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Christmas 2013 ?



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    I finished buying for DS, he's 2.5 and get a ride on pedal tractor (reduced to £39), two books and Bedsidelamp/torch (reduced to £5). That'll be plenty at that age from us as he'll still get stuff from other people and has loads of stuff that he can still use from previous Christmas and birthday. We don't have any other kids in the family. But for friend's kids (all under 3) I'm making sock monkeys. The parents get a hamper of mainly homemade stuff, so a tenner max. £50 budget for my parents (special offers and using vouchers. Oh gets his dad and brother. Plus I save £300 over the year to spend on some of the presents and the Christmas food.
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    I've done all the presents for DD1 who will be 21 mths as I'm due DD2 end of Nov. She doesn't really know what Christmas is yet, but I've got her some new books, an Aquadoodle, an easel, a little toy keyboard- all bought in the sales/ flash sales etc, so didn't pay full price for any of it.

    I've bought for my dad, we only buy token presents so he has a lovely red jumper with a Christmas tree on it!! Not sure what to get my mum or brother, they are very difficult to buy for. My sister is currently working and living abroad and we don't really buy for each other anymore.

    I'm bought one present for DH, he doesn't really want anything so I'll probably just get him a couple of box sets or a couple of shirts for work.

    Foodwise it's only DH, me and DD1 for dinner so we'll probably just get a turkey crown or whatever meat, we don't really need to budget for a huge meal, as long as I've got some sprouts and gravy I'm happy!!

    We have a lovely tree from a Christmas factory, £50 for a 7 foot tree and all the baubles were about 50p some were a little bit more depending on the details. If anyone lives near Cwmbran, South Wales I'd definitely pop down, it's amazing!!
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