying process of custumer care, CEO, watchdog etc etc. ARRGGHH!! But I want my money back.

Has anyone else had this issue with Optical Express?


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